Hawaii Soap Review: Uses and Benefits

  The Hawaii soap breeds are all made from natural extracts that can restore and smoothen your skin. They are infused with herbs and roots that can exfoliate and purify the skin, brightening it the natural way.

Some people take these skincare soap bars as bleaching agents while in the real sense, it’s not. Instead, it contains a healthy whitening and brightening agent called kojic acid.

It leaves your skin healthier and smoother than it was while giving it all the glow you love. The body cleansing ability makes all the soap variants good choices.

There are majorly three kinds of Hawaii soap bars and they are;

  • Hawaiian papaya Calamansi
  • Hawaii carrot
  • Hawaii premium gold soap   

We will take a look at them in case you want to make a choice from any of the categories.

Hawaii Soap Review: Uses and Benefits

Below is a complete Hawaii soap review categorized under the different kinds available in the market.

Hawaii Papaya Calamansi

This one is made with calamansi extract, papaya, vitamin C, vitamin A, and songyi mushrooms. These rare and rich herbs are combined to provide better-looking and innately healthier skin.

The calamansi extract is a natural healthy whitening herb while the papaya has always been known for even skin toning and brightening. Vitamin C induces collagen production and cures uneven skin pigmentation, while vitamin A helps to remove dead skin cells while giving birth to new ones.

The vitamin E present in the soap is a great anti-oxidant that improves the healing ability of the skin and also protects it from UV rays. It can also help to remove skin blemishes or scars.

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All of these herbs are fused into this papaya soap which makes it a great choice to help you with a great complexion.

Firstly the Papaya calamansi is basically known as a whitening soap but it can also be used as an exfoliating agent. Yes, the skin can automatically renew itself but exfoliating with the papaya soap does wonder to your complexion.

It can also be used for dark spots and blemishes removal, acne, and face bump treatments. The papain enzyme dissolves the excessive protein caused by damaged keratin that is, the main protein on the skin.

You can use the Papaya calamansi extract soap to alleviate itching or pains caused by insect stings. Some insect fluids contain venomous substances, papain enzyme can help relieve these pains and reduce skin itches and rashes.

This makes it a better option than most body cleansing soap bars along with its long-lasting fragrance.

Hawaii Carrot Soap

This is another brand of Hawaii cleansing bars that should be part of your daily skincare routine. It is especially known for making the skin radiant and shiny while acting as a body cleansing agent.

It contains multivitamins and carotene (contained in carrot oil ) plus other nutrients that are all aimed at improving the skin visibly. The apricot extract cannot be excluded from the list.

This carrot extract whitens delicate skin while the apricot powder exfoliates the skin. The detailed nutrient composition of the carrot oil includes vitamins A, B, C, D, and E.

Vitamin B is basically known to help with removing dead skin cells and producing new ones. While the rest of the vitamins act as active anti-oxidants and anti-aging agents. The carrot oil also contains anti-bacterial properties that aid the body in protein and oil control which in turn makes the skin smoother by reducing bumps and acne on the skin.

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The carrot extract also contains good and maybe passive moisturizers that save the skin from dryness and leave it soft and moisturized.

For the apricot powder which is the second major and active ingredient found in the Hawaii carrot soap, it contains fiber, calcium, potassium, vitamin A and C which as earlier stated are perfect for all skin types (with exceptions to skin prone to allergic reactions).

 Hawaii Soap Review: Uses and Benefits
 Hawaii Soap Review: Uses and Benefits

Hawaii Premium Gold Soap

The Hawaii soap premium gold was specially manufactured for those who are looking to remove wrinkles and stretch marks from their skin and to also prevent them from even coming up at all.

 It is made from rich herbs and roots like apricots, carrots, and papaya. Some people actually call it ‘the mix, simply because it contains some of the ingredients that the other Hawaii cleansing bars contain.

Other ingredients found in the Hawaii premium Gold soap include argan oil, glutathione, allantoin, kojic acid, TCC, and other healthy substances.

In environments with harsh weather conditions and climates, most people prefer to use the Hawaii premium Gold soap because it protects against ultraviolet rays even better than some sunscreen products.

The functions of apricots, carrots, and papaya have been discussed when we mentioned Carrot and Papaya soap bars above.

Now let us take a look at what Glutathione does to the skin. Its compound properties have been known to top the body from producing excess melanin. This means that the darkening substance in the body has been reduced and the skin can whiten easily. Glutathione is also known as an antioxidant that helps to improve skin hues. It can also help the skin as a detoxification agent.

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The argan oil is the most active ingredient that aids the Hawaii premium Gold soap to remove wrinkles and stretch marks. It also contains enough vitamins and nutrients that help the skin look younger and radiant.

While the kojic acid brightens and whitens the skin by its fungal related properties, the TCC is an active anti-fungal ingredient that prevents the introduction of micro-organisms to the body and even kills the microbes on the skin surface depending on the quantity applied

Allantoin is also an active ingredient that smoothens the skin by healing damaged skin cells. It soothes the skin and prevents skin itching and irritation.

Wrapping up

The Hawaii soap had been rumored to be a bleaching soap. While this might a sort of substance misunderstanding, the absence of hydroquinone might just be all the proof you need.

The Hawaii soap bars can be found in different parts of the world so their availability can never be an issue.

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