Guide on How to Have a Smooth Face in Nigeria (7 Easy Steps)

Having a smooth face in Nigeria is a task that looks almost impossible due to the nature of the country generally. Most Nigerians attribute skincare routines, healthy and shiny skin, smooth face and body, to only celebrities and wealthy people. But they fail to recognize how achievable and visible it is to have smooth skin.

We all have different facial issues that can be solved if we pay attention to ourselves a little better than we do. In Nigeria, salon and spa treatments can be a waste of time and money because of the lack of proper and modern skincare equipment used in developed countries.

In recent years, Nigerians are becoming interested in how they look and how beautiful their faces are. But they have been misinformed that you need a lot of money and resources to get your perfectly smooth face. While in reality, you can stay in the comfort of your home and make a lot of DIY skin recipes or use some of the common facial care products that can make your face clear and soft, without looting the bank.

In this article, we will show you a step-by-step guide that will help you get a smooth face in Nigeria, but before we do that, let’s see why you need extra care in getting a smooth face as someone in Nigeria.

What Causes Unhealthy Skin in Nigeria?

The High Carb and Oily Nigerian Meals

These meals contain a lot of fat and oils that the body cannot use immediately or expel easily, for example, fufu, yam, groundnut, palm oil, nuts, yam, beans, etc. when consumed in extreme quantities without balance. It shows on the face either by wrinkles or dryness. This is why healthy eating is advised.

The Harsh Weather

This is a major issue because of the extreme sunlight. This can damage the skin cells and cause lesions or sunburns on delicate skin.

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The Cold and Dry Wind of Harmattan

As cool as this wind is, it can lead to acute skin dryness. Without skin moisturizers, breakages can become common and leave scars even after the season is passed.

The extreme Humidity of the Rainy Season

This can be good if it is controlled. During this period, you are advised to work out often to release body sweat. This is because, during this season, the skin traps in sweat because of the cool weather leading to blockage of the skin pores. They cause facial bumps and skin dullness.

How to Have a Smooth Face in Nigeria

How to Have a Smooth Face in Nigeria
How to Have a Smooth Face in Nigeria

Daily Facial Cleansing

This involves washing your face twice daily should be the norm if you want it oil-free and smooth. Cleansing it with some facial cleansers is also a good idea.

As much as washing it twice should be steady, you should also wash your face whenever you have performed any task or exercise that involved physical labor. Considering the country’s climate, you should wash your face when you go out in the sun.

This is because whenever you undergo any of these, your body releases sweat and if you do not clean off the sweat, it clogs and sticks to your skin. This causes, bumps, pimples, and dark spots in the long run.

Daily facial cleansing makes the face fresh and clean.

Eat Healthily

The kind of foods we eat is crucial to our skin. Avoid taking in too many carbohydrates and packaged sweet products. The Nigerian foodstuff contains lots of ingredients that can increase the aging factor of the skin.

Eat balanced meals. Follow a healthy diet plan, this will help clear the wrinkles from your skin (check out: Foods you should eat for glowing skin today). Also, the intake of fruits, vegetables, and local meals that contain vitamins and minerals such as spinach, cucumber, egusi, black beans, Bambara nuts, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, etc, are encouraged. These fruits and vegetables all help to achieve glowing and refreshed skin.

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Have a Personal Skincare Routine

This could be daily, weekly, or even monthly. The key to seeing the results is to be consistent. It could be using a homemade egg and banana mask or honey and sugar facewash or even an aloe mask too. These homemade DIY skincare routines are not expensive but very effective.  

You can use them monthly, but to see your results faster, using them weekly is advised.

Note: whichever routine you choose has a specific function. Make the ones that can help you avoid the effects of the country’s harsh weather conditions.

 For instance, the aloe mask is very effective when preventing sunburns, while the egg mask helps to keep your face moisturized. Both of them are very favorable when considering the environment.  

Your skincare routine is not complete without good skin supplements. Check out The Best Supplements for Glowing Skin.

Wipe off Your Makeup

We all love to wear makeup but become indifferent when removing it. Wearing makeup to sleep can block your skin pores. It can cause your face to become pale and generally endanger the skin cells. This is due to the active ingredients used to make some of the products.

Wash your face when you’re home from the function or party that you need. Wipe your face first before washing to avoid the products clinging to one spot after wash.

Also, try to avoid oil-based makeup products, instead try water-based or waterproof products. They limit the facial clogs and relieve the skin pores better. To Help you further, Check out our Recommended Concealers for Oily Skin in Nigeria.

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Use Facial Products Designed For Your Skin Type

For your skin safety, use more of the products that are friendly to your skin. This can help avoid breakouts and allergic reactions. Try to perform a patch test before making use of any active skincare or makeup products.

Also, check the product’s content and base ingredients on the product packaging. This will let you know what you are getting with the product and definitely reduce the chance of causing skin irritation.

Make use of Sunscreen

Considering Nigeria’s harsh weather conditions, sunscreen is something you shouldn’t joke with. It will save you from sunburns and rashes.

In fact, it prevents overall skin damage. Using sunscreen with SPF shields your skin from any harsh attack. Yes, this keeps your skin smooth and free from spots and wrinkles.

Rest Well

This cannot be overemphasized. Stress and Sleeplessness can cause dehydration and dullness. Your skin feels it the most when you are not getting enough rest.

All the eye bags and face swelling got from lack of sleep can lead to serious issues like breakouts and dryness.

 Get sufficient sleep. 8 hours is good sleep. Enough rest freshens, energizes, and moisturizes your skin.


The skin is very responsive to care and attention. If you take these steps, the results would be very massive and you will love the change.

The face is a very delicate part of the skin. If it is unresponsive to any of these steps, please see a dermatologist.

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