Top 10 African Countries With The Most Beautiful Women

Nature has made Africa the home of exceptionally beautiful women, want to know the African countries with the most beautiful women? In this article, we at EucarlCosmetics have listed the top 10 African countries with the most beautiful women, this selection is based on personal preference including the distribution of polls and questionnaires.

Aside from the method used in collating this list, you do not need anybody to tell you that African women are the most beautiful in the world but we need to highlight the countries in Africa with the most beautiful women and this is the reason for this post.

Taking off the western media propaganda the black people are known to be blessed with beauty. Although the western beauty standards mostly favour North African women and East African women based on their slim lips, high-bridged noses, and slender stature, what about West African women and Sub-Saharan African women in general?

West African women particularly Sub-Saharan African women are blessed with curves, they have curvaceous figures, thicker lips, flatter noses, are elegant in nature, and are naturally enchanting.

Never forget the fact that Africa is the most diverse continent in the world and their various cultures have what they use to adorn their women.

Without further ado, let us go straight to the topic of the day which is the top ten African countries with the most beautiful women.

Top 10 African Countries With The Most Beautiful Women
African Countries With The Most Beautiful Women

African Countries With Most Beautiful Women

African women, black women, brown skin women, or dark skin women are generally attractive and beautiful, below are the African countries with the most beautiful women:

1. Ethiopia

First, on the list of African Countries With The Most Beautiful Women is Ethiopia, this country is well-known to have a higher concentration of beautiful women compared to other African countries and this position has been maintained for decades.

You can see for yourself no matter how you wish to deny it, it’s just a fact that can’t be denied or ignored. The most stunning women in Africa are found here and if you feel this isn’t right you can just take a trip down to Ethiopia

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Mind you, the way different nationals perceive beauty is quite different from the saying “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” but Ethiopian women ticked the box across the board.

2. Nigeria

Nigeria is coming number two on the list of African Countries With The Most Beautiful Women. Nigeria which is seen as the giant of Africa, the population is really helping as the country is the largest black nation on earth. This has also influenced the beauty aspect of the country as Nigeria has once won the beauty pageant “Miss World” by Agbani Darego.

Aside from winning the Miss World, Nigeria has also won several pageants across Africa and on other continents of the world. This country is blessed with beautiful women and Nigerian women top the list of African Countries With The Most Beautiful Women with their beauty and unique sense of fashion.

3. Tanzania

From the Eastern region of Africa we have the Tanzanian women, they glow in their slim stature and tanned skin. If you watch Tanzania music videos a lot you can tell they are just too blessed with beauty. This cut across both gender i.e male and female, they are naturally attractive.

Tanzania is a country blessed with a lot of natural resources, this blessing also includes their women and their way of life.

4. Kenya

Kenya is the fourth on the list of African countries with the most beautiful women. Just like other African countries Kenya has a rich culture and beautiful people, they are mostly slender and tall, though we have some busty with curvy shapes.

The East African country was once in 2nd place down to 3rd place of the countries with the most beautiful women in Africa before lately dropping to 4th place.

5. Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Congolese women are beautiful, it’s just right they are listed among the African Countries With The Most Beautiful Women. it is easier to identify a Congolese woman as they have a particular unique original look like; a voluptuous backside, licorice black skin, prominent cheekbones, and some other features that make them different.

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They are also largely average in height but the taller ones are exceptionally beautiful. The ones in the rural areas are not left out as they generally have a good sense of fashion, love bright colors, and are also caring.

DR Congo has over 300 ethnic groups and with decades of conflicts and wars that almost turned the country apart, the Congolese beauty wasn’t in any way affected.

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6. Ivory Coast

The Ivorian women are the epitome of beauty, they are caring, warm, nurturing, cool, charming, attractive, alluring just name it – any positive word you can use to qualify a woman’s beauty.

Aside from those mentioned beauty qualities they also love men with masculine traits so if you are a single guy willing to take a perfect lady in as your woman then you can never get it wrong with Ivory Coast women.

Ivory Coast women are thick and hardworking, although the slender ones are just too perfect just like the curvy ones. We urge you, single guys, not to visit Ivory Coast if you ain’t ready and married men should only visit with their wives else you may end up divorcing your wife. Funny Joke!

7. Ghana

As far as thick women are concerned in Africa you just have to give it to Ghana. This country is blessed with curvy-thick women who are so beautiful and attractive. To confirm this yourself you can try to watch some Ghana movies or just embark on a tourist visit to Ghana, I assure you this will be breathtaking.

The West African country Ghana is amongst the African Countries With The Most Beautiful Women, outside being blessed with Gold and this is the reason why it is called Gold Coast, aside from the rich natural resources Ghanaian women are the icing on the cake for any single guy visiting this country. They are the real definition of Black Beauty – thick, voluptuous, alluring, and well-spoken.

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8. South Africa

The list of the top African countries with the most beautiful women will not be complete without mentioning the South African women. Something which seems so common about West African countries is also in South Africa which is voluptuous morphology, curvaceous women.

South African women are mostly thick and this doesn’t rule out the fact that there are some populations of the slim ones, either thick or slim they are generally beautiful.

The South African food, tradition, and cultural values have everything embedded in that that makes their women beautiful and thick. They are also good-hearted and are open to South African men and men from different nationalities so if you aren’t a South African you have the opportunity of choosing your love interest from this country.

9. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is not left out of the African Countries With The Most Beautiful Women. Zimbabwean women are so wonderfully beautiful, curvy, stunning, and brave. The numerous years of conflicts in the country seem to have brought out confidence in the people of Zimbabwe as this doesn’t affect their beauty.

10. Rwanda

Seeing Rwanda on this list shouldn’t appear to you as a surprise. This East African country boasts of beauty, intelligence, and economic growth. It is a country with a good reputation in the West based on different reforms and policies which has been the pillar of positivity and good behavior among its people.

The Rwandan women have a quality and interesting accent as their official language is English so they speak this well with their sweet accent.

Rwanda is blessed with slim beauty and the highest concentration of beautiful women in Rwanda is found in Kigali which is the capital city of Rwanda thus making her amongst the top African Countries With The Most Beautiful Women.

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