Paw-paw Clarifying Lotion Review 2024

Paw-paw clarifying lotion is a skin-lightening cream that introduces moisture to the skin, brightens your skin complexion, and maintains skin strength.

This cream was introduced into the cosmetics industry in 2012 by the parent company, Dreams Cosmetic Company after they rose to fame with the popular skin-lightening cream, Caro white.

The Paw-paw clarifying lotion is fused with active herbs and natural ingredients that decrease the body’s melanin production rate and encourage intensive skin radiance.

The Paw-Paw clarifying lotion is an option that is better than many skin-lightening lotions and even bleaching creams that are rampant in the market today.

The Paw-paw clarifying lotion serves as the game changer for anyone who requires a radiant and uniform skin tone in just a matter of weeks. This cream removes facial discolorations and hyperpigmentation. It also makes sure to aid the body in cleansing excessive oil. This helps remove the dry and oil patches that are visible on the skin.

The Lotion heals and brightens the skin with its rejuvenation and refreshing properties. It restores and revives the skin to a standard and refined state. Through constant and proper use of the paw-paw clarifying cream, the skin becomes beautiful and bright.

The reason why the clarifying part of its name remains true is that much research and findings of cosmetologists and the reviews given by users who have turned customers over the years prove that the Paw-paw clarifying lotion clears the skin of blemishes, patches, and black spots, melasma, skin lesions, sunburns, freckles, etc. This leaves the skin with glassy clear and glowing skin.

Paw-paw Clarifying Lotion Review [year]
Paw-paw Clarifying Lotion and cleanser

Paw-paw Clarifying Lotion Ingredients 

Petroleum Jelly, Aqua, Papaya extract, Glycerin, white oil, Citric Acid, Propylene Glycol, kojic acid, AHA, Stearic acid, sodium metabisulfite, Stearylic Alcohol and Fragrance.

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Apart from these safe chemicals, the Paw-paw clarifying lotion also contains active natural ingredients that have their sources as roots and herbs.

Benefits and Uses of Paw-paw Clarifying Lotion

  • Paw-paw clarifying lotion is used to cure and treat black spots, dark knuckles, and other parts of the skin that have been affected by the harsh environment.
  • It is used to clear sunburns and skin lesions that accompany it.
  • It is also good for removing skin discolorations and blemishes.
  • It ensures the uniformity of the skin complexion.
  • It smoothens and strengthens the surface of the skin.
  • It softens and moisturizes the outer skin layer.
  • The Paw-paw clarifying lotion makes lightens the skin and makes it glow.

Side Effects of Paw-paw Clarifying Lotion

  • The skin-lightening properties may have adverse reactions on the skin,e.g, kojic acid mixed with other active ingredients can cause rashes on the skin.
  • Some users who do not actively scrub on their knees or elbows are prone to developing dark knuckles.
  • The skin may show some signs of greenish veins after a long period of application.
  • White and uneven patches may begin to appear on the skin.
  • The SPF and kojic acid content in the paw-paw clarifying lotion may cause the skin pores to produce excessive sweat.
  • The Paw-paw clarifying lotion does not totally cure pimples or acne. Instead, it makes the spots fade away and take a very long time before they can clear off.
  • This is a general side effect for all skin-lightening lotions; you will have to continue the use of this product in order to maintain the skin-lightening effects you have gained.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Paw-Paw Clarifying Lotion a Bleaching Cream?

No, it is not a bleaching cream. This is because it does not scrape off the outer skin layer, instead, it intensely lightens the skin and brightens the skin complexion.

Does Paw-paw Clarifying Lotion contain Hydroquinone?

No, it does not contain hydroquinone, instead, it contains other active and healthy skin-lightening ingredients like kojic acid, papaya extract, AHA, and other nutrients that work together to nourish and brighten the skin’s surface.

Can Paw-paw Clarifying lotion be used for black Skin?

This lotion is strictly manufactured for light-skinned users who want to maintain their skin glow and brighten their skin tone.

Also, if your skin is darkened by harsh weather conditions then you can go ahead and use it.

Does Paw-paw Clarify lotion Cure Stretch marks?

No, the paw-paw clarifying lotion does not remove stretch marks.

When will I start seeing the effects of the Paw-paw Clarifying Lotion on my skin?

It usually takes 15-21 days for the skin-lightening effects to become visible.

Does Paw-paw Clarify lotion cure pimples?

No, the lotion does not cure pimples. However, if you have been treating them for a while, the paw-paw clarifying lotion can make the residue fade.

How do I know the original Paw-paw clarifying lotion if I see it in the market?

The original product always has a NAFDAC registration number. Also, the cream content is always white. This will help you to detect a fake product when you see one.

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Final Note 

The paw-paw Clarifying lotion is available in stores and markets in Nigeria. But we advise you to purchase from online stores like Jumia or Konga.

There, you are sure of the original and newly manufactured varieties of the lotion you want.

The paw-paw clarifying lotion is a good skin-lightening lotion.

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