Hair Extension Business In Nigeria: How To Start Yours

Are you thinking of starting a hair extension business in Nigeria? The hair extension business is a lucrative business you can start with little capital, looking beautiful and nice has been the aim of most female Nigerians and you can take advantage of this fact.

As we all know hair is a very important part of a woman’s beauty and this shouldn’t be taken away from them because of expensive hairdos even though we do know some people who prefer to go hungry by spending their money-making new hairstyles or new wig to avoid of leaving the hair unkempt.

To avoid the excess cost of a hairdo there is an alternative which is a hair wig that comes at various prices, but the thing is most of the wigs you see in the market are made by big brands and this can influence the price as they can be so expensive.

For someone who doesn’t see it as a big deal to learn a new thing or for business purposes, you can take advantage of this article and learn how to start your own hair extension business in Nigeria and earn a huge amount from it.

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Presently many people need something they can put on fast without having to sit for long, this alone can make a single person own up to 5 wigs or many hair extensions so they can always change them based on the type of events they have and quickly if there is a need for the salon.

This alone is enough to show you that there will definitely be a high demand for Hair Extension Business In Nigeria which makes it a very lucrative business as you can define the amount you wish to sell yours.

If you are the type that loves anything hair-related i.e. you have flair for beauty and hair then this is something you can do to earn money and at the same time enjoy doing it.

You must be thinking about the capital to get this started right? This kind of business doesn’t really need much capital to get started, you can start with any budget so it isn’t something you need to worry about.

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Without much introduction, let us go straight to the main topic which is how to start your own hair extension business in Nigeria.

How To Start Hair Extension Business In Nigeria

1. Make Your Research

Before diving into any business you need to research it and get yourself educated about the business so you can know if it is something you can work with. First and foremost you familiarise yourself with it so you try to know about synthetic hair, human hair, sizes, inches, length, and other types of hair and know what they are made of.

As someone in business, your customers will always want to know about what they are about buying, and when you the maker don’t know well about what you are selling that tells a lot about you and your business which could make you lose potential customers.

When you know the in-depth of what you do the confidence will be there and you will earn the respect of your customers which will translate to bigger sales.

2. Draft Out Your Feasibility Study

Now that you have made a decision to go into Hair Extension Business In Nigeria through your research you need to write a feasibility study, this will help you make the right provision for your business and can help to determine your business success.

You can write out a competitive feasibility study, and make your research on the best places to get your materials from maybe from distributors or direct manufacturers so you can get them at a cheaper price with the assurance of quality.

3. Create A Brand Name

It is best you have a brand name before you start marketing your product, this will help your name to be known for the type of quality and design your offer. The brand name tells a lot about a product and even when new products are rolled out knowing it comes from a particular brand is enough to sell a large quantity within a few days.

You need to build your brand name at the beginning and continue to give the best product, this will help you move to success at a faster pace.

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4. Get A Physical Store

There are many ways you can sell your product but it is always good to first own your own physical store if you have the money, once you have a physical store you can have a business card and a label for your products bearing your brand name, the product and also the address.

If you also don’t have the money for a physical store you should at least get an open space that is neat with hangers displaying your products for customers to easily see them.

5. Take Advantage of Online Stores

There are quite a handful number of free e-commerce stores which you only need to register and start uploading your products, some of them are;, Jumia, Konga, and others.

If you also have the money to own an e-commerce website you should get that set up by professional website designers, you can take advantage of our media experts at EucarlMedia which specializes in top-quality website designs at a cheaper rate.

6. Setup Discount or Wholesale Accounts With Manufacturers

You should try as much as to cut cost but not quality when sourcing for your stock, you have to try to get a direct deal with wholesalers or possibly manufacturers of your materials so you don’t spend a high amount when you can smartly get them cheap.

It is important to know that most of the attachments do come from Asia so you can make a direct purchase from their official websites and it gets delivered to you. In cases whereby you don’t have enough capital to order them online from those companies, you can as well get them from wholesalers in a different market near to you.

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When you get the materials at a cheap amount you can always sell your finished products at a reasonable amount that your customers will have no option but to buy from you.

You can be smart about how you sell your products by using the already known brands, selling weavon brushes, weavon oil, anti-dandruff, relaxer, weave glue, and other products that go hand-in-hand with yours.

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Once people start seeing this they will definitely patronize you, you attract more buyers and you also attract salon owners’ attention.

8. Sell At Moderate Prices

For a new brand, you do not want to sell at a high price even though there is an urge for you to sell at higher prices so you can earn well. If your price is too expensive then you will chase off potential buyers, your product cost must be appealing and moderate.

You should consider offering discounts once in a while to get more buyers and get them to know your brand.

Know that you don’t have to make an extremely huge income at the start, your main focus should be placed on getting customers so clients can patronize you, once you have the name and have been able to win many people over then you can start increasing your price.

9. Leverage Social Media Platforms

You already have a brand name, you have your products and you have your various ways of identification through banners and printed materials. After that, the next thing is to storm the social media space and go on popular platforms like TikTok, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

Publish unique greeting messages and add your brand name to them, upload different banners showing your products and the benefits customers have to gain when they buy them.

You sure do not want to be left behind in this new age of digital transformation, your online presence is very important as that is where most of your customers are found. You have limitless opportunities to upload images, products, banners, and even videos of your products.

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We hope we have been able to help in starting your own hair extension business in Nigeria. Is there any question bothering you? Make use of the comment box below.

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