RDL Baby Face Cleanser Review

RDL Baby Face Cleanser Review: RDL Baby Face Cleanser is an anti-ance solution formulated by RDL Pharmaceutical Lab to deeply cleanse the skin of disease-causing germs and dirt. The RDL Babyface Facial Cleanser contains three active ingredients: hydroquinone, tretinoin, and vitamin E.

RDL Baby Face Cleanser Review

RDL Baby Face Cleanser Review

The Allantoin content in RDL baby face facial cleanser serves as the exfoliating agent to help eliminate dead skin cells. The pro-vitamin of Vit B5 – D-Panthenol helps to moisturize the skin after the cleansing action is complete. Read On to learn more about this review.

What Are The Benefits of RDL Cleanser?

  1. RDL Baby Face Cleanser washes the face to deeply cleanse skin impurities and dirt which may be causing blemishes and other skin disorders
  2. The face wash gives the skin a smooth feel and a youthful complexion glow
  3. It removes deep-seated dirt and excess oil from the skin
  4. Heals the skin from the root causes of damage to prevent the recurrence of pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads.
  5. Moisturizes the skin to keep it smooth, soft, and supple.

RDL Babyface Cleanser Side Effects

  1. Redness or irritation may occur. If this happens, stop using immediately and consult a trusted dermatologist.

Ingredients Of RDL Babyface Facial Cleanser

RDL Baby Face Cleanser

Allantoin, Benzalkonium Chloride, Boric Acid, CI 15985, D-Panthenol, Ethyl Alcohol, Fragrance, Fruit Extract, Menthol, PEG 40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, and Water

Types Of RDL Baby Face Cleanser

  1. RDL Avocado Facial Cleanser
  2. RDL Cucumber Facial Cleanser
  3. RDL Kalamansi Facial Cleanser
  4. RDL Papaya Facial Cleanser
  5. RDL Plain Facial Cleanser

How To Use RDL Baby Face Cleanser

RDL Babyface Facial Cleanser
  1. Moisten a piece of cotton with RDL Babyface Cleanser
  2. Make sure to collect enough amount of the cleanser on cotton and DAB gently onto the affected areas only.
  3. Do not RUB when applying as it can cause skin irritation.
  4. Since the cleanser is mild and safe, you can use it twice daily – in the morning and night (before bedtime) for optimum results
  5. When using the facial cleanser, try to protect your skin from the harsh sun rays by applying sunscreen. Since your face would be peeling to get your skin looking like a baby’s, it would be very sensitive and could easily burn.
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FAQs On RDL Baby Face Facial Cleanser

RDL Babyface Cleanser

Should I wash my face after using RDL cleanser?

When you’re done cleansing your face, rinse off the face with warm water. You may use a small face towel or just your hands to remove the remaining cleanser after washing. Hot water can dry out the skin if used to wash the face after cleansing.

At what age can use RDL Babyface Facial Cleanser?

Even though the cleanser says “Babyface” it should not be used for children below 3 years of age. Avoid using on irritated or peeling skin and avoid the cleanser from getting into the eyes.

Can I use moisturizer after using RDL?

Yes, you can. After wiping your face off from the washing, leave it for a minute before applying a moisturizer.

How many months should I use RDL?

Do not use RDL baby face cleanser for more than 2 months. This is because your skin needs to heal and you can only allow that when you give it space to breathe. If you must, you can switch between cleansers.

Is RDL cleanser effective?

This facial cleanser is well known to deeply cleanse and tone the skin complexion, giving it a uniform complexion. It can be used by all skin types to effect the same result of skin freshness and radiance.

Is RDL Babyface Facial Cleanser safe?

RDL is made with ingredients that are safe for use to get baby-like skin.

Is RDL good for pimples?

The Tretinoin content of RDL Freshness Facial Cleanser helps eliminate pimples both dry and active. It also contains hydroquinone which helps to lighten the acne scars and blotches, giving the skin a clearer look.

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