Top 10 Makeup Brands in The World

There have been lots of developmental changes in the beauty industry. There are varieties of cosmetics brands and skincare brands in the world including hair care, natural beauty lines, makeup, and skincare therapy. International makeup brands especially the top makeup brands in the world have continually produced makeup products with outstanding value and top-notch quality delivery.

The top ten makeup brands in the world have a wide range of makeup products in their stock ranging from facials to eye care. As the best makeup brands in the world, some of these cosmetics products are rated among the most expensive makeup brands globally. Makeup routines including simple makeovers and complex events makeups require a touch-up of some of the world’s best makeup brands to get the required quality and consistency.

Best Makeup Brands in The World

Makeup Brands in The World

1. MAC – Makeup Art Cosmetics

For a fun look and with the best makeup brands, MAC should be the cosmetics you should go for. MAC is one of the few cosmetics companies in the world with an annual turnover of $1 billion.

It is the number one makeup brand in the world having been recognized among the world’s top three makeup brands. Make-up Art Cosmetics is one of the most famous makeup brands in the world and passes for the makeup store with the most professional makeup artists in the world.

2. Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is a cosmetics and fashion line established by Bobbi Brown, a professional makeup artist. As the founder and CEO of Bobbi Brown, the professional makeup artist in America has ensured to always put her best foot out into the market.

Bobbi Brown is also an entrepreneur on our list who have a fantastic story journeying to their acme in the fashion and cosmetics industry. She used to work as a beauty and lifestyle editor in the s Duran Magazine. She has also featured on some radio shows and presentations and jas written 8 books on beauty and makeup.

Bobbi Brown was inspired to start up her cosmetic brand by creating 10 different natural shades of lipsticks in a makeup kit, which is now called Bobbi essentials. She carried out this experiment along with a chemist in 1990.

She also surged ahead to formulate v yellow tone foundations for warm undertoned persons. Bobbi Brown cosmetics is very well regarded among the best makeup brands in the world because of the quality customer services and elite tutoring sessions for upcoming makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts.

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3. Urban Decay

Urban Decay is one of the best makeup brands that every woman should know. This is because, the cosmetic brand is the owner of the Naked collection which houses the Naked palette – a 12 eyeshadow set featuring matte, earth, neutral, and natural tones.

Urban Decay was founded as an American cosmetics brand with headquarters in Newport Beach, California. It was borne out of L’Oréal, a French Cosmetics Corporation. They have numerous skincare products which are cruelty-free in major countries of the world.

4. Chanel

Coco Chanel is the owner and founder of the Chanel S.A designer brand. Chanel is a designer brand and fashion house that is rated among the best makeup brands in the world because of the extent of success that the company has reached over the years.

Chanel is home to luxury goods and the most fashionable piece of clothing, no wonder the company is populated for its expensive fashion wears. The House of Chanel is the original initiator of the Little Black Dress “LBD” and the Chanel No 5 perfume.

These are well-known designs and collections that cannot be picked up at just any store. Some of the leading makeup and fashion stores where you can find original Chanel products include Bergdorf Goodman, Harrods, Galerie, and David Jones. House of Chanel is several-time winners of awards based on their mantra of getting the most out of their beauty stores. They also sell some of the latest fashion styles and designs.

5. Benefits Cosmetics

Benefits Cosmetics is one of the best makeup brands in the world with headquarters in San Francisco. This is another one of the top makeup brands in the world that was established by some of the best and most professional makeup artists in existence.

Benefits Cosmetics was founded by two sisters, Jean and Jane Ford. This cosmetics company has attained a global presence with about 2,000 counters and representatives in 39 countries. Benefits Cosmetics also established the “Brow bar”, a fashion enterprise and boutique in 2003 for shaping brows at Macy’s Union Square in San Francisco.

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6. NARS Cosmetics

NARS Cosmetics is a French beauty company that was established by makeup artist and photographer, Fraçois Nars in 1994.

Having started production with 12 lipsticks, the company now boasts of the best with their NARS Orgasm blush, which has been rated as the best cosmetic product between 2006 to 2008. Fraçois Nars eventually sold the company to a Japanese cosmetics company, Shiseido

7. Clinique

A subsidiary of Estee Lauder company, clinique was established as one of the best makeup brands in the d in 1968 by Dr. Norman Orentreich and Carol Phillips. Clinique is the manufacturer of products such as toiletries including cosmetics, makeup, and perfumes.

Products by Clinique are sold mainly to high-class citizens in America through high-end department stores and retail chains. It is easily described as one of the most expensive makeup brands in the world.

Despite being expensive, Clinique offers top-notch skincare routines using their quality products that have been tested and proven to be allergy- and blemish-free. Products by Clinique are said to be dermatologically proven to be one of the best makeup brands and cosmetics companies in the world.

8. Christian Dior

Christian Dior is a fashion designs brand established by Christian Dior in 1946. It is one of the best makeup brands in the world and the major producer of stylish brands and products.

They are not only the producers of makeup brand products but also, manufacture fashion wear, fashion accessories, and footwear Because most women are focused on this brand, another similar brand was set up to meet the male cosmetics and fashion needs.

This brand is Dior Homme; like the Christian Dior company which has expanded quite well over the years.

9. Two-faced cosmetics

Two-faced cosmetics is one of the most expensive makeup brands in the world and yet doubles up among the best makeup brands in the world. Two-faced cosmetics is another one of the subsidiaries of Estee Lauder and was founded by Jeremy Johnson and Jerrod Blandino.

Jerrod stands in as the CEO of Two Faces cosmetics, one of the top cosmetics companies in the world. He noted that he finds applying makeup to be a fun activity that he can go on his artistry for hours without cutting it with breaks.

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In Jerrod’s own words, “Makeup is an instant mood booster and a powerful ally”. With his unwavering and undeterred spirit, he has seen to the production of the best lip care collections, skincare, hair, and eye health.

Jerrod is recognized in the makeup industry as the first makeup artist in the world to produce glittery eyeshadows, Lipglosses, and eye shadow primers that are proven to have a 24-hour crease-proof. They are greatly motivated by chocolate facials at a Hawaiian spa.

10. Maybelline

Maybelline is one of the best makeup brands and a popular makeup brand. The founder of Maybelline is Thomas Lyle Williams along with his younger sister, Mabel, in 1915.

Williams was inspired to start producing mascara after he applied coal and Vaseline on his sister’s lashes and got very full and darker eyelashes. That was his eureka moment.

He did not limit himself to producing mascara only, he forged ahead to manufacture other makeup products under the brand name “Maybelline” in honor of his sister.

Currently, the Maybelline brand is not just one of the best makeup brands in the world, but also it has a rating among the top 10 makeup brands in the world, with an expanse of outlets in the cosmetics retail business.

Combined with the popularity of the makeup brand and the affluence they have garnered over the years, Maybelline hires some of the most expensive models in the world like Adrianna Lima, Gigi Hadid, and Miranda Kerr as ambassadors of their products.

Maybelline is easily one of the best cosmetics companies in the world and makeup brands in the world that you will not easily get tired of let alone grow weary of.


The best makeup brands in the world are recurring cosmetics brands that have continually delivered quality and customer satisfaction to their customers over the years. The top ten makeup brands in the world as we have listed above are popular in the cosmetics industry.

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