10 Benefits And Side Effects Of Egyptian Milk

What Is Egyptian Milk?

Egyptian milk or Kamana is commonly known as a 4 days intensive skin-lightening lotion that promotes glowing and smooth skin tone.

The origin of Kamana milk dates back to ancient times when Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt took daily milk baths. Since that period, milk baths have been proven to contain components that nourish and relax the body.

What Is Egyptian Milk Made Of?

Egyptian milk

Originally, the Egyptian milk bath that Queen Cleopatra took was gotten from a young donkey. Over time, the recipe changed to contain reformed milk forms to which bearberry extracts, bees wax, bee propolis extract, citric acid, emulsifying wax, glycolic acids, honey, lactic acid, lavender oil, licorice root, olive oil, royal jelly, and water have been added.

What Type Of Milk Can I Use To Make A Milk Bath?

Beauticians noted that in place of donkey milk, cow milk or goat milk can be used. Also, if you’re vegan or allergic to animal milk forms, you can make use of whole milk, buttermilk, coconut milk, rice or soy milk.

Evidence has not been given to prove which milk is superior to the rest for milk baths. However, you can experiment with different types to find the type that suits your skin best. Skimmed milk should not be used in milk baths as they do not contain enough fat to nourish the skin.

The significant issue with all milk baths is that using milk excessively on the body can cause itching, redness, inflammation, and hives. The implications are worse for people who are allergic to milk and milk products.

How Does Egyptian Milk Work?

Kamana milk

When the base milk used for production sours, lactose which is the milk sugar contained in it is broken down by bacteria into lactate. Lactate (lactic acid) is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that mildly exfoliates the skin, leaving smoother and clearer skin on the surface.

Results show that sour milk does not contain much lactic acid, however most cosmetic products that contain at least 8% AHAs are known to reduce wrinkle lines. Hence, even in its reduced quantity, it is a potent skin brightening agent.

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Does Egyptian Milk Lighten The Skin?

Egyptian body milk also tagged Number 34 enhances, beautifies, and gives the skin a radiant and captivating appeal. This skin brightening milk can even out the skin tone by reducing the dark notes of hyper-pigmented skin and eradicating skin discolouration from its root cause.

Kamana milk is specified for external use only and when a full body milk bath cannot be done, it is recommended to be applied after bathing every morning and night for optimal action. With this specification, you are most likely to see results of this lotion between 4 to 7 days.

Despite having an improved formula that is proven to brighten the skin at a speedy rate, Egyptian milk has several side effects which counter its good value. In this post, we have noted the benefits and side effects of Egyptian milk that your clinician or dermatologist might not tell you. Let’s go with the benefits first!

What Are The Benefits Of Using Egyptian Milk?

Milk bath

1. Quick Relief To Skin Disorders

Eczema, ringworm, acne, measles, chicken pox and other viral diseases that make the skin rough and unattractive can be cured using milk baths. It instantly clears off skin pigmentation left, after a skin disorder has been treated or corrected. You may want to speak to your doctor to know which milk type would be most suitable for the skin condition.

The topical application of human breast milk is proven to be an effective cure for eczema in babies but not much evidence has been given to show its effectiveness in adults.

Taking a milk bath after one has made contact with poison ivy helps to calm the astringent effects. It also helps to soothe the itching and inflammation that may accompany the condition.

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2. Skin Brightening

Kamana as brightening milk enhances and beautifies the skin. It fades dark spots, blackheads, and whiteheads hence promoting even skin tone.

3. Oxidises Free Radicals In The Skin

Licorice root extract is very effective as a skin brightening agent when mixed with vitamin C and niacinamide which are also good antioxidants. With these contents, Egyptian milk can reduce and potentially remove free radicals present in the skin.

4. Mild Exfoliant

Chemical exfoliants can hamper the overall integrity of your skin cell membrane. With Egyptian milk, you are sure to retain both the skin integrity and even strengthen the new cells after exfoliating.

5. Anti-ageing Properties

The collagen content of the Egyptian milk makes it a wonderful anti-ageing body Milk. Collagen helps to rebuild skin tissues and locks in Vitamin D and other nutrients necessary for the formation of new skin cells. Pure bearberry extracts contain sun protection factors that help reduce the penetration of UV rays through the skin. This action is effective for treating sun spots, melasma, and age spots, hence reducing ageing signs to the bare minimum.

Side Effects Of Using Egyptian Milk

Benefits And Side Effects Of Egyptian Milk

1. Cheap Whitening Products

The whitening products used by some companies to produce Egyptian milk are cheap in the sense that they are not suitable products for the skin. These ingredients have carcinogenic properties which can result in several dangerous adverse effects.

2. Fake Egyptian Milk

Almost all Egyptian milk bottles will come with the claim that the product does not cause skin irritations or diseases, but going on an honest note, a body lotion made with cheap products would inevitably result in adverse skin damage.

Of course, you wouldn’t notice the effects while using the product, but after you’ve gone months into usage, then can’t afford to buy another Egyptian milk bottle.

Some proven brands where you can obtain quality Egyptian milk include La Gorgeous, Grerivian, Fab Empire Skincare, Doctor Special, and Beauty.

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3. Bleaching Effects

Most skin-lightening creams and body lotions tend towards skim bleaching and do not necessarily promote skin tone. Mercury is a heavy metal contained in skin-lightening creams.

It is deadly even in small amounts. Constantly exposing the skin to Mercury can result in many health complications such as headache, fatigue, dizziness, pallor, and memory loss. It may also result in kidney failure and other nephrotic diseases.

4. Price Is Too Expensive

The least price you can get a 750ml Egyptian milk bottle is $650 which is way too outrageous. Though the lotion can be very effective, the price makes potential customers skeptical about making a purchase.

The complaints made by customers concerning the price of this Milk would not have been that much if there was a smaller bottle at a lower cost. Which alternatively means, “If you don’t have roughly $700 to try out the Egyptian milk, go try another product.”

5. Skin Allergies

Some of the ingredients used for making Kamana milk are allergenic, hence not suitable for everyone. Some persons who have allergic rashes due to bees’ wax may not be able to use it.

Also using bearberry for a prolonged time can result in liver damage, as such, Egyptian milk is not advisable to be used by patients who have liver, kidney, or other digestive problems. Licorice root extract may cause mild allergies when combined with skin-sensitive ingredients.

Closing Notes – Are Milk Baths Safe?

We would conclude by noting who can and who cannot take milk baths. If you’re sick, fainty, or have a high fever, don’t take a milk bath. If you’re pregnant, don’t have a milk bath. Also, never drink the milk contained in the tub for a milk bath.

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