What Baby Skin Care Products Does Your Newborn Need?

The skin of newborns is very delicate and while in their early months, you wouldn’t want to use skincare products that can harm their skin. This guide helps you properly identify the baby skin care products that your infant needs.

Just as you’re careful to feed your babies with only the healthiest of foods, it is important to also apply only healthy products to their bodies. Baby products from shampoos and bath gels, to lotions and sunscreens, may contain extremely harmful ingredients which you aren’t aware of.

Though these ingredients may not result in any apparent or visible adverse effects at the moment, they can result in long-term health issues that can disrupt the baby’s body in ways that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

As the baby’s immune system is not fully developed, body lotions, baby cleansers, and washes that have strong fragrances can interfere with their breathing patterns. While you’re looking for the mildest cleansers and powders to keep their skin protected from nappy rash and eczema, here are a few things you should take into consideration.

What Baby Skin Care Products Does Your Newborn Need?

Shopping for Your Baby’s Skin Care Products

While shopping for baby products, this is what you should look out for:

1. Always Read the Labels and Check the Ingredient List

Baby's Skin

Without reading the labels carefully, you might be unaware of products that contain harmful chemicals which are not suitable for your baby’s skin. The skin care products for babies should be dye-free and fragrance-free. Any baby cleanser containing any of these can disrupt the baby’s breathing.

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That a product is tagged as “Hypoallergenic” does not mean that it is entirely safe. The dictionary definition of the word itself is “relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.” And Wikipedia went ahead to present it as “below average” or “slightly” allergenic”. Hence, still wave your eyes past that large print and make a thorough look at the ingredient list.

2. Choose Natural Baby Skin Care Products And Essential Oils

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Oils like coconut oil, shea butter, and olive oil are suitable to keep the skin of your newborn soft and radiant all day long. If you are allergic to these, you may still go for refined oils. However, look at the label to know if it contains herbs and botanicals that your newborn may be sensitive to.

Toxins to Avoid in Baby Skin Care Products

While choosing baby skin care products from retail stores, look out for chemicals that are potentially harmful to babies. Products that contain any of these agents and constituents should not be used on the skin of babies.

  1. Parabens
  2. Phthalates
  3. Sulfates
  4. Dyes
  5. Fragrances

Product List For Your Baby’s Skin Care Routine

As you’re setting up the baby’s nursery, below is a shopping list to help you assemble your newborn’s skin care products

1. Baby Cleansers

Baby Skin Care Products

Soaps, loofah, baby wash and shampoos – All these are needed to keep the baby neat. The cleansers and washes especially should be mild and not irritating. Some choose to leave out shampoos from the baby’s skincare routine and that’s still very okay. Since you’re using a mild and safe soap for your newborn, you should use them sparingly, as they can dry out the newborn’s skin.

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2. Baby Lotion

Baby's Skin Care Products

You need lotions to keep the baby’s skin fully moisturized and clear. If the baby’s skin dries out because it lacks hydration, then you should set up measures to prevent eczema because it’s most likely to show up. When using baby lotions, take note to use a little amount as an excess may not be healthy for the newborn

3. Baby Wipes and Diapers

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For the baby poos and wees, you need diapers and wipes. Always look out for mild wipes specially made for babies because you’re likely to see lots of adult wipes in the market. And if you don’t look properly, you may buy the wrong one.

4. Baby Oil

You definitely need oils to keep the baby’s skin fully hydrated. Though the oil may not be fully absorbed, it serves as a massage oil for the newborn skin, and also to retain the skin glow

5. Petroleum Jelly and Diaper Rash Ointment

What Baby Skin Care Products Does Your Newborn Need?

The application of petroleum jelly on the baby’s skin helps seal in the moisturiser and body products previously applied. Both the jelly and ointment serve as a protective barrier for the baby’s skin against moist diapers. They can be applied to treat diaper rash and on the site of circumcision to speed up the healing process.

6. Baby Powder

Most baby powders are talc free and specially made with ingredients that are safe for the baby. This is because talc or cornstarch can cause breathing problems for the baby.

7. Baby Clothes

Even though clothes are not in direct relation with the baby’s skincare, you still need to get them because they make a great impact on the overall well-being of the baby. The fabric of the baby clothes should be breathable, easy to wear, not itchy or discomforting, and soft and warm.

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8. Baby Laundry Detergent

Regular detergents are sometimes harsh on the skin of adults what more for the newborn skin? Shop baby detergents that are free of dyes and perfumes.

FAQs On Baby Skin Care Products

Should you put anything on newborn skin?

Yes, you should. Lotions and ointments should be included in the skincare products. It is best to use products specially designed for babies

When can I start putting lotion on my newborn?

Once your baby is 4 weeks old, you can start applying lotion. Sometimes you may need to wait till 6 weeks before you can use moisturizing lotions and creams

How often should you bathe newborns?

Newborns do not need to bathe often. Three times a week is enough as bathing the baby too much can dry out your baby’s skin. Until the baby becomes mobile, this duration would do. If you still wish to bathe your baby every day, then do bathe with soap all the time.

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