A Beginner’s Guide to Colored Brows [Complete Guide]

when you’re trying to recreate an era, consider the eyebrows first!

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Colored Brows add a visible push to your makeup. it can move your facial outlook from the cutie kind of girl to the Powerful kind. In this article, we will provide you with a complete guide to colored brows

Eyebrows are an important part of facial makeup. If you are a makeup lover who loves to try out new things and maximize your beauty routines.

Coloring your brows can also be called eyebrow tinting or dyeing. Note that you shouldn’t use a permanent dye. The truth is, altering the color of your eyebrows can totally give your makeup a new outlook.

Some might call it the extreme side of makeup because it’s too colorful or brings out the shades and techniques of the face but it’s really a fun way of enjoying your makeup styles and giving different sides and looks to the same makeup technique.

People who dye or color their brows always consider some things into consideration.

A Beginner’s Guide to Colored Brows [Complete Guide]

What Should you Consider before Coloring your Brows?

Firstly, you should consider your eye shade and check for the color you prefer. Finding the shade that matches your brows isn’t a difficult task. You can go a shade darker or a shade lighter. What really matters is what you prefer and what suits you best. It’s also great when you try different kinds of shades may be just for fun or practice and also to make better choices

You must pick the right shade because the wrong shade is always obvious. For instance, if your brows are a shade too dark, it’d look so painfully artificial or unnatural. If it’s too light, then why did you color your brows? (tsk, it’d be so faint).  

Also, you must determine the shape of your eyebrows before coloring. There’s no point coloring your eyebrows if you are not going to give them a definite shape. You must know the kind of look you want your eyebrows to give your face. It’s an unspoken law that your eyebrows shouldn’t be too archly or short.  Properly shaping your eyebrows can move your facial outlook from a ‘pretty cute’ girl to the ‘Boss lady’ kind of girl. This is why you should consider defining the shape of your eyebrows.

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Lastly, you should also pick the right kind of dye. Not just the one you think matches your style but also the one your health can handle. This is simply called a patch test. So how do you do a patch test?

You get the dye you want to use, initially take a look at its package and check for the product ingredients if you know of any chemical that is harmful to your health. Secondly, open the dye and apply a little at the back of your palm or on your wrist. Leave it for 10 minutes, rinse it off and check if they are rashes, swellings, or any reaction at all. If there’s none, then you can make use of the dye.

If you’ve considered these three steps, then you are fully prepared to color your eyebrows.

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A Beginner's Guide to Colored Brows [Complete Guide]
A Beginner’s Guide to Colored Brows

What are the Tools needed for making Colored Brows


You can use this to make your new brow color look outstanding and colorful. You can use a light, pale, or defined concealer depending on your color choice

Eyebrow Pallets

The eyebrow pallets are used when your eyebrow tinting is just for the day. It’s not something you need for an everyday natural look. You just need to color your brows for a short hangout or a themed trip or just for fun, then the eyebrow pallet is advised.

Eyebrow Gels

This is the easiest and smoothest way of defining your eyebrow shape before or after dyeing. It holds your brows in place and backcombs it to your liking.

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Beard Dyes

Now, you can use this for the main deal. If you want to take on the natural makeup look while keeping your brow hair healthy. Then you should make use of beard dyes. Never forget to do a patch test first.

Eyebrow Markers

This is a great way of filling your eyebrows. Eyebrow markers look just like thin tip markers or liners. They are perfect when trying to fill up sparse areas on your brows. They come in different colors and they are game-changers for makeup lovers and girls with little or sparse brow hairs.

How to Color Your Brows

First of all, you must not, should never, apply permanent dyes on your eyebrows, let’s talk about that later, shall we?

Start with washing your Face

Apart from the fact that you need to wash off any makeup before dyeing your brows. you wash your face to clean up secreted facial oils. This is because dyes don’t stick to oils. Clean everything around your eyes and wipe off any oil on your brows. You may make use of facial cleansers or scrubs or your normal soap.

Outline your Eyebrows with Petroleum Jelly

While doing this, please avoid your eyebrows. The petroleum jelly is applied in other to reduce the risks of letting the dye touch your skin or eyes.  It is applied above and below your brows so as not to cause irritation or any trouble on sensitive skin.

Prepare the Dye as Instructed

Every dye has its directions written on the pack of the dye. Please follow what is written and do as directed. Mix the base and developer as directed.

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Apply the Dye to your Eyebrows

Use an angled brush or a cotton swab to apply the dye to your brows. Apply the dye thickly on both brows. Do not forget to set up a timer or something similar. Be careful so it doesn’t smear on your skin to avoid any skin reactions. If it does get on your skin, instantly apply your brow gel or petroleum jelly or even the normal cream and wipe off the dye.

Cleaning the Residue Dye off your Eyebrows

You can clean off the dye according to the shade you want. if you want a darker shade, you can wait up to 5 minutes and 3 minutes for a lighter shade. If the dye is too faded or doesn’t show at all, you can reapply the dye.

If it still doesn’t show then you can reapply after 48 hours. Do not reapply immediately in order not to damage the skin.

Consequences of using Permanent or Hair Dyes on your Eyebrows

Permanent dyes are very harmful even dangerous to your skin not to even imagine your eyebrows.

Apart from the dangerous reactions you can experience because of the skin’s fragility, permanent dyes are known to cause stunted hair growth, this means that the hair on your brows might not be seen anymore if you keep applying permanent or hair dyes. Scary, right?

That is why you shouldn’t use this kind of dye.

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Final Note

This is a complete guide on tinting your eyebrows healthily and to your taste. You can use these tips to color and shape your eyebrows at home without stress or worrying about damaging your eyebrows. Colored brows add so much and remove much from your makeup routine.

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