5 Best Hair Dyes For Natural Hair in Nigeria [+Prices]

Are you in search of the best hair dyes for natural hair in Nigeria? Although natural hair can be so beautiful on people but with dyes, more beauty could be achieved, for Afro-textured hair or lowcut hair you definitely want to give your hair a nice makeover.

Either with the normal black hair with enhancement through black dye or if you wish to try out new colours which could be much more interesting and beautiful, then why not try it out?

When planning on changing your hair colour you need to know which hair dye goes on well with your skin colour, likewise, you should know the Best Hair Dyes For Natural Hair.

To achieve that unique hair transformation you need to carefully read through this article to the end of it, we have listed the best hair dye for natural hair in Nigeria and these dyes do not interfere with your scalp or hair texture.

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We have gathered the Best Hair Dyes For Natural Hair in Nigeria for natural hair which will keep your strands and further beautify you.

5 Best Hair Dyes For Natural Hair in Nigeria

Below are the top best hair dyes for natural hair in Nigeria:

1. Revlon Ammonia-Free ColorSilk Moisture-Rich Color – ₦3,000

Revlon ColorSilk is one of the best hair dyes for natural hair on the market, it is an ammonia-free formula that gives you that long-lasting and high definition colour after application.

This dye is specially formulated for natural hair and provides the hair top grade pigmentation while revealing more beauty through a soft and healthy hair texture. Revlon Hair Dye is made with quality hair nourishing conditioner used before the dye of the hair.

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Revlon hair dye also moisturizes your hair via argan oil which illuminates the hair, it can easily be purchased in most beauty stores or in the salon.

2. Lpyicai Hair Bleaching Powder – ₦4,500

This is another top-quality dye for natural hair in Nigeria, it is made in form of a bleaching powder that clears off the hair colour twice or trices the degree of the normal hair colour.

It fades off the hair colour and whitened the hair professionally, the result you get from this is top-notch and it keeps your scalp safe.

3. Bigen Easy Color Long Lasting Permanent Hair Dye – ₦3,500

Bigen Easy Colour Hair Dye provides your hair with long-lasting permanent colour, it is highly rich in some oil formula that contains nourishing argan, maracuja and coconut oils.

The most interesting part is that this hair dye is suitable and safe for every hair type, it also treats your hair and scalp, your hair get relaxes also and you are left with a balanced moistured hair which keeps the hair from breakage or damage and at the same time bring out the beauty in you through your new hair colour.

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4. Creme Of Nature Moisture-Rich Hair Color – ₦3,500

Comes in a Light Caramel Brown colour and provides the hair with the needed nutrients which place it under the right condition. It is also a long-lasting hair dye for natural hair in Nigeria.

It is natural and specially formulated from Argan oil, the hair dye relaxes your hair, nourishes it, softens it and locks moisture into the hair to prevent hair breakage. Creme of Nature hair dye leaves you with a glistening coloured, stronger and healthier hair.

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5. Olive Bleaching Powder and Developer – ₦3,700

Finally, on the list, we have Olive Bleaching Powder and Developer, this is a specially made natural hair dye for Nigerian hair, it lifts the natural clour from your hair at three degrees from its original pigment and keeps the hair white.

It is made with an advanced formula that helps to nourish the hair and reduce damage to the hair. You can get yourself one from salons and also in the markets closer to you.

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It is advised that you use the help of a hairstylist to achieve good coverage, also, all the products listed here are tested and confirmed to be effective and safe for use, it also doesn’t irritate the skin (scalp) so you are fully covered.

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