Top 10 Best Baby Shop Stores in Nigeria & Location

Are you in search of the best baby shop stores in Nigeria? As an expectant mother, whether it’s your first time having a baby or not, you must be concerned about how and where to get high-quality products before your baby arrives. To achieve this, you need to be able to find some of the best baby shop stores in Nigeria.

Now, there are thousands of baby shop stores scattered across the country. The problem here, however, is that many of these baby shop stores can’t offer you the durable and high-quality products you need to cater to your newborn baby.

To solve this problem, this article will properly inform you of the very best baby shop stores in the country, where you can find the best baby items. The locations of these stores will be provided as well so that you won’t have problems locating the stores.

Top 10 Best Baby Shop Stores in Nigeria & Location

In a particular order, below are the top 10 best baby shop stores you can find in Nigeria:

1. Children Affairs

Children Affairs is one of the most popular and revered baby shop stores in the country, and they have been in business for decades. Located at NO. 3, Kolda Link, Off Adetokunbo Crescent, Wuse, Abuja; this baby shop store sells every single thing you’d need for your child. You can find the best children’s toys, infant wear, maternity items, stationery, baby shoes, and even some items for awaiting mothers.  

If you are expecting a child soon, Children Affairs has to be one of the places you can trust. Thousands of nursing mothers that reside in Abuja rely on this store to get the best baby items.

2. Kiddies Treasures

Kiddies Treasures has been one of Nigeria’s most trusted baby shop stores for many years. They are known for selling high-quality maternity and baby items, children’s clothing and accessories, feeding utensils for babies, and other vital products that every mother who just put to bed would need.

Kiddies Treasures is located along Lekki phase 1, Eti-Osa, Lagos, Nigeria. If you are an awaiting mother who resides in Lagos, you can easily visit their store and check out some of the amazing products for you and your baby. Before you visit the store, you can call their customer care line (07025787410) to get more details about them.

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3. Baby Shop Nigeria

Baby Shop Nigeria is a very reputable baby store in the country that deals with anything that concerns maternity and baby items. If you are looking for the ideal place to get your newly born baby’s clothes, food utensils, toys, and other related stuff, Baby Shop Store is actively available for you.

One good thing about this baby shop store is that they are not only engaged in selling baby and maternity items. They have something for the toddlers as well. You can also find high-quality beautiful clothes and toys for toddlers.

The store is located at NO. 2, Ubiaja Crescent, Garki 2, Abuja, Nigeria. So apparently, Baby Shop Nigeria has been established to cater for newly born babies and their mothers residing in Abuja.

4. PEP

If you don’t know about PEP, you must be under a rock. Or perhaps you aren’t based in Nigeria. PEP is considered the largest single discount shop, having locations in at least 7 African countries, including Nigeria.

PEP is a well-known store in Nigeria, where you can find high-quality baby items, toys, as well as clothing. With almost 50 stores scattered across the country, PEP has to be one of the most reliable baby shop stores in Nigeria.

Another amazing thing about PEP is that you don’t necessarily have to visit their store to buy your items. They have an online store, where you can comfortably check out a wide range of products and purchase what you want within minutes using your debit card.

5. Baby Bliss Nigeria

Baby Bliss Nigeria is a fast-growing mother and child-store that offers a wide range of baby and maternity items. They have some of the best products for both infants and toddlers. Different brands of diapers, baby toys, baby food, clothing, car seats, and a lot more can all be bought at Baby Bliss Nigeria.

In case you are wondering where this store is located, they have offices in three different locations in Lagos state; Gbagada, Lekki, and Surulere. If you reside within or close to any of the locations, you can visit the store as soon as you can.

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6. Shopville

Shopville is a very popular baby shop store in Lagos state, Nigeria. They are regarded as one of the best baby shop stores in the country, and the reason for this is that they don’t just have a baby store, they have a children’s boutique as well. This means you can shop for your baby and even your toddler well (that is if you have any).

Baby food, infant clothing, children’s pajamas, baby shoes, baby toys, and other related items can be purchased at this store.

Shopville is located at Suite A45, 131 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Alausa, Lagos State. You can decide, however, not to visit this address because Shopville has an online store with an increasing number of shoppers each day. With just your smartphone, you can visit the online store and purchase whatever you want.


As an expectant mother, can be of great assistance to you when it comes to acquiring everything you’d need by the time you give birth to your baby. They are known for selling some of the best brands of diapers, baby food and utensils, baby toys, clothing, and other items that are important for you as a nursing mother. is an online baby store, and they have grown over the years to become Nigeria’s number 1 online store for baby items. You don’t have to experience the stress of moving out of your home to visit a baby store. All you need to do is visit and purchase anything you need. The items would be delivered to your doorstep.

8. Early Years Ventures

Located at 3B, Victor Ikwuemesi Street, Igbo Efon Bus Stop, Lekki, Lagos; this is one baby shop store you won’t regret buying items from. Early Years Ventures have thousands of high-quality items that would be instrumental in taking care of your baby. You can get items not only for a newly born baby but for toddlers and older children as well. Some of the best baby clothing and toys are sold by this store.

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Amazing, speculations have it that Early Years Ventures sell their items at a discounted price. As an expectant mother or someone who has been put to bed, you definitely want to save money while purchasing items for you and your baby. A store like this that sells discounted products can be very helpful to you.

9. Mothercare Nigeria

Mothercare is one of the oldest baby shop stores in Nigeria. With decades in this industry, it is safe to say that they are credible and have what it takes to satisfy your needs when it comes to finding the right baby items. They have three major stores in Lagos; Surulere, Ikeja, and Victoria Island.

Mothercare Nigeria does not only have a physical store. They have an online baby area where mothers can conveniently purchase baby items without breaking a sweat. Once you have purchased the items, they would be delivered to you within the shortest time possible.

10. MonMartt

MonMartt is a large baby shop store in Lagos state, Nigeria, where you can find high-quality baby items at the best prices. If you need a retail store, where you can get infant and toddler items without breaking the bank, MonMartt can offer you just that. They have a large range of baby items; from various toys to feeding utensils, beddings, baby clothing, and even school items.

Unlike Mothercare and a few other baby shop stores, MonMartt doesn’t have an online store yet. To purchase anything, you would have to visit their physical store at NO. 66, St. Finbarr’s Road, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos state.

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The aforementioned baby shop stores aren’t the only good stores in Nigeria. But since you need guidance on which baby store to get items from, we have compiled this list of some of the best baby shop stores in Nigeria.

Thankfully, some of the baby stores have online stores as well. This means you don’t have to leave your home to purchase baby items.

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