How to Get Long Hair With Mustard Oil

Mustard oil has been used in hair treatment for hundreds of years, especially in Southeast Asia where mustard seed plants are mostly grown.

So, it is no longer news that amongst other natural oils and herbs, mustard oil has been used generally for skincare, hair care, and growth.

The mustard oil contains helpful substances both for the skin and the hair although, it may not be used for all skin types due to the presence of excess euric acid. But, this euric acid has been found harmless and even useful for cleansing the scalp.

The vitamin content of the mustard seed has made a rampant ingredient for homemade dishes, hair massages and treatments, specific skincare products, and DIY recipes.

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How to Get Long Hair with Mustard Oil

How to Get Long Hair With Mustard Oil

Quick Oiling

This involves the application of mustard oil before shampooing. This is awesome and quite healthy because it brings out the natural conditioning properties of mustard oil. You can do this in two ways;

Firstly, you can use a teaspoon of mustard oil to massage your hair and scalp after the first wash and leave it on for five minutes before doing the final washing.

Secondly, you can apply the same amount of mustard oil to the scalp and wear a shower cap so as to trap in the heat and allow easy and fast oil penetration.

For the second method, experts advise that you make use of another oil, preferably coconut or olive in other to reduce the concentration of the mustard oil and prevent scalp irritation.   

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Use a Tincture

This is the use of grounded mustard (mustard powder) in a gelatinous form instead of extracting its oil. This oldest method has been used for centuries.

 It is also used presently due to a common challenge which is, it is difficult to find a pure mustard oil package in the market, it isn’t always available and when it is, it has been roughly diluted with fatty vegetable oils.

To make this tincture, grind the mustard seeds to a powdered form and add the quantity of water that is enough to make it soft and gelatinous. You are advised to apply ten minutes before hair wash so as to avoid scalp irritation.  

Deep Oil Massage

This is applied after the final wash; it acts like a leave-in conditioner. Use two tablespoons this time and apply generously in your hair, and massage the roots and scalp of the hair softly. This encourages hair health and growth.

Make Wholesome Mustard Mixtures

Yes, you can as well make wholesome mixtures that will triple your hair growth and also steadily supply your hair with nutrients. Some of these mixtures are given below and you would also learn how to make them.

Mustard Oil and Yoghurt

Pour the mustard oil and the yoghurt into a bowl and stir thoroughly till a soft mixture appears. Apply to the scalp about 30 minutes before your hair wash. This mixture helps to soften the hair while giving it a shiny look.

Mustard with Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known as a hair-darkening agent. When mixed with mustard oil, the mixture then helps to improve hair coloring and prevents hair damage. They are both mixed in a bowl and in equal proportion.

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Mustard with Banana

Banana is usually used to soften hair. When mixed with mustard oil, it can be used as a hair-smoothening product and also for additional nourishment.

To apply, grind the banana to paste form and mix it with the mustard oil. It should be applied 30 minutes before the hair wash.

Benefits of using Mustard Oil for Your Hair

Promotes Hair Growth

The mustard oil contains antioxidants and a large measure of vitamins A, D, E, and K and beta-carotene. It also has a high fatty acids content, omega 3s and 6s inclusive. These are nutrients that are highly needed to minimize hair loss.

 Due to the presence of these anti-oxidants, mustard oil is able to cure scalp dryness and remove dandruff. This stimulates faster hair growth without your hair shedding. Also, hair loss caused by scalp inflammation is prevented, thanks to the anti-inflammatory property of mustard oil.

Restores Hair Strength and Luster

Your hair follicles become weak and start thinning when it lacks nourishment. But if you can make out 10mins of your hair care routine and massage the roots of your hair deeply with mustard oil, you would be surprised at how much your hair can change in a few months.

Using Mustard oil for your hair is arguably the best treatment for hair fall, hair discoloration, and generally damaged hair follicles. The natural luster and strength of your hair can be restored if you can employ the nourishments that are the contents of the mustard oil.

Provides Proper Blood Circulation

After a deep oil massage with mustard oil, the hair roots allow for the smoothness of the oil to the scalp. The massage also aids the blood cells to move freely thereby letting proper blood circulation.

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Serves as a Natural Conditioner

As mentioned earlier, mustard oil when used as a natural conditioner strengthens the hair. It also encourages fast hair growth due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Side Effects?

Mustard oil in itself has no side effects, it only acts negatively when it’s applied excessively or when it’s applied with a reactive ingredient.

When this happens, it can cause hair irritation or in worse cases, dandruff.

Some people may have allergic reactions like 5rashes or hair bumps, this group of persons should avoid the use of mustard oil or make use of it in small quantities.


Mustard oil is generally safe to use, but in case of the allergies mentioned above, please perform a patch test on the back of your palm.

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The mustard seed is nature’s gift to humans. The effects it has both on the hair and skin are just so awesome. Take the Indians and the Fulani tribe of northern Nigeria as a case study. The nutrients it provides are the best things your hair needs.

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