Complex Hair Care Equipment and Hair Care Materials

In today’s post, we have listed the complex hair care equipment and hair care materials that are important to have so as to give proper hair care to your hair and at the same time maintain the hair.

Our hair is often not given much attention to not until one loses the hair then you will know how important the human hair is, our hair gives us beauty and also tells us in a way if everything is going on fine with our body system.

Now you know how important the hair is so we don’t need to bug you with much explanation so let us dive into the topic of the day – Complex Hair Care Equipment and Hair Care Materials:

Hair Care Equipment and Hair Care Materials

If you are the type that usually visits the hair saloon you must have seen Complex Hair Care Equipment and Hair Care Materials used by the hairstylists for dressing the hair, that is enough to tell you how essential this equipment is.

For a hairdresser who needs to properly carry out his/her work, there is a need for a good Hair Care Equipment and Hair Care Materials to enable him/her to give the customer satisfaction with the hairdo.

Hair Dryers

There is a need for hairdryers most especially for the professional hairdressers, after washing the hair of your customer you definitely need to dry it off, in the tropics the hair gets dried quickly without the need for hairdryers mainly because of heat from the sun or during the dry season but in the rainy season, you sure need a dryer.

We have different types of hair dryers, some are simple enough for individuals to own and some are complex, we have standing hair dryers likewise hand-held hair dryers. The machine helps to blow the hair and hasten its drying process.

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The types you see in the saloon have a drying hood worn on the head, it emits heat and air based on the temperature you set it on then the heat dries the hair. Those dryers do come with other attachments like comp and brush which are used to style the hair.

Hair Nets and Scarfs

The hairnet and scarfs do come in different colors and also in different sizes, the stylist uses them to hold hair rollers while they style the hair. Not only that, but you can also use the hairnets and scarfs in the rain to protect your hair from getting wet, can also be used in the bathroom or when in bed.

The hairnets and scarfs are also used to maintain the hair and prevent it from getting dirty or rumpled.


During the hair drying process you need hair rollers, they are used to perm and hold a section of the hair before drying and this allows easy and proper drying. They do come in various shapes, colors, and event sizes, some do have clips and they are made from plastics.

Rinsing Hose

The rinsing hose is mainly used to wash off the soap after shampooing the hair, it is a small hose that releases water to the hair for proper washing or rinsing. This is very important because it prevents the water from entering the eyes, nose, or ears.

With the hose, the hairdresser can easily regulate the flow of water and prevent the water from entering delicate areas.

Hair Care Materials

We have numerous hair Care Equipment and Hair Care Materials in the market and they have been so helpful in maintaining our hair, these materials are made by different manufacturers and they all claim theirs are the best. In this category, you will see hair conditioners, shampoos, creams and oils, pomades e.t.c.

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For someone who goes to the hair salon to have a good hairdo, your hairdresser is likely to use setting lotions, sprays, conditioners, shampoos, and many other hair care materials just to give you the best hairstyle and care.


This is a popular hair care material that is mostly recommended instead of using regular soaps to wash your hair, it removes greasy materials, dirt, and other unwanted particles from the hair.

We have them in different types, we have the lemon variant, egg-based or protein-rich shampoo, medicated shampoo, and so on. Their production is also based on your type of hair like we have for oily hairs, dry hair, coarse or tiny hair so you need to make use of the one that suits your hair type.

To further explain this if your hair type is the oily type then you need a lemon-based hair shampoo for your hair. Those with dry hair need protein-rich hair shampoo. In some cases, you may use your bathing soap to wash your hair but do not use detergents as this is too harsh and can damage your scalp.


It looks similar to the hair shampoo as you see them together when you go to the market but they are different and performs a different task. The conditioner is needed when you have damage done to your hair through perming or through chemicals from relaxers or hot comb, the conditioner reduces the impact or damage done to the hair.

They also strengthen the hair and prevent it from splitting or breaking off, conditioners also help soften the hair so it can be easily combed.

When you go to the market you will see different types of conditioners, you definitely want to go for the ones suitable for your hair type just as in the case of shampoos, it goes in different types, the ones for oily hairs, dry hair and even normal hair, you can easily see that written on its label.

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Hair Sprays

If you want to style your hair and position it properly then you need hair spray, they are mainly used to make your hair curl last longer and also give it shiny look and a good scent. It also softens the hair and gives your scalp comfort.

Hair sprays come in different varieties so do well to go for the one you love the most, you can use them after the rollers have been removed.

Pomades/Creams & Oils

These are also very important and we have them in different types when you go to the market to get yourself one. In the rural areas or villages, women mostly use locally made pomades which are extracted from palm kernels and coconuts. These types are much better than the industrially made or imported ones because of their organic/natural contents.

The industrially made or imported ones are also good but you want to go with the commonly used ones which are the ones made in Nigeria with petroleum jelly.

Setting Lotions

These do come in different types, we have them in sprays and also in gels, the spray type is used on the hair before rolling it while the gels are used on some hair sections but the main importance of using setting lotion is to prevent the hair from dryness.

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Clips, Pins & Grips

These are used to hold the hair and also to attach pieces of hair. They also come in different types, some have sharp tips while some come with rounded tips, we advise you to use the ones with rounded tips so you don’t get yourself injured by using the sharp tip ones.

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