Top 5 Natural Hair Salons in Lagos State

Finding good natural hair salons in Lagos can be so daunting especially if you are a visitor but Lagos owns the highest number of natural hair salons in Nigeria due to the fact that Lagos is one of the most populated states in Nigeria.

Aside from being populated, it houses the most beautiful cities in the West African sub-region and it also has the highest economy in West Africa so you definitely will see a lot of businesses thriving fine here.

In Lagos we have numerous hairdressing salons, the women’s beauty business thrives well in Lagos, and you are left with different styles to choose from, having the most salons in Nigeria made it very difficult to find a reliable one that is very good in handling natural hair.

So, whether you are a visitor in Lagos or you reside in Lagos State that won’t be a problem as we have handpicked the most reliable natural hair salon in Lagos for you.

Without taking much of your time we have here below the top best natural hair salons in Lagos State, these salons have experts who are best in delivering top-notch natural hair make and the aesthetics of the mentioned salons will make you enjoy your time there.

Top 5 Natural Hair Salons in Lagos State

1. Apples & Oranges Hair Salon

The first on our list is Apples & Oranges hair salon, it is one of the most beautiful natural hair salons in Nigeria as it has an apples and oranges theme plastered as a decoration all over the place.

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Just the sight of the fruit design makes it welcoming, the salon is sectioned into two rooms and they offer other services like a kid salon, make-up studio, nail section for manicure and to cap it up a full spa section upstairs together with a pedicure section, isn’t this nice?

What makes this salon the best is that they are experts in delivering hairdos on natural hair which doesn’t leave the guys out of beauty as they also have a barbing salon section for men and women who want a low cut. The most interesting part of this is that you get served drinks and chicken as refreshments, with this taking care of your hair will be fun.

2. Make More Beauty Place

Just as the name you sure will be more beautiful after a nice hairdo here, this is one of the top natural hair salons in Lagos State with a lot of awards 13 to be precise. Make More Beauty Place aside from winning awards in Nigeria also has international awards.

This salon is best in delivering top-notch hair care services and experts in natural hair. Make More Beauty Place is a very beautiful salon which makes it more welcoming, they offer the best mustache wax too and they remain one of the best natural hair salons in Lagos.

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3. Touch Of Glamour

Touch of Glam is a salon that is professionally based on natural hairstyles and has won a lot of awards. Aside from hair salons they also offer other services like pedicure, manicure, makeup, and skincare service.

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A salon that has been known to be the official salon for the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, it is sure the best treatment will be gotten from this salon as it is made for both males and females.

4. Bobby’s Signature

Bobby’s Signature is a natural hair salon in Lagos with years of experience, one of the most respected, and it is the salon for most celebrities in Nigeria.

Aside from being the favorite of most Nigerians they also have worked hard and are known internationally. As far as it is beauty they got you covered and they boast of handling a contract that requires them to handle the hairdo of over 50 models in the Native and Vogue fashion show.

Bobby’s Signature has gone extreme in making sure women’s beauty is revealed beyond imagination, they are one of the best natural hair salons you will find in Nigeria.

5. Bruno’s Place

At Bruno’s Place, you will get all the care you want for your natural hair, the place has a nice aesthetic that attracts customers and make them want to spend more time, this natural hair salon also offers a spa, shopping area, and a cinema.

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We hope we have given you enough information about the best natural hair salons in Lagos State, kindly make use of the comment box below to contribute to the topic.

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