Care of the Human Skin: All You Should Know

This article is centered on the care of the human skin, you will learn about how to care for your skin and other important things you need to know about the skin. The skin has its own language, which helps you communicate. Through touch, you feel, you perceive sensations. The cold, the rain, the heat, or the wind do, penetrate your interior, reaching the brain and causing reactions.

The skin receives all these external agents. Without filters and therefore also suffers. Hence, the importance of its care for which it is advisable to put into practice a series of habits, including using quality products.

Taking Care of the Human Skin is important. Once you have healthy skin it contributes to your beauty, you become loved by all and everyone wants to associate with you, that is how powerful your skin is.

Quality does not mean expensive. It means acquired in official places. In physical stores, there are not as many possibilities to compare products as in a digital catalog. And when it comes to creams, you need time to take a good look and not choose the wrong product.

Care of the Human Skin: All You Should Know

Care of the Human Skin: Structure of The Skin

Care of the Human Skin starts with having adequate knowledge of the structure of the human skin. The human skin consists of two(2) layers, we have the outer layer which is the epidermis, which is the dead cells and the other layer which is called the dermis is the living cells consisting of the capillaries, nerve endings, hair follicles, oil glands, living blood cells e.t.c.

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The outer layer (epidermis) is being replaced by new cells from beneath it which eventually turn into the fresh outer layer so the old cells die off and come off gradually in form of dry skin or tiny little particles.

Your food consumption determines the type of skin you will have likewise the drugs you take in, skincare products used, environment, general health, and even age do influence your skin texture.

Types of Skin

Below are the three (3) types of skin:

1. Oily Skin

When you discover your skin is always shiny and when you run your hand through it you see oil on it then you have oily skin. Your skin consists of numerous natural moisture which lubricates the skin and its hair. Check out the 6 Best Foundations for Oily Skin in Nigeria [+Prices]

2. Normal Skin

This type of skin hardly has problems associated with it, the sebaceous gland is less active unlike other types of skin and this is why it doesn’t supply much oil.

3. Dry Skin

This type of skin requires you to keep it moisturized, the skin is usually dry, rough, and even scaly, when not well taken care of it starts wrinkling. This is the common type of skin you find on old people or the people who care less about the health of their skin. Check out also 20 Best Body Scrubs and Exfoliators for Dry Skin

The Importance of using a Good Cream

In the Care of the Human Skin, the idea is to combine a series of factors such as a good diet, drinking liquids, and good external hydration with creams. Many times you carry out all of them, but your skin is still dry or unhealthy looking. If you can’t find an explanation, check the type of cream you’re putting on.

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We must start from the basis that not just any product is suitable for moisturizing because there are many types of skin and, in turn, within the same person, each part of the body also has different skin. The dermis that covers the face is not the same as that of the body, that of the hands, that of the feet, or that of the eye contour, which is especially fine.

Some parts suffer more than others and some parts are more exposed to the outside than others. For all these reasons, it is advisable to use a good cream, but to find the one that best suits you, you must first search through a wide catalog of certified products for sale in para pharmacies and/or pharmacies.

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Rituals For Healthy Facial Skin

The face is the part of the body most exposed to the outside. Plus, you put makeup on it too. To have skin so radiant and “juicy” that its care is obvious, you have to follow a routine every day. It’s just three steps. Then you can add the ones you want or your skin needs, but these are the basics:

  • Wash the face

If you can twice a day if not, once at night

  • Moisturizing cream and serum

It is recommended that you complement the two because the cream moisturizes but the serum regenerates the skin

  • Solar protection. Every day of the year.

If you do this daily, your skin will be healthier and your face will look fresh and luminous. But remember that it is very important to use good products. A quality cream applied before makeup makes your face look different and your makeup fine, beautiful, and elegant. 

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