10 Best Lightening Soaps in Nigeria and Their Prices

Having the right skincare routine is very vital, as it helps you achieve your skin goal and look more beautiful, especially when you are a lady. Now, if one of your goals for having a skincare routine is to have a lighter complexion, then you must make sure you are using any of the best lightening soaps in Nigeria listed here.  

There are so many lightening soaps on the Nigerian market, but not all of them can help you achieve your goal of getting lighter. Some lightening soaps might actually increase your fairness, but there is always an after-effect. That is, after using the soap for a while, you might begin to see some really bad reactions on your skin. This can be very disheartening. That’s why you need to be able to identify the Best Lightening Soaps in Nigeria that won’t cause any damage to your skin.

On this page, we have compiled a list of the top best lightening soaps in Nigeria. By the time you finish going through this list, you would definitely find the right lightening soap that suits your skin.

Lightening Soaps in Nigeria

The 10 Best Lightening Soaps in Nigeria and Their Prices

1. Makari Whitening Exfoliating Soap

The manufacturer of this product has been in the skincare business for decades. With these years of expertise, people have learned to rely on their products. This Makari Whitening Exfoliating Soap is a special lightening product that can transform your complexion within just 39 days. It works on all skin types, which makes it one of the Best Lightening Soaps in Nigeria.

It is specially formulated with antioxidants and other key ingredients that not only lightens the skin but protect it as well. The price of this product ranges from ₦3,500 – ₦6,000.

2. Fair and White Exfoliating Soap Whitenizer

This special lightening soap is a very good remedy for fighting against discoloration. If your complexion is becoming uneven, this soap can help restore your desired complexion within four weeks of consistent use. It eradicates dark spots and patches, mainly because of the Vitamin C extract that is contained in the product. This product is priced between ₦4,500 – ₦5,000.

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3.  Silka Papaya Soap with Vitarich Actives

If you are looking for a herbal soap that would lighten your complexion, you would love this product. It’s an amazing herbal soap that is dermatologically tested. It contains a good amount of papaya extract that enriches and naturally lightens the skin.

The soap also contains vitamin E, which helps to nourish the skin. Interestingly, this product is called “the 3 days soap” because it increases your fairness within a very short time. Thankfully, this product is not expensive. It is priced from ₦900 – ₦1,300.

4. Idole Lightening Exfoliating Soap with Avocado Powder

This is a high-quality lightening soap enriched with natural ingredients that help it to soothe the skin and protect your body from harmful sun rays. The soap brightens your complexion by getting rid of dead skin cells and blemishes. It is suitable for almost any type of skin and it’s not expensive at all. In fact, this soap is surprisingly cheap. It costs from ₦600 – ₦900.

5. Ellen White Exfoliating Soap

This is one of the best exfoliating soaps in Nigeria. The soap is specially made with natural ingredients that are mild on your skin, eliminating dark patches, and spots, and helping you achieve that radiant glow you have been longing for. The soap is easily absorbed by the skin, which enables it to be more effective. And amazingly, this soap is very affordable. It is priced from ₦500 – ₦900.

6. Extract Papaya Calamansi Soap

This is a special papaya extract soap that lightens the skin in less than 30 days. Aside from brightening up your complexion, the papaya extract helps to soften the skin and also helps it to be smoother. It fights against blackheads and acne by drying them up.

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By the time you consistently use this lightening soap for about a month, you would marvel at the transformation of your complexion. This soap costs about ₦800.

7. Hawaii Papaya Calamansi Soap

This is another papaya extract soap that can give you that perfect fair complexion within the shortest time possible. This soap thoroughly cleanses the skin; eliminating dead skin cells, blackheads, and acne, and then revealing a beautiful glow.

You can’t help but love this lightening soap because it definitely delivers on its promises. Enriched with vitamin E, this is one soap that will richly nourish your skin. It is priced at ₦500 – ₦700.

8. K Brothers USA Soap

This is a carrot extract lightening soap that enhances your fairness and removes black spots. It is often used as a mask to eliminate any form of impurities buried deep in the skin. The special active acids contained in this soap make the skin look brighter and smoother.

To experience the best results, it’s recommended to bathe with this lightening soap twice every day. This product is priced from ₦500 – ₦700.

9. Classic White Whitening Soap Twin Whitening System

Classic White Whitening is a fast-action lightening soap that brings you your desired result in the quickest time possible. With a unique bio-herbal extract, this product is suitable for all skin types.

Even though you have sensitive skin, you won’t experience any awkward reaction because the lightening agents in this soap are mild on the skin. This soap is very cheap and it can be purchased at almost any store in the country. It is priced from ₦300 –  ₦500.

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10. Blossom White Milk Soap

This is a high-quality product enriched with yam bean and milk extracts, which are ingredients that effectively lighten up one’s complexion. This soap does not only enhance your fairness. It also doubles as a very good moisturizer.

If your skin is usually dried and dehydrated, this soap would live your skin moisturized, smooth, and very healthy. It also removes dark patches and spots after prolonged use. This soap is priced from ₦250 – ₦500.


Are there any side effects to using lightening soaps?

There can only be side effects when the chemicals used in making the soap are harmful to the skin. That’s why it’s recommended to use herbal lightening soaps.

Can I depend on only lightening soaps to enhance my fairness?

With a very good lightening soap, you don’t need to depend on any other lightening products to enhance your fairness.  

Does an expensive soap mean it’s very effective?

All the lightening soaps mentioned in this article are not expensive, yet they are safe and effective. Buying an expensive soap does not always guarantee great results.   

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Conclusion: Best Lightening Soaps in Nigeria

Aside from the aforementioned lightening soaps in this article, there are other products that could be quite effective. Nevertheless, the ones mentioned in this article have been tested by thousands of people for years, and they have proven to be safe and effective.

Also, the aforementioned products are not expensive at all. You can conveniently purchase them without breaking the bank.

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