Skin Doctor Cream Review: How to Use Skin Doctor Cream Effectively

The skin doctor cream is a fast-lightening lotion produced in Paris by Zandas cosmetics limited company, France. It is made with UVA/UVB filters that protect the skin against the harshness of the sun.

The skin doctor cream is designed to deeply exfoliate the skin and eliminate the dark spots, blemishes, sunburns, and acne while leaving you with clear and bright skin devoid of dead skin cells.;

You may want to ask, how does it do this?

A skin doctor is formulated with different and very active natural ingredients like carrot extract, vitamin C, vitamin A, etc. The carrot extract that is used in its making, contains a very high level of beta carotene which is the major lightening ingredient that is found in some variants of the cream.

The different variants of the skin doctor cream have different functions on the skin. By the time you are done reading this, you will have decided which of these variants are best for your skin type and tone.

So, you can find the skin doctor cream in four forms and they are;

  •  The Carrot Glow
  • The Gluta Glow
  • The  Egyptian Glow
  • The Gold

We will take a look at them one after the other and then you make your choice;

Skin Doctor Cream Review: How to Use Effectively

The Carrot Glow

Skin Doctor Cream Review: How to Use Skin Doctor Cream Effectively

The skin doctor carrot glow is usually used for dark spots removal and curing blemishes or scars. The presence of the carrot extract helps to lighten the skin gradually. This whitening variant only brightens the original skin color that is, it only improves the original skin tone and complexion.

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This is recommended for people whose harsh weather conditions or infection have affected their true skin color or darkened their skin. The carrot glow is a gradual whitening cream that enhances the skin with vitamin A.

It is an ultra-radiance whitening lotion that beautifies the skin and returns its natural glow which is why it’s perfect for dark spot removal, clearing blemishes and scars.

It is very perfect for people who just need to brighten their skin or want to have a longer duration to whiten their skin.

The Gluta Glow

Skin Doctor Cream Review: How to Use Skin Doctor Cream Effectively

The Gluta glow is known as the intense whitening cream, it lightens the skin faster than any of the other variants of the skin doctor cream. This is a result of the presence of a natural lightening substance known as glutathione.

  Now let us take a look at what Glutathione does to the skin. Its compound properties have been known to stop the body from producing excess melanin.

This means that the darkening substance in the body has been reduced and the skin can whiten easily. Glutathione is also known as an antioxidant that helps to improve skin hues. It can also help the skin as a detoxification agent.

This is recommended for people who are fair-skinned but have reluctantly undergone some sort of tanning due to harsh weather conditions. It is also for people who want to add extra white to their skin tone (this is advisable for the dark-skinned but brown-skinned people can have a go at it).

For the Gluta glow’s friendly skin types, daily application of the cream gives off a healthy and radiant glow thanks to the absence of hydroquinone. 

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The Egyptian Glow

Skin Doctor Cream Review: How to Use Skin Doctor Cream Effectively

The Egyptian glow is formulated with natural and active ingredients that evenly tone your skin steadily. Some of these ingredients include Egyptian milk, arbutin, licorice, witch hazel, mulberry extract, and bearberry extract.

They are all fused so as to give the brown and dark-skinned elegant and creamy glow. Its lightening effects are not much when compared to the other skin doctor variants, due to the presence of body milk.

One of the things the Egyptian glow does better is the removal of dead skin cells from the surface, some users also think it’s the best when treating and preventing sunburns. This is a result of the UVA/UVB filters that help to protect the skin from any kind of damage caused by the sun.

The Gold

Skin Doctor Cream Review: How to Use Skin Doctor Cream Effectively

This skin Doctor variant is specially made for users with dry skin. It contains moisturizing agents that aid in soothing the skin and at the same time give it a natural glow.

Its makeup and function are quite similar to that of the Egyptian glow. The body milk present in the cream aids the gradual and creamy whitening of the skin. It also gives the skin a bright and radiant glow.

Skin exfoliation is also added to the list. It also helps the skin get rid of the facial bump issues (pimples, scars, acne, blemishes, etc) caused by hyperpigmentation that is, the darkening of a part of the skin due to excess melanin. The Gold lotion can be recommended for all skin types.


All of the skin doctor variants can be applied to the face and body daily. They can also be applied day and night except for the Gluta glow which may be applied once a day due to its fast and active nature.

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Side Effects

  • Some of the users have mentioned the appearance of green veins after a long duration.
  • Once you start making use of the skin doctor lightening cream, there has to be a maintenance of the same cream, if you abruptly stop making use of it, your skin might regress to an even worse condition


The skin doctor cream is overtly a good and healthy lightening cream. Although it requires steady application, it has been vetted as a healthy whitening cream majorly due to the absence of hydroquinone.

When purchasing the lotion, you ought to be certain if it’s the original version since they are also harmful imitations of the product. Check out the accuracy of the product label to also help you to decipher.

The natural contents of the cream make it a healthy choice for a radiating look and a bright complexion.

It is indeed a good choice when all are considered.

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