Top 10 Best Face Cleansers in Nigeria

Are you in need of the best face cleansers in Nigeria? We’ve got you covered. Skin cleanser is an important skincare routine that can be used to clean off any particles on the skin like makeup, dirt, oil, grease, and other free radicals on your skin.

With the use of an effective cleanser, you can get rid of dead skin cells through exfoliation, and getting a good cleanser to get the job properly done can be very difficult with the numerous Cosmetics brands of face cleansers we see in Nigerian skincare markets which are unsafe for the skin.

If you can lay your hands on one of the best face cleansers in Nigeria listed in this article then you can get a safe and effective cleaning without any side effects.

These Best Face Cleansers in Nigeria listed here will unclog your skin pores and also remove dead skin cells and at the same time prevent your skin from regular acne or other skin conditions. For attractive skin, fresh and smooth skin with a nice skin texture then you cannot get it wrong using any of the face cleansers in this post.

Top 10 Best Face Cleansers in Nigeria
Best Face Cleansers in Nigeria

The 10 Best Face Cleansers in Nigeria Today

1. Olay Foaming Normal Skin Wash

The first on our list of Best Face Cleansers in Nigeria is Olay Foaming Normal Skin Wash, this product have gone through clinical test and was confirmed to be safe and effective, it creates a foamy lather immediately when applied and cleansers of this type are considered to be very ideal for the removal of oil, grease, makeup and other environmental dirt which may have settled on your skin.

Olay Foaming Normal Skin Wash is oil-free and it gives a deep cleansing without any negative skin reaction, it gives your skin natural moisture which hydrates the skin, it is also very good on sensitive skin types and it is fragrance-free which makes your skin smooth.

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2. Clean and Clear Morning Burst

Clean and Clear Morning Burst is another top-quality skin care product used for cleaning the face, it is one of the most used face cleaners in Nigeria and has a lot of positive reviews.

Made with a unique blend of caffeine, lemon, papaya, and cucumber, it also brightens your skin giving it a perfectly even tone. All the ingredients used to formulate this face cleanser helps the skin grow living skin cells and eliminate the dead ones thereby revealing the fresher layer of your skin and maintaining a nice skin tone.

With the nice and unique fragrance in it, you feel refreshed after applying the face cleanser to your skin and flawless looks are achieved with total prevention of pimples or other acne. It also has bursting beads in it which help with skin exfoliating and it is very suitable for all skin types.

3. Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

Highly recommended facial cleanser by dermatologists, Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser is a safe and effective face cleanser that helps with the removal of skin impurities, makeup, oil, grease, and other skin irregularities.

This product doesn’t give much lather and is very mild on sensitive skin types without irritation, doesn’t clog pores, and is safe for the skin. It is also compatible with all skin types.

4. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash

This is another popular product on our list of Best Face Cleansers in Nigeria, known for its quality, with Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash you can easily clear off blackheads, breakouts, and even whiteheads and stay fresh all day long.

Making use of micro clear technology together with salicylic acid you can have well treated and maintained skin as it clears off dirt blocking the skin pores, clears oil, grease, makeup, and other environmental dirt on your skin.

Ingredients used to make this superb product includes; vitamin C, Neutrogena, grapefruits, and many others. It is the best pick for those with acne-prone faces and is effective and safe on oily and normal skin types.

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5. Clean & Clear Continous Control Acne Cleanser

This is one product perfect for all skin types and works exceptionally well with the weather condition in Nigeria. It is the right remedy for acne, thanks to its Benzoyl Peroxide properties which make it suitable for oily skin and tackle any skin irregularity.

Clean & Clear Continous Control cleanser treats your skin, fights existing pimples, and also prevents the skin from the formation of new ones. If you continuously make use of this product you are sure to achieve the best skin texture, smoothness, brightness, and secured skin.

6. Body Shop Tea Tree Cleanser

This is specifically formulated for the oily skin type, it is made with organic extracts which help to fade off blemishes like dark spots, sun damage, acne spots, and even prevent the growth of pimples.

It is basically made with lemon tea tree, Tamanu oil, and other important ingredients which help calm redness, and skin irritation and also soothe the skin with a calm effect. When used it helps clean off oils, grease, and dirt and also reduced the formation of oil on the skin.

7. Cerave Acne Foaming Cream Cleanser

Another top-quality brand with a lot of positive reviews from existing users. This is one of the best face cleansers in Nigeria presently, it is gentle on the skin, filled with nutrients needed by the skin to function properly, and gives you your desired skin tone and smoothness.

It contains benzoyl peroxide which is known to very very effective against acne and pimples, it also has in it three essential ceramides which help to balance your skin leaving you with fresh and comfortable skin.

8. Clearasil Daily Clear Hydra Blast Acne Gel Wash for Acne-Prone Skin

This is a specially formulated cleanser for acne-prone skin, it helps eliminate acne or pimples on your skin and also continuously prevents new acne from growing. It has rich ingredients that are capable of mending your skin, removing dead skin cells, enabling the skin to grow fresh, and giving the skin a nice tone.

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Some of the ingredients used to make this product includes; Vitamin B3, Cucumber Extract, Aloe Vera, Salicylic acid, and many other organic extracts. Clearasil Daily Cleaner calms your skin, balances the skin PH level, clears off breakouts, hydrates the skin with its natural moisture, and then gives you the perfect skin tone.

9. Body Merry Vitamin C Face Cleanser

Rich in vitamin C which helps repair the skin and prevent premature aging or wrinkles Body Merry Vitamin C Face Cleanser is one of a kind, it is a perfect face cleanser that works well. When used you are sure to have clean and clear skin because it fades off dark spots on your face, cleans the pores, brightens your complexion, and prevents new acne or pimples from growing.

It is the right product you need to achieve the best skin texture, the presence of rosehip oil and tea tree oil makes it the ideal skin cleanser for all skin types.

10. Bioderma – Best Cleanser for Removing Makeup

The last one on our list of the Best Face Cleansers in Nigeria is Bioderma. This is a specially formulated face cleanser for cleaning off makeup from your face or skin. It is a perfect makeup remover that gets deep into the skin with just a single wipe and cleans off your makeup first by dissolving it in case it is heavy. If you make use of those stubborn mascara just apply this cleanser to a pad then give a few swipes.

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