K Brothers Soap Review: Benefits and Precautions

The K Brothers Soap is very popular amongst people with dark spots who are urgently in a need of a cure. It’s a herbs-infused soap with healthy and skin friendly benefits.

The soap bar was produced by the K Brothers, a Thai-American beauty and cosmetics production and distribution company that has been in existence since 1989.

The K Brothers is an organic soap created for the young and old alike that can help combat the growth of damaged and dead skin cells.

 It is usually used specifically for the face that is, a facial cleansing bar, that can give rise to a perfect and ageless skin complexion. They have also become famous as skin whitening soap collection.

The K Brothers soap have three different and effective variations and they are;

  • The K Brothers Papaya Soap ;
  • The K Brothers Carrot Soap;
  • K Brothers Baby face Soap

Now we are going to take a detailed look at the both of them.

K Brothers Soap Review: Benefits and Precautions 

K Brothers Papaya soap

K Brothers Soap Review: Benefits and Precautions

This soap variant is known for ensuring radiant skin. It is made with natural and organic ingredients that are fused together to give your skin a bright and radiant glow.

 It works as a deep facial and body cleansing agent and works faster when you have a skincare regimen.

Some of the ingredients found in the K Brothers Papaya soap are; sodium hydroxide, coconut oil , papaya extract, fragrance, etc.

One of the major misconceptions that people have about the Papaya soap variant is that it can remove dark spots and blemishes. This has been discovered as untrue.

So many of the long term users have reviewed the product and marked it good for skin brightening and clearing , but have not noted or said something positive about dark spots or blemishes removal.

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It can also be used as a skin lightening soap. This is because of its intense brightening or clearing effects within a short period of time. So, instead of using an official lightening soap that might end up harming or damaging your skin cells. You can get the K brothers Papaya soap for substitute and improve your skin complexion healthily.

K Brothers Carrot Soap

K Brothers Soap Review: Benefits and Precautions

Now this is the variant that works wonders for dark spots and blemishes removal, maybe users mistake the names (papaya for carrot? sounds unlikely). Anyway, this soap is the best for skin smoothening and clearing.

It clears the skin of dry spots and also makes the skin radiant with 7-14 days of use. Yes, it works within a short period of time. The ingredients used in manufacturing this variant are much similar to the Papaya soap variant except that the papaya extract is replaced with the carrot extract.

The K Brothers Carrot Soap can also be used as a skin lightening tool due to the same aforementioned reasons.

K Brothers Super Baby Face Soap

K Brothers Soap Review: Benefits and Precautions

This might just be the most active of all the K Brothers soap variants. It is specially formulated to clear the skin of all blemishes, bumps, pimples, acne, rashes, dark spots, scars and sunburns, this means that it’s the perfect soap for skin exfoliation thanks to the Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) also known as Glycolic acid present.  It is the fastest when it comes to skin lightening and brightening.

The ingredients are as follows; sodium hydroxide, coconut oil, AHA, titanium oxide, curcuma longa (turmeric root) extract.

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Talking about skin lightening, this soap has been rated as the best for removing dead skin cells and healing the skin of scars and bumps.

The K Brothers baby face soap come in two colors; pink and white. While the both are very good and healthy; the white bar is recommended for those who are in need of quick lightening and spots removal. While the pink bar is used by people who have sensitive skin types and are not in a hurry to lighten their skin complexion.

Note that the K Brothers soap are not used as bleaching soaps and they do not add extra colors to the skin. Instead, they work by just toning the skin to a lighter version of your skin or by bringing out more of your skin undertone.     

Secondly you can use the K brothers Soap with the K Brothers Shower gel for maximum effects.


Using the K Brothers soap should be when you are bathing and washing your face. Apply generously on the face and the body.


  • They are so many fakes that can be found easily these days, so you ought to be careful of the soap variants that you are getting.

You can lessen the probability of getting a fake K brother soap through the colors. The original is usually a lighter orange than the fake.

  • Whenever you are using any of the K brothers soap. Endeavour to use with a sunscreen and a body moisturizer. This is because the K brothers soap dries up the skin and reduces its moisture content. This exposes the body to the harmful rays from the sunlight.
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So, a body lotion with moisturizing ability, high UVA\UVB filter content and general sunscreen content is highly recommended.

Presently, no side effects have been recorded while using the K Brother Soap. So you can see it’s very safe and healthy for use.

Wrapping Up

The K Brothers Soap has been around for a while so you can’t say it’s not available.

It’s been doing and its been amassing more users, year by year. The brand has really grown and evolved beyond doubts. Their skin care products are safe and healthy to use.

The K Brothers soap is comfortable to use and its also affordable. although the size is small it’s  performance covers for its disadvantages.

The K Brothers is a very skin friendly soap. It improves the skin better and faster than most soap bars can. Its lightening and brightening effects are healthy too. It can and should be recommended for all skin types.     

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