Best Organic Skincare Products In Nigeria

You can make your skin flawless with the best organic skincare products in Nigeria. These cosmetics contain 100% herbal ingredients and moisture formula for body care. They lighten up your skin tone marking it with a visible difference from what your skin used to be without organics.

Organic skincare in Nigeria has widened over time with the quest for the use of indigenously made products. If you have used foreign or synthetic cosmetics products and organic products, then you can attest to the differences between the two. They both have different degrees of action and work well for some people. The reason for variety in this article is to give you a worthy alternative, should in case your body becomes sensitive to any of these other brands.

We have listed the best organic skincare products in Nigeria based on the most preferred natural skincare brands. This is because dermatologists and expert skincare therapists advise that you make use of only one brand product if you want to incorporate organics in your skincare routine.

Having cleared that, let’s get to it.

List Of The Top 20 Best Organic Skincare Products In Nigeria

Best Organic Skincare Products In Nigeria
Best Organic Skincare Products In Nigeria

1. Arami Essentials

They are the brand producers of the best organic skincare products in Nigeria that work for all skin types. Arami organics is a made in Nigeria organic skincare brand for dark-skinned persons. You can get the best organic lightening creams for stretch marks from any of their outlets across Nigeria.

2. Oríkì

The Oríkì brand produces the best organic cream for an optimum skincare routine. There are lots of affordable skincare products made by the brand.

3. Namaste Organics

A list of the top organic skincare brands in Nigeria cannot be completed without mentioning the Namaste Organics. They are producers of quality natural skincare cosmetics in Nigeria and beyond Africa.

4. Narganics Cosmetics

This is one of the made-in-Nigeria organic beauty products that you definitely need to try. They deliver on their promises and arguably they manufacture the best organic skincare products in Nigeria.

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5. Organic Life Plus

This is one of the best skin brands for natural-made and organic beauty products. The organic brand is perfect for use on the skin of the body and face. Their products are formulated with top skin nourishments and agents guaranteed to protect your skin from all diseases and infections.

6. Orma Skin Care

Orma Skin Care is another one of the natural beauty brands indigenously produced in Nigeria. The fragrances of their beauty products are mild and almost unnoticeable. Their cosmetics are highly rated among users as the best organic skincare products in Nigeria because it never irritates.

7. Nuban Beauty

Nuban Beauty is a household brand in Nigeria when it comes to the best organic skincare products in Nigeria. The best part about this brand is that they produce quality cosmetics for all skin types and tones.

8. House Of Coco

Asides from being one of the top natural skin care brands in Nigeria, this brand also has a natural beauty clinic where you can consult the best organic skincare experts.

9. TLC Bath

The best natural skin care products for sensitive skin are made by the TLC Bath brand. Their cosmetics stores house a wide range of luxurious beauty products to fit into all your skincare needs.

10. Ajali Naturals

Ajali Naturals makes the best organic skincare products for mature skin. These products are produced in such a form that they help counter aging signs such as wrinkles, fine lines, and aging spots. They are reinforced with antioxidizing agents, collagen, and elastin for maintaining a youthful glow. You are sure to get the best organic skincare products in Nigeria from any of their stock selections.

11. Aweni Organics

Organic skincare products with soothing essentials are the specialties of Aweni Organics. They prevent early aging with the best skin care products which are not just original but also 100% herbal. This is one of the Nigerian natural skincare brands you need to try out products from. The natural skin care products made by this brand are currently the best organic skincare products in Nigeria.

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12. Modara Naturals

Modara Naturals offers the best organic skincare services in Nigeria using the finest, rich, and nutrient-filled products. In the Nigerian based organic skincare line, this brand stands out for quality production of the best organic skincare products in Nigeria

13. R & R Luxury

You are bound to look beautiful if you make use of the best organic skincare products in Nigeria made by R & R Luxury. These products help boost your natural youthful look and promote collagen production in the skin. Their products help to lock in moisture and effectively hydrate the skin with the best fragrance.

14. Ene Naturals Skincare Limited

Nigeria has some of the best natural skin care products partly because the Ene Naturals Skincare Limited is involved. They are quality product manufacturers of organic lotions best for dry and oily skin types. Their products help to naturally glow the skin and maintain your skin tone with zero bleaching effects.

15. Mercy Botanics Skincare

Mercy Botanics is an organic skincare brand that shelves lots of amazing beauty products ranging from the lightening body oils to the facial serums and organic bath soaps. Their cosmetics are yet some of the best organic skincare products in Nigeria because of the brand’s loyalty which is evident by the reviews that the customers always give.

16. Zaron Cosmetics

Zaron Cosmetics is one of the very popular cosmetics brands in Nigeria with products for every member of the family. It is smooth and light on the skin in such a form that seals in nutrients without harming the integrity of the skin.

The best organic skincare products in Nigeria by Zaron cosmetics are the beauty creams that help to strengthen the skin while maintaining a silky and soft feel.

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17. Tropical Naturals

Another one of the best organic skincare products in Nigeria is the skin routine cosmetics manufactured by the Tropical Naturals to contain lots of vitamins and natural antioxidants which help to reduce the free radicals in the skin and replenish skin nutrients. You are sure to have fully moisturized skin after using the beauty cream and serums by this brand.

18. Efero Organics

Efero Snail Repairing Anti-aging Cream is one of the very popular organic skin lightening products by the Efero Brand. This cream helps to moisturize and retain your skin glow without any blemishes. The snail juice content of the cream helps to keep your skin properly hydrated and radiant all day long. It is the best organic skincare product in Nigeria, especially for dry skin types.

19. Jimpo-Ori Cosmetics

With so much research on different skincare products, the Jimpo-Ori Early Age Skin Care Shea Butter was developed as a 100% organic skincare cream in Nigeria. It does not cause any irritation and is suitable for sensitive skin types. Products by the Jimpo-Ori are regarded among the best organic skincare products in Nigeria because they work efficiently to tone dark skin and fade spots on fair skin types.

20. Skin Apothecary

Organic skincare products in Nigeria manufactured by Skin Apothecary are sure to give you the perfect glow you need. Their products cater to all cosmetology needs and kinds of skin.


Can You Make Organic Skincare Products At Home?

You can make organic lightening creams at home but even while this is possible, there are some cosmetics regarded as the best organic skincare products in Nigeria. These products have stood the test of time and have been proven and tested to offer guaranteed skincare and veritable results. That is why we have compiled the list in detail above.

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