How to Start Cosmetics Business In Nigeria

Do you want to know how to start cosmetics business In Nigeria? Entrepreneurship keeps gaining momentum in Nigeria, as thousand of people are venturing into diverse businesses as a way of creating a sustainable livelihood for themselves.

One of the most common and easy-to-start ventures in the country right now in the business of selling cosmetics. The cosmetics business is rapidly attracting participating entrepreneurs. And thankfully, this business has proven to be quite profitable. Also, it’s very easy to start and there are not too many roadblocks to running the business in Nigeria.

If you have been noticing the cosmetics business for a while now, and you have decided to establish the business, then you must pay close attention to every detail on this page.

Start Cosmetics Business In Nigeria
How to Start Cosmetics Business In Nigeria

This is an article that will walk you through all the major steps to setting up a cosmetics business in Nigeria and going into a full-time operation.

How To Start Cosmetics Business In Nigeria

Quickly delve into the steps below, so you can understand how to Start Cosmetics Business In Nigeria.

Market research [Step 1]

When starting almost any business, the very first thing that must be executed is market research. Now, market research is simple to research that is done to understand the kind of industry you are about to do business in.

For instance, your cosmetics business is meant to operate in the beauty industry. This means that you would have to make some research to understand how other cosmetics businesses operate in the beauty industry.

You could easily do this by carrying out simple surveys and consulting with professionals in the field. By the time you are done with your market research, you’d be convinced if you should start the business or not.

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Registering Your Business [Step 2]

The moment you are done carrying out your market research and you’ve decided to start cosmetics business in Nigeria, the very next thing that should be done is the registration of your business. Registering your cosmetics business is very important because it would make you appear professional and your audience would be able to trust your business.

Moreover, you must understand that the cosmetics business is a very delicate venture. Some business owners sell fake products, which makes it difficult for potential customers to trust new cosmetics business owners. But in a situation whereby you are registered, it would give your brand some sense of credibility.

Getting a License [Step 3]

There are two types of cosmetics business owners; those who manufacture their own cosmetic products and those who get products from a supplier and then resell them. Now, if you intend to manufacture your own cosmetics, then you must get a license, which would certify you as a qualified cosmetic product manufacturer.

But in order for you to get a license, you must undergo intensive training in a special institution that trains people on how to produce cosmetics. Once you are done with your training, you would be issued the license.

You must understand, however, that only those who want to operate on a large scale should go for a license. But if you intend to operate on a smaller scale, there’s no need to seek training and licensing. You only need to look for a reliable supplier that would be selling the best cosmetic products, after which you would resell and make your profits.

Finding a Reliable Supplier [Step 4]

Getting the right supplier is very crucial because that’s what your business depends on. If your supplier supplies high-quality and original goods to you, you’d definitely thrive. But the moment your supplier supplies inferior or fake products to you, then that’s the end of your cosmetics business.

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Before looking for a supplier, you must understand the kind of products you want to be supplied. You must be able to discern the ordinal products from the fake ones. You should be acquainted with the original manufacturers of the products you are requesting from your supplier.

This will help you to identify the best products for your cosmetic business so that you won’t get ripped off by an incompetent supplier.

Setting Up Your Online Presence [Step 5]

As someone who wants to Start Cosmetics Business In Nigeria on a small scale, it means you don’t need to own a physical store for selling your products. Now, since you don’t have a physical store, the best medium through which you can sell your products is the online space.

The online space is made up of social media and websites basically. This simply means that setting up an online means having a solid social media presence and even a website. Thankfully, this is not a difficult thing to do.

For a very reasonable fee, you can hire a social media expert that will help you operate your social media pages, and grow your following, thereby helping you reach more customers.  

When it comes to building a website, that’s not difficult as well. For a very affordable fee, you can hire a website developer to build a simple website that would make your bank look very much presentable before potential customers.

And if you can’t afford a website, there is no problem with that at all. As long as you have a good social media presence, you can run simple targeted ads to reach your target market and sell your products.

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How much do I need to start up a cosmetics business?

To start cosmetics business In Nigeria, as long as you intend to start on a small scale, you don’t need a ridiculously high amount of money to start your cosmetics business. A minimum of N150,000 would do.

How do I get customers to buy my cosmetic products?

You can easily get customers by running effective targeted ads on social media. Target social media ads would bring your products straight to the doorstep of customers.

Do I need an e-commerce website in order to sell my cosmetic products?

You don’t necessarily need an e-commerce website to sell your products. With a good online presence on social media, you are good to go! ¬†


How to start a cosmetics business In Nigeria and become successful through it is dependent on a few key factors. The number one factor is that you must be able to identify a hot-selling product. This is why market research (step 1) is very crucial.

Another factor is that you must understand the trending problem in the beauty industry and how to take it with your cosmetic products.

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For instance, if people are battling pimples and acne, then you must get the best products that can solve this problem. This will sustain your cosmetics business and enable you to thrive continuously.  

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