Pure Carrot Cream Side Effects

Pure Carrot Gold Cream is a fast-action skin-lightening cream suitable for all skin types and tones. But do you know the Pure Carrot Cream Side Effects that you’ve been missing out on? Over here, we detailed a guide on all you need to know!

Benefits of Pure Carrot Cream

While there are various Side effects of pure carrot cream, we have also noted some of the good sides that the cream has to offer. These are:

  1. Pure Carrot Gold cream works very fast to lighten and brighten up the skin
  2. It helps maintain the skin complexion when used with serum or lightening body oil.
  3. It smoothens and softens the skin.
  4. It clears tanning; brown, black, & white spots; dark knuckles and discolouration on the body.
  5. It is infused with natural ingredients that are effective in removing freckles, wrinkles, scars and patches from the skin.
  6. It tones, unifies, clarifies and promotes a strong skin lightening complex which makes the skin supple, radiant and beautiful.

Pure Carrot Cream Side Effects

  1. Pure Carrot Gold Lotion may cause darker knuckles
  2. It gives two toned complexion
  3. Causes redness and dark spots on the face
  4. It dries out the skin, making it look pale and flaky.

Pure Carrot Cream Ingredients

Arbutin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Deionized Water, EDTA, Emulsifying Wax, Metabisulphite, Mineral Oil, Perfume, Preservative, Propylene Glycol, Shea Butter, Silicon Oil, Sodium Sulphite, and Stearic Acid.

Types Of Pure Carrot Cream

Pure Carrot Cream Side Effects

There are four types of pure carrot lotion and are easily spotted with the different colours of the product wrapper and labels. These include:

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1. The Black Colored Cream – Flawless:

Pure Carrot Cream

This is best suited for dark-skinned persons that wish to lighten their skin tone.

2. The Gold Colored Cream – Gold:

Pure Carrot Gold Cream

This type is for people with caramel, chocolate, and bronze skin tomes, that want to maintain their skin tone while giving it a radiant glow.

3. The White Colored Cream – Kojic Balance:

Pure Carrot Cream Side Effects

This one is the carrot gold cream for light-skinned people that want to even out their skin tone

4. The Orange Colored Cream – Bio Balance:

Pure Carrot Cream Side Effect

This is suitable for fair skin people that want to lighten their skin.

How To Use Pure Carrot Cream

Pure carrot bio balance cream is best used with pure carrot serum, pure carrot oil, and pure carrot soap. The soap is used for cleansing the skin, after which the skin is patted dry with a clean towel. The cream and oil combo is made and applied to the skin until it is fully absorbed. The serum is gently massaged on the face to pump in some toning effects.

If your skin is allergic to any of the ingredients listed above, then do not use them. Also, discontinue use if irritations occur. Not to be used for children below 3 years. Don’t forget to keep out of the reach of children.

FAQs On Pure Carrot Lotion

How does pure carrot cream work?

Pure Carrot Whitening Care Lotion is designed to effectively lighten and brighten the skin by fading away dark spots, thus giving it a uniform tone. Pure Carrot Cream works best when used with pure carrot serum and oil.

How do you use pure carrot serum?

The serum should be applied in the morning and evening on the face and neck. In addition to the body cream, it will help fight pigmentation problems by deeply moisturising the skin.

Is pure carrot oil good for the face?

Ordinarily, carrot oil soothes the skin by fading acne scars on the face, relieving the skin of irritation & redness, and rejuvenating ageing skin. Pure carrot doubles up to give a flawless and clearer skin complexion.

Does Pure carrot lotion contain hydroquinone?

While pure carrot cream tenderises the skin to give youthful-looking skin, it doesn’t contain hydroquinone.

Is pure carrot bio balance a bleaching cream?

Pure Carrot Lightening Lotion contains a high concentration of natural lightening ingredients that prevents excessive melanin production in the skin cells, hence resulting in brighter fairer skin.

Which country made pure carrot lotion?

Pure Carrot Bio Balance lotion is manufactured by GLOW Cosmetics in Nigeria.

Does pure carrot contain SPF?

The 30g Pure Carrot Flawless Moisture Surge Facial Cream contains SPF 20

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