Aneeza Face Cream Review – The Hidden Truths

Aneeza Face Creams are a collection of skin whitening lotions specially formulated for clearing hyperpigmentation or discolouration, pimples & acne spots, sunburns, freckles, and melasma from the skin.

In this post, we have detailed the Aneeza Face Cream Review to guide your purchase decisions. The beauty face cream is originally produced in Pakistan. Read on to learn more about this product!

Aneeza Face Cream Review

Aneeza Gold Beauty Cream Review

The Different Aneeza Face Creams Available In the Market

Before we get into details, here is an important note to take. There are three different Aneeza Face creams available in the market. These are:

  1. Aneeza Gold Beauty Cream
  2. Aneeza Whitening Cream
  3. Aneeza Gold Herbal Cream

In this review, we covered all you need to know about all these Aneeza Face creams as they all share similar potency and results according to the product users we reviewed.

Pros of Using Aneeza Face Cream

  1. Aneeza Gold Beauty Face Cream clears dark circles under the eyes, blackheads, sunspots and other forms of pigmentation on the face.
  2. Results gotten from all Aneeza creams last for a very long time and won’t cause breakouts if you stop using the cream
  3. Aneeza Gold Herbal Cream can be used by all skin types
  4. Aneeza Whitening Cream is an excellent cream if you just want to tone your skin

Ingredients In Aneeza Face Cream

Aneeza Gold Herbal Cream

Ingredients Contained In Aneeza Gold Beauty Cream

This skin care cream contains Aloe Vera and Avocado extracts which are great anti-oxidant. These agents also help to prevent and treat acne and sunburns.

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Their lightening properties help to blend the skin complexion to a uniform tone. Other actives in the cream are Bee wax, Emulsifier preservatives, F&D colour, Herbal extracts, Kojic Acid, and Sunscreen agents.

Ingredients In Aneeza Whitening Cream

It contains Saffron & Milk protein which helps to promote skin radiance while increasing skin elasticity. Saffron specifically is a plant-based compound that helps to lighten the face and keep the skin smooth.

Side Effects Of Using Aneeza Beauty Cream

Not much has been noted regarding the side effects of any of the Aneeza creams. Some people say that the cream does not work for their skin, but they didn’t spot any breakouts or skin damage.

How to Identify the Fake Aneeza Gold Face Cream

Aneeza Face Cream Review
Original Aneeza Gold Cream
Aneeza Whitening Cream
Fake Aneeza Gold Cream

The original Aneeza cream has its name and product details imprinted at the bottom of the container but the fake one doesn’t. Also, the container of fake Aneeza creams is brown while the original ones are yellow.

What You Need To Know About Aneeza Beauty Products

Aneeza Gold Beauty Cream

Is Aneeza Gold face cream a moisturizer?

The Beauty cream contains Avocado and Aloe Vera which are well known for their anti-aging and great moisturizing properties.

How long does it take before you start seeing results from Aneeza Face Cream?

After 2 weeks of using the cream, you are sure to start seeing great changes in your skin tone.

Does Aneeza face cream clear pimples and sunburn?

Yes, it does. Aneeza Gold Beauty Face Cream and Aneeza Gold Herbal Face Cream are very potent for clearing acne and sunburns. They also help in fading the spots and scars that may result from its healing.

Does Aneeza gold have sunscreen?

While Aneeza Gold face Cream is a very good facial moisturiser and can potentially lighten the spots and pigmentation on your face, we would still recommend you use sunscreen with it. Aneeza Gold Herbal Ubtan With Sunscreen for glowing skin is the best pick when using the Aneeza cream.

How do you use Aneeza soap?

Aneeza Gold Beauty Soap with Avocado oil & Aloe Vera Extract is a great add-on for your skincare routine when using the brand’s face cream. To use the soap, first lather the soap on your palm with a little water then rub the lather on the face and body. Leave on for 2 minutes after which you rinse off with lukewarm or cold water.

Aneeza Face Cream Price in Nigeria

All Aneeza creams for facial use are sold for N2000 on average. However, the price may vary depending on your location and the retail outlet you go to purchase from.

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