Final Lotion Review

With consistent usage of final lotion, you’re sure to have clearer, lighter, and younger-looking skin. This Final Lotion Review will help guide you on what you must know before buying the cream

Final Lotion Review

Final Lotion Review

Benefits Of Using Final Body Lotion

  1. The body cream is great for lightening and brightening the skin to reveal a flawless, even-toned and youthful-looking skin
  2. Final Body Cream is infused with natural antioxidants and plant extracts which nourish and soothes the skin hence keeping it healthy always.
  3. It is lightweight, calm on the skin, and doesn’t result in any irritations.
  4. It helps protect the skin against the harmful effects of the sun.
  5. It fades dark spots, acne scars, brown spots, melasma, sunburns, blemishes, and all forms of discolourations, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation on the skin to result in an even brighter skin tone. It carries out this action by reducing the skin’s melanin production
  6. Final Lotion is made with very potent ingredients such as Vitamin E that effectively removes wrinkles, fine lines, skin folds, dull skin, age spots and other signs of ageing from the skin.

If you’re looking for a body lotion that clarifies and unifies your skin complexion by promoting the skin’s turnover and rejuvenation actions, then the Final body lotion is your surest bet.

Final Cream Side Effects

Not much is known about the side effects of this cream

Ingredients In Final Lotion

Aloe Vera, Centella Asiatica, Cherry Extract, Coconut Oil, D-panthenol, Hydromanil, Ivy Extract, Lotus, Macadamia Oil, Noni Extract, Passion Fruit Extract, Rice Oil, Shea Butter, Strawberry Extract, Vitamin E, and Water Lily.

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How To Use Final Cream

First, wash the skin with a cleansing soap. Pat dry with a clean towel. Take out a small amount of the lotion, rub between the palms and gently massage all over your body until it is completely absorbed. Ensure to use the cream consistently if you really wish to see results from this cream

Types Of Final Body Cream

1. Final Lotion

Final Body Cream

The container of Final Lotion is yellow or cream-coloured. It is specially made for people with sensitive skin but can also be used to correct adverse effects caused by bleaching creams on the skin.

2. Final Maxitone Lotion

Final Cream

The container of Final Maxitone Lotion is white. It is specially formulated for fair-skinned people that wish to maintain their skin white and natural. It also helps to even out the fair skin tone.

3. Final White Gold Lotion

Final Lotion

The container of this cream is brown. It is made for people with skin of colour. This includes dark skin, chocolate skin, caramel skin, bronze tone skin, and ebony skin color. It is suitable for lightening the skin tone without necessarily bleaching the skin.

How To Know Original Final Lotion

Final Lotion Review
Fake Final Maxitone Cream

The container of the main final lotion cream is cream in colour and the content also has the same colour as the container with normal consistency.

The final maxitone cream has a white container and just like the container, the cream is light white with a fairly light consistency.

The final white gold cream has a container that is chocolate in colour and the cream content is of the same colour. The consistency is slightly different from the two above as it has a light running consistency. The container cover has a blue lining from the inside.

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FAQs On Final Lotion

Is Final Lotion a Bleaching Cream?

No, it does not bleach the skin

Does Final Lotion Contain Hydroquinone?

No, the body cream doesn’t contain hydroquinone.

How Much Is Final Cream In Nigeria?

It is sold for N7000 in most supermarkets and cosmetics shops.

How Much is Final Lotion In Ghana?

It costs GH₵ 80 in Ghanaian top stores and retail outlets.

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