Top 10 Best Makeup Schools In Lagos (2024)

This article is centered on the top 10 best makeup schools in Lagos State including their addresses and tuition fee. Nigeria being the largest black nation on earth with Lagos State being its best city makes it possible to have numerous educational and skill acquisition opportunities.

You need not be told that looking good is a good business and you know Nigerians love to look good which means the makeup business is a lucrative business that is thriving in the beauty industry.

As Lagos state is known to be one of the top economic hubs in Africa there is no doubt most business firms and educational institutions will be situated there and the makeup industry isn’t an exception.

Nowadays you don’t just attend school and get relaxed, the education of today will never be complete without you acquiring skill as the Nigerian factor has made it difficult to secure a job due to the high rate of unemployment and government policies which doesn’t favour investors.

Aside from the fact that there is a low rate of employment, some people do wish they can have a business of their own that will be sustainable and without the stress of a boss.

If you are in this category or you just intend to be a professional makeup artist and an independent business owner then you are in the right place. All you need do is to enroll yourself in any of these carefully selected best makeup schools in Lagos.

Attending the schools listed in this article will give you the necessary skill, exposure, motivation, and platforms to be a professional makeup artist within a short period of time and at a reasonable cost.

What is a Makeup School?

A makeup school is a place where you go to acquire the makeup skill (the art of making people beautiful by application of various products for beautification and accessories) after which you will be certified by the school as a professional makeup artist.

In a makeup school, individuals become trained in the art of makeup. There are many courses offered by the schools which the trainee has to take and also as a student or trainee learning makeup you need to have your makeup kits.

In some schools, the money for your kits has been added to your tuition so after enrolling you automatically get your kit box, and also the training is usually in theory and practicals.

What Is The Training Duration?

If you want to know how long it takes to be a makeup artist let me quickly tell you this so as to keep your mind at rest. You can become a professional makeup artist within 2 -3 months. Although this depends on the school and course of study but being a makeup artist takes at most three months and if you want to become a cosmetologist it could take up to 7 months.

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Without taking much time let us go directly into today’s topic which is the top 10 best makeup schools in Lagos, continue reading this piece.

The 10 Best Makeup Schools In Lagos

Below are the best makeup schools in Lagos:

1. House of Tara Makeup School

The House of Tara Makeup school is no doubt one of the fastest-growing and best makeup schools in Lagos, it is a successful setup that has produced a lot of top famous makeup artists in Nigeria and globally.

In this school, you get the necessary makeup training and mentoring which at the end of the day makes you self-dependent with a good income to boast of.

The House of Tara Makeup School is well known all over Africa, it is owned and established by Tara Fela-Durotoye who is a revered makeup artist.

Their tuition fee ranges from ₦128,000 to ₦250,000 based on the course you opted for and once the training has been completed you get a certificate which shows you are a product of House of Tara Makeup School and this alone is enough to get you customers.

House of Tara Makeup School is located at Oshopey Plaza – Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State.

2. Taries Beauty Lounge

This is another of the top best makeup schools in Lagos Nigeria, it is a school that has produced world-class makeup artists, and the record is there and still speaking for this beauty school.

Taries Beauty Lounge is owned by Tara Adesemowo the school was established in the year 2009 and since then has been flying high to the extent that it made it the second-best makeup school in Lagos on this list.

It is also another Ikeja-based makeup school that offers professional training in makeup which includes; face painting, bridal, nail technician courses, hair courses, etc.

Tara Adesemowo is a beauty therapist so you know a lot will be gained when you attend the school of someone with such skill. The school is located at Ajao Road, Ikeja, Lagos State.

3. The Unviel Institute

If you are a practicing makeup artist and you need to brush up your skill or maybe you are just a novice who wishes to be well taught then The Unviel Institute is the best shot.

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For every passionate man and woman that wants to be a respected and famous makeup artist, you need to enroll in this school. The school was founded in the year 2003 by Bunmi Oyeniyi and has most of the courses span from 2 weeks to a month of which after the completion of the studies you get a certificate.

The Unviel Institute is also located in Ikeja at No 31, Unity Road, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria.

4. Zaron Makeup School

Zaron Makeup School is an international brand that is known to originate from the United Kingdom and has branches spread across various countries of the world.

The school was founded by Oke Maduewesi and the Nigerian branch is situated in the heart of Lagos State in Nigeria.

The training fee here is ₦125,000 and after enrolling you are expected to attend the classes which are around 9:00 am – 2:00 pm for 15 working days.

You as a trainee will be given a makeup kit and products worth ₦50,000 and aside from the normal makeup training, you will be able to learn other skills like Gele tying and also skincare. Zaron Makeup School is located at No 72, Awolowo Road, Ikeja Lagos.

5. Make-Up Designory

Another top makeup school in Lagos that made it on this list is Make-Up Designory (MUD), which is another international brand that assures the trainees quality makeup teachings to those who dream of being a professional makeup artist.

Make-Up Designory was established by a group of professional makeup experts who had a common goal of creating a platform for interested individuals who want to be world-class makeup artists.

In this school their tuition fee isn’t too expensive, it ranges from ₦150,000 – ₦350,000 and this depends on the course you want to study. As a prospective trainee here you need to get the application form which costs ₦5,000 and also you are expected to purchase your student kits which will be used while doing practicals.

This school is located at No 12B, Fatai Idowu Arobieke Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos Nigeria.

6. BMPRO Makeup School

This is another famous makeup school in Lagos State with years of operation and has been producing the top best makeup artists in Lagos Nigeria for decades.

BMPRO was founded in 2002 by Banke Meshida Lawal who is a professional and highly sought-after makeup artist. The school offers makeup, hair, and photoshoot and is located in Dolphin Estate, Ikeja Lagos.

7. Sisi Valisimo Makeup School

Just like the rest on this list Sisi Valisimo Makeup School is also one of the best makeup schools in Lagos state and has been operating for years. Due to the experience gained by the professionals in this school, it is always a win for every student of this school.

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The school has a well-structured curriculum that introduces good teaching methods and also the school is in a very conducive environment which aids your learning experience.

Their tuition is determined by the course or courses you enrolled for, here are some ₦75,000 for one month of intensive basic beauty training, ₦150,000 for two months of basic/advanced intensive beauty training, and also ₦250,000 for four months of basic, advanced and professional intensive training.

Sisi Valisimo Makeup School is situated at Yaya Abatan Road, Ogba Lagos Nigeria.

8. Evolve Makeup School

Evolve Makeup School is a school established by Lola Davies a popular and exceptional makeup artist in Lagos Nigeria. The school was brought up so as to educate those interested in knowing about makeup and becoming professionals in the industry.

The school has a lot of courses you as a trainee or student should enroll in, courses like; eyelashes extension, bridal hair, nail artistry training, bead gear course, henna artistry training e.t.c

The most interesting part of this is that their price range is so affordable and it ranges between ₦10,000 to ₦100,000.

9. Spectrum Beauty Academy

This is another of the top 10 best makeup schools in Lagos state, the school helps individuals learn everything about makeup, hairstyles, cosmetology, and many more thereby molding you to become a world-class professional in the beauty industry.

Some of the courses you will be studying here are; basic massage therapy, makeup, aesthetic medicine, basic nail techniques, skin therapy, hair artistry, etc.

Your tuition depends on the course of study and after you are done with your studies you get awarded a certificate for the successful completion of the program. The school is situated at Ilupeju Byepass, Mushin Lagos Nigeria.

10. Jaga Beauty Makeup School

The top ten list of best makeup schools in Lagos state wouldn’t have been complete without the mention of Jaga Beauty Makeup School. This school trains its students on the best makeup and techniques in beautification.

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You get the chance to enroll in Jaga Beauty courses and have the opportunity to do one-month basic pro training, weekend training, two weeks masterclass, one day DIY tutorial, and finally a three-month internship program after this you will be a certified makeup artist.

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