E45 Dermatological Moisturising Lotion Review

E45 lotion is a skin care product for the treatment of dry skin conditions. This E45 Dermatological Moisturising Lotion Review will detail all you need to know about this cream.

E45 Dermatological Moisturising Lotion Benefits

E45 Dermatological Moisturising Lotion Review
  1. E45 lotion soothes, softens and cares for dry and sensitive skin. The light formulation makes it easily absorbed for the driest skin types and can be used on even sensitive skin.
  2. It can be used on the whole body, hands and face of everyone in the family, including babies
  3. This product can be used to relieve the skin of severe eczema. It heals the scabs, sores and severe dry patches that occur with the condition
  4. This moisturizing lotion is creamy but not greasy, and less sticky. It has the perfect consistency to keep your skin fully moisturized.
  5. E45 Dermatological Moisturising Lotion is unscented, perfume free, hypoallergenic, and dermatologically tested

Downsides of E45 Lotion

  1. E45 products aren’t sold in stores in the U.S
  2. The moisturising lotion doesn’t have SPF

Ingredients in E45 Dermatological Cream

E45 moisturising lotion

Aqua, Petrolatum, Isopropyl Palmitate, Paraffinum Liquidum, Glyceryl Stearate, Ceteth-20, Hypoallergenic Anhydrous Lanolin (Medilan™), Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Carbomer, Propylparaben, Sodium Hydroxide, BHT

E45 Dermatological Moisturising Lotion Reviews by Amazon Customers

Not moisturizing enough, not long-lasting

I was hoping this product would help with my dry skin, but it didn’t really live up to my expectations. It says 24-hour moisture, but within two hours I had to reapply the lotion to my face! I bought this mainly as a face lotion, and even though it’s unscented, it slightly irritated my skin and it didn’t provide long-lasting moisture or stop the flaking.

As a body lotion it’s also just okay; non-irritating and it spreads nicely since it’s light, and it lasts longer than it did for my face, but I still had to reapply it after a couple of hours. I didn’t love the slightly greasy film the lotion leaves on the skin.

E45 Lotion


I have problems with dry flaky skin, eczema, psoriasis, etc..and in the winter, my skin issues get worse. I just want to say…This Lotion is AWESOME! I was using CeraVe, Eucerin, and a few others, which were nice…but this lotion is NOW, at the top of my list, for the best lotion.

Feels lovely on the skin and gives my skin a nice dewy sheen and a more youthful appearance. It’s not too heavy and not too thin…It’s PERFECT…and it has kept my skin issues under control. It’s not greasy or tacky…just gives your skin a nice satiny feel, which I love.

It’s also a great lotion for any time of year. I bought it at the end of Summer and still using it this Winter…Other creams have worked well but, this one has them beat. The first thing I noticed right away with E45 lotion was, how nice my skin looked. I’ve never noticed that with other lotions I’ve purchased. So, this one is a keeper for me and I will definitely…purchase it again.

E45 Cream

Absolutely helped with the dry skin on my legs.

I have Lymphedema in my legs. Recently they became very dry and flaking skin. I am very careful in preventing skin breakdown. This lotion was amazing. It helped stop the dry skin issue almost immediately.

Geraldine Duffy

Soothes my dry, itchy skin

This lotion is great for my dry, itchy skin. I have developed allergies in the last year, I don’t sneeze or have watery eyes but I have itchy skin. It is mainly my hands, arms and chest. I have to stay away from scented detergents, lotions and soaps. I use CeraVe, Nivea and Lubriderm only.

I really like them but some of them are thick, while the other is greasy, and another soothes but doesn’t stay very long it needs to be applied again in a few hours. I heard about this lotion and the fact that it is a UK brand not sold in the states.

I thought I’d give it a try to add to my arsenal of lotions and I’m glad I did! It isn’t thick so I can apply it quickly and it goes on greasy but dries very quickly as well. It soothes my itchy skin on contact and it has staying power. I will continue to purchase.

A Page Turner
E45 Dermatological Moisturising Lotion Review

But I must say that this stuff is AMAZING! I wanted to find a good lotion since …

I’m always trying multiple lotions out that will help my insanely dry flaky skin and I most of the time never have any luck, but I must say that this stuff is AMAZING!

I wanted to find a good lotion since I’ve started using tanning beds. I literally could not tan without getting what they call the “tanning itch”. It basically dried my skin out so bad that I broke out in hives everywhere and was itching and burning. It was excruciating and annoying, not even exaggerating.

The first time I used this lotion I noticed a difference immediately! My skin feels so moisturized and hydrated! The bottle is actually a really decent size also! I will definitely purchase this item again!

Amber Britton
E45 Dermatological Moisturising Lotion

Great product for dry flaky skin from various dermatological issues.

I have been dealing with Seborrhoeic Dermatitis on my neck, face, ears, and scalp in addition to generally very dry flaky skin on my legs and feet. E45 was recommended by my pharmacy tech with similar conditions. After two weeks of use, my Sebhoric Dermatitis is under control and my feet are nice and soft.

I have to use the product every day to maintain the benefits of E45. If I skip a couple of days or so the flaking skin erupts again but not to the degree as before I started using E45. I have recommended it to friends and they are very pleased with it as well.

Amazon Customer LRRAM
E45 Dermatological Moisturising Lotion

FAQs On E45 Moisturising Lotion

What does E45 Lotion do to the skin?

E45 Cream is an effective moisturiser that has been clinically proven to soothe extremely dry and rough skin. It is also helpful in treating sunburn, eczema and calloused hands from detergent use.

Is E45 a lightening lotion?

No, it does not bleach the skin

Is E45 a steroid cream?

E45 is a hydrocortisone cream that contains a mild steroid for the relief of eczema, dermatitis, allergies and irritants gotten from insect bites and Jewellery

How long does it take for E45 Cream to work?

The E45 moisturising lotion improves dry skin in just 2 weeks.

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