10 Life-Saving Tricks On How To Draw Eyeliner Like A Pro

Eyeliners can be one of the hardest makeups to apply as a beginner. Some makeup gurus still find it hard to draw eyeliners. Unlike other makeup products like foundation, eyeshadow, or blush which are relatively easy to apply, you may still be trying to figure out how to draw eyeliner.

Undoubtedly, media personalities like Adele and Kim Kardashian flaunt their winged eyeliners; even with about three layers of eyeliners, it still looks like natural makeup. If you are a makeup freak, you might be tempted to shout from your screen to these celebrities, “How do you apply eyeliner like a pro?” For flawless makeup and the best makeup routines, applying eyeliners is an integral aspect.

Did you know that you can draw your eyeliner at a go without messing it up? These life-changing hacks will help you to draw your eyeliner like a pro. If you pay careful attention to these details, you might become an eyeliner expert instantly. There are tricks to drawing eyeliner like a pro, choosing the best eyeliners to use is part of the hacks. Below are some of the best eyeliner tricks that you should know

Before we reveal the 10 life-saving tricks on how to draw eyeliner like a Pro, we will first highlight the best types of eyeliners that you can use for a flawless makeover.

How To Draw Eyeliner

What Are The Types Of Eyeliners?

The rule of thumb to nail the art of drawing eyeliner is using the right type of eyeliner. Three major types of eyeliners are best for makeup. They serve different purposes but can be used interchangeably. These eyeliners include Gel eyeliner, Pencil eyeliner, and Liquid eyeliner.

1. Gel eyeliner

Gel liners are matte, thick, and easy to work on. They are packaged and marketed in the form of a small jar or pot and a brush. Gel liners do not smudge easily and as such last longer than any other type of eyeliner. If you want to get a sharp and precise look, then you should use gel eyeliner.

2. Pencil eyeliner

Pencil eyeliners are very easy to use. They are usually recommended if you are just getting started in drawing eyeliners or are an eyeliner newbie. Pencil eyeliner is the best eyeliner for beginners because of the firm grip and light control that the pencil liners offer.

It is also waterproof, which makes it the best eyeliner for people who get watery or teary eyes while applying eyeliners. However, they are not usually the best pick for a pro in drawing eyeliners because they do not give a smooth and sharp finish.

If you want to learn how to apply eyeliner by yourself, then you should start with “How to draw eyeliner with a pencil”. It is usually the number one step in tutorials on how to draw eyeliners for beginners.

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3. Liquid eyeliner

To use Liquid liners, you need to be a pro at drawing eyeliners. Liquid liners are the hardest types of eyeliners to draw, but it is the best when it comes to giving a sharp and precise finish. Another downside of this eyeliner is that they are highly pigmented, such that you will have to allow the eyeliner to dry before you can get along with other parts of your makeup. They are sold in tubes or pen-style containers with a small brush tip.

10 Life-Saving Tricks On How To Draw Eyeliner Like A Pro

1. Prep your eyes

The first step on how to easily apply eyeliner is to prep your eyes. Just like you would prep your face before applying makeup, you would also need to prep your eyes before applying eyeliner on them. For a perfect makeup look, you have to first wash your face, and dab a little moisturize on cream to reduce the chances of irritation, redness, or discoloration. Using eye creams before applying eyeliner also helps to limit the chances of getting wrinkles around your eye area.

Another eyeliner trick that some makeup artists use as part of their makeup tips is to use a base around your eye and eyelids. You can do this with an eye primer. An eye primer ensures that your makeup stays in place and does not easily smudge. After applying an eye primer, you can go in with a concealer dab below the eyes and over the eyelids. Now you can dab in a setting powder.

2. How To Draw Eyeliner Like A Pro

How do you draw the perfect eyeliner? You wouldn’t know if you have not tried. There are different ways to apply eyeliner, but for beginners, the easiest way to apply eyeliner, and reduce makeup mistakes, is to grab your eyeliner, then start withdrawing a line from the innermost edge of your eye’s outer corner.

You want to make sure that the line you’re drawing is near the root of your lashes. If drawing a line across your eyelid causes you to tear up, you can draw your eyeliner using small strokes from the inner eye corner to the outer part.

3. How Do You Add Extra Touches To Your Eyeliner

After you have drawn the line of your eyeliner to the outer part of your eye, you can draw the same line into the lower lash, then smudge it. You can also opt to draw the cat-eye type of eyeliner. After which you can coat or grow your eyelashes‘ length with mascara.

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4. How To Apply Eyeliner Without Tearing Up

How to easily apply eyeliner without getting watery eyes: You can use taupe-colored eyeliner to open up your eyes, that way you would not be constantly blinking such that there would be less production of year drops.

Taupe also adds a subtle drama to your eyes because it will make your eyes look bigger but not heavy. You can smudge taupe around the top, bottom, lash line, or even on the waterline. An example of taupe you can conveniently use is the Beauty ultra-smooth waterproof eye-defining pencil.

5. How to Highline your Eyeliner And Apply Eyeliner Without Shaking your Hands

Is it possible to apply eyeliner without shaking your hands? It is very possible to tight line your eyeliner without shaking your hands. You can draw eyeliner perfectly without shaking your hands by drawing dots on your eyelids and connecting the dots.

This is best done if you intend to produce cat-eye using a liquid eyeliner. Another key point if you are learning how to make your eyeliner even is to bring your face close to your mirror and not necessarily lift the eyeliner or pencil to your eye.

As a beginner, if you are using a makeup eyeliner or water-proof eyeliner and you have spaces between your eyeliner and lash line, you can stylishly add more pigments to the space. Tightlining your eyeliner makes your lashes look thicker and longer, with a natural-looking makeup outlook.

6. How to Draw a Cat-Eye

Drawing dots and connecting them is one of the makeup tricks used by professional makeup artists when there teaching amateurs how to use liquid eyeliner to draw a cat-eye with eyeliner. You cannot nail your cat eye with just one try, you have to first start by tracing your cat eye with a pencil first to get the perfect kitten flick.

You also need to have a liquid liner; you can also use a soft brow liner which is easier to clean up than the liquid liner. Don’t go all-in at once after your trace, you can create a dramatic cat-eye in smaller steps. You start with perfect the kitten flick at one end, then the other eye. You would want to make sure that both flicks are symmetrical. Placing a dot on the outer corner of each eye helps to measure up the flicks on both sides.

Next is to draw a very thin line over your tear duct at the inner corners of the eyes, then connect it to the wing at the outer end. After which you can fill up your winged outline. You can also use the angles at your lower lash line as a perfect guide for your winged liner.

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7. How To Draw Smoky Eyeliner

Smoky eyeliners are the recent eyeliner trend. One of the eyeliner tips on how to draw eyeliner like a pro especially drawing the smoky eyeliners is to smudge gel liner with a concealer brush to get a smoky effect.

How to do this is to coat a small brush, a concealer brush for instance by rubbing it against the tip of your eyeliner, back and forth until the brush is well coated. You can then use the brush to smudge the liner on. You can also create a thick line with the brush and buff it out for an eye-opening effect.

8. How to Draw Eyeliner That Looks Sharp

When learning how to apply eyeliner like a pro, you also have to learn how to draw eyeliner that looks sharp. Do you pull your eyelid before drawing your eyeliner? Well No! When lining the inner corner of your eye, you can make your lids taut by looking to the outer corner of your eyes. Always try to line your eyes close to your lash line and then use a smudge brush to blend the product and pigments.

9. How To Draw Eyeliner That Does Not Smudge

For you to become a pro in drawing eyeliner, you need to know how to draw eyeliner that doesn’t smudge and how to draw eyeliner that doesn’t transfer. The lower lids liner smudges more easily than the top part.

To prevent your lower lid from smudging, you can use a waterproof eyeliner or top your eyeliner with a little black eyeshadow and translucent powder. If you don’t want your eyeliner to transfer from between your upper and lower lids, you can increase the height of your liner.

10. How Best Should You Clean Off Your Eyeliner

To clean up your eyeliner, you can use makeup primer instead of makeup remover. You can also use makeup primer for erasing mistakes while drawing eyeliner. If you use makeup remover, you may screw your entire eyeliner over.


When learning eyeliner tricks that will change your life, knowing tricks for perfect winged eyeliner, and Pencil eyeliner tricks to make your eyes pop, will be vital in learning tricks on how to draw eyeliner like a pro. Also knowing the types of eyeliner and how to apply thin eyeliner are life-saving tricks that’ll help you draw your eyeliner like a pro

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