Makeup Kit: Prices of Makeup Box in Nigeria

If you really want the best quality makeups on your face or for your clients in case you are a makeup artist then you need to settle for the best makeup kits, this is why we have taken our time to list out the current prices of makeup box in Nigeria so if you have been wanting to know the prices of makeup kit in Naija you are in the right place.

For ladies especially it is so important to have your personal makeup kits as this is a regular must-do routine for ladies and apart from that people who are professional makeup artists need this to earn.

The makeup business is now one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria and globally hence the reason why we have a lot of people diving into this even with that more people are still needed.

For those who just want to have their daily makeup application just to look good as we all know looking good is a good business then this is also going to be important for you to read through. Before we continue, check out the Top 10 Best Makeup Schools In Lagos, Nigeria.

When you look good you attract attention to yourself and with this you network and make money from it if you have something reasonable to sell to people.

Makeup kits prices in Nigeria

Makeup application and purchase can be done individually when you already know your complexion, for those who are professional makeup artists you need to get different kits that suit every complexion you need to work with.

Getting good top-quality makeup in Nigeria can be so stressful as you do not want to get fake products, also having an idea of how much makeup kits costs can give you a clear vision of the quality of what you want to buy.

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For events and other forms of occasions, it is very important to prep your skin and apply original makeup products so as to bring out more hidden beauty. You may also make use of moisturizer and foundation as this even makes the process of makeup easier.

Without further ado, we have listed out the best high-quality and common makeup kits for you to choose from including their prices likewise we will mention some basic kits that should always be kept in your box.

Prices of Makeup Box/Kits in Nigeria

Below we have the updated market price of different makeup kits and boxes.

Prices of Makeup Box in Nigeria 2022

Everything is now easy with the fact that the majority of business owners leverage technology, getting a makeup box shouldn’t be an issue, likewise, you can visit stores or shops to get yourself any of your choices.

Makeup artists’ main tool is their makeup box and they are available in the market and online stores in different sizes also the boxes are made with different materials so you can choose whichever you feel ok with.

They come in different designs and brands and the quality and maker determine how cheap or costly it will be. Normally a makeup box on the average cost between ₦15,000 to ₦60,000, you also can get cheaper ones that are categorized as medium sold for between ₦10,000 to ₦30,000.

Mind you, the price may vary based on currency exchange likewise where you are getting your kit from.

Makeup Brush Sets & Prices in Nigeria 2022

It is very important to have makeup brushes and not just any type of brush but quality ones. A makeup brush is a must-have tool for every makeup artist and they come in different varieties.

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A makeup brush is mostly made from good quality animal hair which goes on gently on the skin, the most expensive of them is the Goat brush sets as they are soft and works well while applying makeups.

The Professional goat hair brushes or horse hair brushes do last longer than your regular brushes and they are the type of makeup brushes you should invest in.

You can always get brushes in different sizes and types but the normal ones go for between ₦2,000 – ₦5,000 and you definitely have to buy more than one to have easy application while working without the need for you to clean one brush before applying a different colour.

Eye Pencils & Prices in Nigeria

You need not be told that you also need eye pencil during makeup, to give an eye pop and create a unique look is mostly done by the use of the eye pencil and this practice has been on for years, one of the old methods of beautification. You can get them in all colours and this enables you to give more colour effect.

The eye pencil on average costs about ₦500 to ₦3,000 based on the brand, quality, and size you wanna opt for.

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Concealers & Prices in Nigeria

Makeup artists do make use of this to fade out spots on the skin before applying the main makeup. So you need concealers to even out complexions and it would be good to go with ones with a lot of traits so they can be used on different skin complexions.

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Concealers are mostly used by makeup artists to cover wrinkles, pimples, dark spots, birthmarks, and so on, they are also used as touch-ups when you are in a haste to makeup and they are not that expensive, they go for about ₦1,700 – ₦5,000.

Foundation & Prices in Nigeria

This is one of the most important makeup tools you should have as a professional makeup artist, you need to have the foundation to give a gorgeous look to yourself or your clients. It is advised that those with matured skin should always go for foundations that are suitable for their skin colour.

Foundation prices in Nigeria vary as they can be so expensive based on brands but an average foundation can be gotten for as low as ₦3,000 to ₦8,000.

Mascara & Prices in Nigeria

The prices of Mascara also is determined by the brand, size, and where you are buying from. You need Mascara as a makeup artist, it is one of the most important things a makeup artist should have.

In Nigeria, you can get Mascara at an average price of ₦2,000 to ₦5,000.

Brow Gel & Prices in Nigeria

If you are a professional makeup artist a Brow gel is one of the things you need most to beautify the brows, you sure want to give your clients the best makeup service.

You can get a Brow gel in Nigerian stores and also online for about ₦3,000 to ₦5,000. There are some that are way expensive in case you can afford them, although there is almost no difference in quality.

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