Bio Oil Odour Control Soap Review

As you read through thia Bio Oil Odour Control Soap Review, here are a few things you must know before buying the product. Bio Oil soap is an Odour Control Soap that doubles up as an exfoliating and skin-lightening bar.

It helps to get rid of stretch marks, and the appearance of dark spots, and balance out the skin tone. The soap is specially designed to reduce the occurrence of body odour. Daily usage of this soap is sure to give you radiant, cleansed and subtly hydrated skin.

Bio Oil Odour Control Soap Review

Bio Oil Odour Control Soap

How does Bio-Oil soap work?

This odour control soap contains natural ingredients which exfoliate dead skin, deep cleanse the skin pores, reveal newer cells, and promote the renewal of new skin cells & turnover. Bio-Oil has restorative properties for softening and smoothening the skin.

Pros of Bio Oil Odour Control Soap

Why choose bio-oil odour control toilet soap?

  1. It mildly exfoliates the body and face to leave your skin fair and feeling satin-smooth
  2. The soap cleanses and nourishes the skin
  3. When it comes to clearing ringworm rashes, stretch marks and skin scars, Bio-Oil soap is highly recommended
  4. The Specialist skin care bar soap evens out the skin tone, fights ageing signs and helps to hydrate the skin
  5. It is made of natural organic ingredients that are not specific to a particular skin type.
  6. Has a rich aroma that helps get rid of bad body odour.

Cons of Bio Oil Soap

Bio-Oil soap

Does Bio-Oil have side effects? Yes, it does. While the odour control soap can smoothen and lighten the skin, it can also result in some adverse effects. These include:

  1. Skin irritation
  2. Rashes and redness
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Ingredients Of Bio Oil Bar Soap

  1. Aqua (water)
  2. Ascorbic Acid
  3. Cetearyl Alcohol and Ceteareth-33
  4. Cetyl Alcohol
  5. Daucus carota (Carrot Oil)
  6. Dimethicone Copolyol
  7. Glycerin
  8. Palm Acid
  9. Palm kernel Acid
  10. Parfum
  11. Petrolatum
  12. Polysorbate 60
  13. Prunus Armeniaca (apricot Seed Powder)
  14. Sodium Chloride
  15. Sodium palmate
  16. Sodium Palm kernelate
  17. Stearic Acid
  18. Tetrasodium EDTA or Pentasodium Pentetate Etidronic Acid
  19. Titanium Oxide
  20. Triclocarban

How can I tell if my Bio-Oil soap is original?

Bio Oil soap

To check whether your bio Oil soap is fake or original, look at the colour. When held against natural light, the original one is light orange while the fake oil is pink.

Direction for Use

  1. Wet hands and lather the soap
  2. Gently massage a small amount into the skin of the face and body
  3. Rinse with warm water and dry with a clean towel.

Avoid the soap from getting into the eyes. Stop use if irritation is noticed. Not advisable for use on children below 3 years.

FAQs On Bio-Oil

Bio Oil Odour Control Soap Review

What are the benefits of Bio-Oil Toilet Soap?

Bio-Oil contains Vitamins A and E, other essential oils and active nutrients, which helps in scar fading, improving cell turnover, boosting the appearance of smooth skin and fading dark under eye circles.

Does Bio-Oil soap contain hydroquinone?

No, it doesn’t contain hydroquinone

Does Bio-Oil lighten skin?

Bio-Oil odour control soap was proven in a clinical trial done by the manufacturers in 2012 to lighten scars. From the experiment where the examined subjects used the product for 8 weeks, 90 percent showed improvements in their scar colour.

How long does Bio-Oil take to work?

From the first day of consistent usage, you could start seeing results 4 weeks in. However, it is advised that after using the product for 3 months and no visible result is seen, you should discontinue using it.

How much is Bio Oil Body Odour Control Bar Soap?

It is sold for N1000 on an average in Nigeria

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