Idole Papaya Soap Review – Important Tips To Know

Since you clicked on this page to see the Idole Papaya Soap Review, you might as well be wondering – Is Idole papaya soap good for the skin? Well, we have detailed all you need to know before you purchase Idole soap

Idole papaya just like any other whitening soap such as k brothers soap, veet gold soap, or asantee soap is suitable for all skin types. It gives you a clearer and radiant skin tone while improving its natural shine.

Is Idole papaya an exfoliating soap?

Idole Papaya Soap Review

IDOLE Papaya Exfoliating Soap can be used to get rid of dead skin cells thus promoting the formation of collagen and sebum for new skin cell growth. The soap contains apricot seed powder which effectively deals with pigmentary blemishes and lightens dark spots on the skin.

Rubbing the soap on the skin with a little water gets its constituent ingredients into the skin thereby deeply cleansing the epidermis and lightening its complexion. The exfoliating action of Papaya extract helps to leave your skin smooth, even cleaned, and radiant all day long.

Idole Papaya Soap Review

Idole Papaya Soap

Idole PAPAYA PURE ORGANICS whitening facial Soap is the original product of Jabones Pard, Sierra NEVADA in Spain. It contains a natural lightening agent – Papain extract enzyme which much of its potency is attributed to

Pros Of Idole Papaya Whitening Soap

Idole Papaya Whitening Soap
  1. Lathers very well
  2. Improves skin texture
  3. Has a nice scent
  4. Good exfoliant for face and body
  5. Tones your skin up
  6. Deeply cleanses and softens rough skin
  7. It is not expensive

Side Effects Of Idole Papaya Soap

  1. It can cause temporary wrinkled skin.
  2. It May lead to skin thinning.
  3. Can cause stretch marks
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How to know fake Idole papaya soap

Idole Papaya Soap Review
Original Idole Papaya Soap

Fake Idole papaya pure Organics soap has one stamp or seal while the original Idole Papaya with Papain Extract soap has two shiny silver square seals – one on the carton and another on the transparent nylon that wraps the soap itself.

Also note that if the soap bar immediately falls out of the transparent pack when you open the carton, then it’s probably a fake soap. You are to open the transparent nylon yourself and not the other way around.

FAQ on Idole Papaya Skin Whitening Soap

Idole Papaya Skin Whitening Soap

Does papaya soap lighten skin?

Generally, Papaya works as a skin lightener and is then refined into a cleansing soap, promoting the removal of dead skin cells and effective reduction of the appearance of dark spots, hyperpigmentation, or discoloration of the skin.
Though the process may be gradual, its ultimate action is quite potent in skin lightening and curbing excessive melanin production.

How long does Idole soap take to work?

It takes between 7 to 14 days before you can start seeing results from this soap. The Best part about this product is that it will not break you out if it takes longer than two weeks to work. However, it’s good you take a day or 2 breaks while using this product.

Which Idole soap is best for acne?

The 200g Idole Gold Soap is made of egg yolk and natural honey which are natural anti-pimple agents.

Does Idole soap give stretch marks?

To some people, Idole soap can cause stretch marks

Does Idole papaya soap contain hydroquinone?

No, it doesn’t contain hydroquinone. However, Idole Intense (lotion) was reviewed by and found to contain hydroquinone with a 5ml in 250ml potency.

Is Papaya Soap a bleaching soap?

Any soap made with papaya fruit is known to possess natural skin bleaching properties. Though the company and other product review sites may say differently, Idole soap can bleach the skin.

How much is Idole papaya soap?

Idole Papaya Exfoliant Soap is sold for N600 in Nigeria

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