10 Bridal Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs to Know

We understand bridal makeup and preparations can be quite tasking especially when you’re trying to be all perfect and you want to do everything at once so in this article we will be providing you with the best bridal makeup tips every bride should know.

Some brides are so busy with their wedding preparations and feasts that they forget that the bridal makeup look is also a priority. One of the most important pieces of makeup you would ever wear is on your Big Day, that is, your wedding. It would be disastrous if you look anything less than beautiful. Millions of photographs would be taken, you wouldn’t want any of them to look uncool.

If you’re planning to do your bridal makeup by yourself or you intend to hire a makeup artist, these are some bridal makeup tips you should seriously consider.

10 Bridal Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs to Know

For you that want to get the best out of your wedding makeup, below are bridal makeup tips you should know and implement.

Proper Skincare Before the D-day

Stress reflects on your skin more than you would wish for. It takes a toll on your skin’s hue and tone. As much as this is expected especially when you’re planning your wedding yourself, it could take a toll on you and change the turnout of your bridal makeup.

Here’s what to do, consciously and intentionally prep your skin for your bridal makeup. Months before your wedding, add extras to your beauty routines. You can take DIY skincare checks, attend weekend spas, drink a lot of water, and just stay hydrated. These would help your skin glow and of course, smoothen your facials.

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This can sound a little too much but the results would be so awesome. Your Bridal makeup matters too. And the cool part is that it doesn’t take up to 10 minutes to do the easiest of these things. So do it gradually and your bridal makeup wouldn’t have to suffer.

Do a Makeup Trial

Makeup trials are a safe way of checking out what you’d look like on your wedding day. In some locations, bridal makeup trials are done so the bride can use them for bridal showers with her bridesmaids. The main goal is to know how you would look on your day and remove what doesn’t suit your face and add what fits.

If your makeup would be done by an artist, it is best to request this test but if you intend to do it yourself, then you’d have to practice well to do the makeup confidently.

Choose the Right kind of Makeup Products

From the foundation down to the mascara, the first thing you should consider while picking your products should be the durability of the products. You should know how long it would last, if it is waterproof or not, these are the major criteria that come when you are choosing your products for bridal makeup.

Your makeup products should be quality because you’re the bride. To have a long-lasting makeup look, make sure to look up the best and most budget-fit kind of product.

10 Bridal Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs to Know
Bridal Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs to Know

Take Care of Your Brows

Do something about your brows. Whether it’s trimming or plucking or applying brow gels, just do something about it. Your brows define your makeup look. It gives your eyes the look you want on your wedding day. Gorgeous brows bring out the spark you need on your bridal makeup.

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Familiarize yourself with brow markers especially if you have sparse eyebrows. They give an illusion of full eyebrows, smoothening your brows with brow gels to give them a definite shape, preferably the shape you’d want them to have when you wear your bridal makeup.

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Resist The Urge to Make it Heavy

Bridal makeup is for you to look beautiful and feel happy. Unless you have always worn heavy makeup, resist the urge to put the extra on your wedding day.

Do what your face is used to, only make it classier not just a ‘run along’ kind. Bridal makeups are supposed to exude elegance, grace, and class in all its lightness. 

Balance it

Naturally, the neck and the face are of different tones. Applying makeup on only the face makes the dissimilarities between the two obvious. Balance out your makeup by applying some of your foundation and powder mildly on your neck. This will help give your bridal makeup an even tone.

Match Your Skin Tan

If you’re doing your makeup yourself make sure to have your skin tan the way you have done previously so as not to give yourself much trouble when applying your makeup.

If you’re hiring a professional, then just maintain the skin tan you had when you had your bridal makeup trial. This will help your artist in choosing the right tones of products to get and avoid the possibility of using the wrong match.

It is also important you use quality moisturizers before self-tanning. It helps to blend in specific areas to your tanning. Also, be careful to use the moisturizer on specific problem areas and not on your whole skin.

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Don’t Forget The Setting Spray

The setting spray helps to keep your makeup in place during all the hassles and tussles of your wedding day. It helps your makeup last longer and sort of gives it a glossy outlook.

A good setting spray makes sure your makeup doesn’t get the after-effects of sweating. It won’t form smudges or get all cakey. Your makeup can last throughout the festivities of the day.

Keep Some Handy

It’s a womanly thing to carry an extra makeup touch in your purse your Bridal makeup would last longer if you pay attention to it. They are not meant to last all day long. whether you like it or not, it will gradually begin to fade over time. Be sure to pack up the extras you might need.

Be it your favorite lip balm, setting powder, or a pack of wipes. They are the very essentials that will make your bridal makeup last throughout.

You may request your maid of honor to help you carry a bag that contains all of these little things

Final Note

Your Bridal makeup should be something you would be proud to see in a family photo album, 20 years later.

Take these tips into consideration while preparing for your big day. It’d save you a lot of lip biting and regrets.

Pay attention to these and you’d enjoy taking pictures and have all the fun on your big day.

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