How to Know Original Tura Soap

Tura soap is a germicidal medicated skincare bar soap, very effective for acne-prone skin. How to know original tura soap that guarantees all these juicy benefits? Let’s find out!

Before we set out to highlight the differences between original and fake tura bar soap, let us note some of the advantages of using the soap.

Benefits Of Using Original Tura Germicidal Medicated Soap

  1. It is enriched with wheat germ oil, allantoin, and Vitamin E which nourishes and fortifies the skin.
  2. It soothes and revitalizes the skin, keeping it healthy and free from bacterial damage as well as other germs that might try to penetrate the skin’s barrier.
  3. It is quite useful in the repair of damaged skin by thoroughly cleansing and improving skin tone.
  4. The original tura soap lasts long thus saving you some expense.

How to Know Original Tura Soap

How to Know Original Tura Soap
  1. The original tura soap is dark blue while the fake one may be black, ash, light blue or some other colour.
  2. The original tura is hard when felt and does not dissolve in water easily while the fake melts easily when it comes in contact with water
  3. Original tura soap has a very strong citrus scent while the fake has a mild fragrance and is sometimes scented.
Original Tura Germicidal Medicated Soap

Tura Soap Review On Amazon

Tura Medicated Soap

Very similar to the Crusader soap which is also germicidal. The active ingredient is Triclosan which contains vitamin E and Allantoin which has skin smoothing qualities. Strong medicinal smell but it’s not any problem as it doesn’t linger after your shower. A++++ lathering ability which is better than any other soap I have reviewed so far. Made in Nigeria and imported and distributed out of London England. Top-of-the-line soap.

Original Tura Soap

Great Service and Great Product!

I ordered this soap (which is very hard to find) and received my products really quickly (2 days :). I am very happy with the service that was provided by this seller. This soap really works well for my acne, in fact, I use it on my whole body. It does not dry out the skin and smells clean. I will definitely order from this seller again.

Amazon Customer

Does Tura Soap Have Side Effects?

Tura Germicidal Soap

The Side effects of Tura soap are rare, but the following are the recurring ones that have been spotted over the years:

  1. It may cause itching, redness, and peeling of the skin.
  2. It bleaches the skin
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How to Use Tura Germicidal Soap

Apply water on the soap till it lathers, then use it for bathing the body. It should be used twice daily (morning & night) for optimum results. Rinse well with water after use.

FAQs On Tura Medicated Bar Soap

Tura Medicated Bar Soap

What is the work of Tura soap?

Tura Medicated Soap is a germicidal and antibacterial soap and protects the skin from infections and blemishes such as pimples/acne, rashes, spots, dandruff, eczema, body odour, allergic reactions, and the like from the skin.

Tura has low sodium and potassium levels which also helps in reducing swelling, and redness, and leaving the skin spotless & radiant. And yes, Tura Medicated soap lightens the skin!

How fast does Tura soap work?

You don’t need to use Tura Medicated Soap for long before it works. On average, it takes 14 days at most to see improvements in the conditions.

How old is Tura soap in Nigeria?

Tura was established in 1986 and didn’t take long to become one of Nigeria’s leading beauty companies with over 70% net distribution reach in their sales network.

The company currently expanded their range of products and distribution channels to include soaps, moisturising body lotions and skin-toning creams.

Is Tura soap good for dark skin?

Yes, it is good for dark-skinned people.

Does tura works for black spot

If it’s original Tura, then it does work for black spots

Does Tura bleach the skin?

Yes, it does

Is Tura soap antibacterial?

Tura is protection plus antiseptic antibacterial soap

Does Tura soap contain mercury?

Yes, it contains 0.272 ± 0.089 µg/G of Mercury

Is mercury good for the skin?

While mercury can effectively lighten the skin, it may also cause damage to the skin such as rashes, blotchy spots, greyish colour, and a reduction in the skin’s resistance to infections. To the body, it can cause kidney damage

How much is a pack of Tura soap?

Tura Medicated soap is sold for N550 in Nigeria.

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