5 Best Creams for Removing Stretch Marks in Nigeria

Are you in search of effective Creams for Removing Stretch Marks in Nigeria? Here we have listed the best cream for removing stretch marks in Nigeria with details on each to achieve the best result.

Having stretch marks can be a turn-off for many people especially when you are a lady with a stretch mark in a visible part of your body, it hinders you from putting on some kind of wear as you want the region covered. Aside from that, you may find it difficult to make use of public swimming pools because you don’t want people to see the stretch mark.

As we all know that stretch marks happens to both male and females though mostly in female and this can be so annoying, this is the reason why we have taken our time to bring to you the list of creams for removing stretch marks in Nigeria which has been proven to be very effective against stretch marks of all kinds with positive reviews from those who actually used them.

Remember that having stretch marks can make you lose confidence which may somehow affect the way you socialize, there is nothing to worry about as experts have said one of the best ways to get rid of stretch marks on your body is to use a stretch mark removing cream – we have those that are effective and ineffective in the Nigerian market so to get the effective ones to make sure you read this article in full.

Creams for Removing Stretch Marks in Nigeria

What is the Cause of Stretch Marks in the Body?

There are many things that could cause stretch marks on the human body, common causes are listed below:

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Weight Gain

The skin is elastic in nature and when you add more weight and later on it returns to the normal body size you discover that there have been a lot of stretches which in turn result in you having stretch marks as your skin has once been stretched.

During pregnancy, the tummy is also stretched so be it weight gain or pregnancy the elastic limit of your skin has been reached or exceeded and this can cause uneven marks on your body known as stretch marks.


Another factor that can be considered as a cause of stretch marks on the body is the gene, it is sometimes hereditary which means if any of your parents have them there is a possibility that you have stretch marks too. Mind you, this doesn’t mean you have to give up as you can reduce the chances of having stretch marks by exercising and also taking the necessary diets.

Dry Skin

When you have dry skin there is a high chance of you having stretch marks as the skin isn’t well hydrated so you need to have your skin moisturized, when your skin is well-hydrated it blocks the chances of you having stretch marks as your skin can easily adapt to stretches or changes in the body shape or weight.

You can get your skin hydrated by eating nutritious diets, and taking in anti-oxidants like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and so on. Also, you can make use of skincare soaps.

Skin Colour

Research has it that your skin color can also determine if you will have stretch marks, studies have it that people who are fair in color hardly have stretch marks compared to those with dark skin.

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Now that you know what causes stretch marks let’s go straight to how to get it fixed.

The Best Creams For Stretch Marks in Nigeria

Below is the list of effective Creams for Removing Stretch Marks in Nigeria:

1. New Mederma

This is one of the best creams that has proven to be effective against stretch marks in Nigeria, it is a stretch mark therapy you have to apply twice daily to have the best result.

New Mederma will help dig out stretch marks in your body and you will be left with a fresh glistening body, it also helps to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

2. Cerave

This is another one among the best creams for removing stretch marks in Nigeria, there have been a lot of positive reviews about this particular product.

Cerave helps you clear stretch marks from your body and also provide you with all-day skin protection, it removes spots and blemishes from your skin and makes your skin glow.

3. Strivectin SD

If what you need is getting rid of stubborn stretch marks that have damaged your skin with many creams used and no result then you want to opt for Strivectin SD as it gets rid of stretch marks, dark spots, and even wrinkles. It is a recommended stretch mark removal cream that removes all visible stretch mark lines in your body in no time.

4. Palmers Cocoa Butter

We already mentioned this product in our previous post so for you to see it on this particular post shows it is a very effective cream. Its efficacy has been confirmed times with no numbers, known to be an effective stretch mark removing cream which works best under Nigerian weather conditions and for Nigerians.

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It is made with Cocoa Butter coupled with other organic ingredients which makes it very potent against any kind of stretch mark.

5. Trilastin

The list of the top best creams for removing stretch marks in Nigeria wouldn’t have been complete without mentioning Trilastin. This cream has the ability to remove annoying and stubborn stretch marks from your skin.

To get a perfect and quicker result it is advised that you use this cream alongside derma rollers as this helps to penetrate your skin pores and weed out stretch marks from your skin.


This list of Creams for Removing Stretch Marks in Nigeria was provided to you based on positive reviews about the listed products and other related information about the topic are gotten from various online sources. We advise you to make sure you consult a medical professional should in case you notice any skin disorders like stretch marks and other skin reactions.

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