BB Cream Review: Uses, Benefits, and Possible Side Effects

The BB cream, also known as beautifying balm, or blemish balm, is widely used for many reasons. After its appearance in the Korean beauty and skincare industry. It has since gained fame and many users.

It’s a multipurpose face cream. It can serve as a sunscreen, hydrating cream, moisturizer, foundation (shocking, right?), and skin brightener. Due to its different properties, it is usually used for skin care purposes and also makeup routines.

BB lotions are special because, as much as you are using them for skin toning, smoothening and brightening, dark spots removal, blemishes, and skin bumps removal, they are also acting as the foundation for your makeup, even better than the normal foundation in markets.

These BB creams contain a lot of elements that enable them to perform their functions on the skin example of such ingredients are anti-oxidants like vitamin C, Allantoin, carotene, etc.

The effects are so visible that it is impossible to overlook. Yes, it is that effective. Its job on the skin is equivalent to the result to expect when you drink enough water daily.

Just like you’ve been informed earlier, it preps your skin, brightens it, and smoothens it for a better makeup experience while at the same time, treating the face of bacterial infections and wrinkles (yes, it has anti-aging properties too).

The major effect is not just skin toning. It’s the health your skin exudes when it’s under BB treatment. The even tone, skin protection, complexion enhancement, healthy makeup routine, and many more are the visible results.

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BB Cream Review: Uses, Benefits, and Possible Side Effects

BB cream review

Uses of BB Cream 

  • It can be used as a better foundation for your makeup routine.
  • It serves as the cure for many skin infections.
  • It brightens the skin and gives it a clear appearance.
  • Repairs the skin while at the same time, giving it a luster and monotone impression.
  • It Smoothens and refreshes the skin, restores the natural moisture, and leaves it energized and prepped for the next best thing.

It is important to note that the cream can be applied daily or as you choose. It can be a part of your skincare or makeup routine.

Benefits of BB Cream 

Beneficial to all Skin Types 

This may just be the reason why BB cream gained popularity so far and wide. People with different skin types and shades can use this cream and it will produce the same result in all of them. 

If you have oily skin, it is sufficient and extremely beneficial for you. If you have dry skin, then you may want to add an extra moisturizer.

If your skin is predisposed to pimples and acne, then you can still use the BB cream but this time, you have to use it often.

BB creams are very helpful to all skin hues be it fair, black, or brown skin. They all have benefits that they have reaped from using the Cream.

It can be used for dual-purpose 

The BB cream can be used as a skin treatment product and also for a healthy makeup routine. People use the BB cream as an all-rounder and it works. 

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So many roles of various Skincare and facial care products are all fused into BB Cream. It’s wonderful.

It can work as a dark spots removal product 

BB creams are effective in shrouding imperfections and blemishes. It may remove it in the long run depending on your skin type.

BB creams when used for pimpled or acne-prone skin produce an incredible outcome without any side effects like itchy skin or patches.

The ingredients contain minerals that work as skin smoothens and exfoliators.

BB Creams give the skin a natural and airy appearance 

When the BB cream act as a foundation, it makes your face look delicate without dense and cakey makeup. The BB cream blends into the skin and enhances smudge-free makeup.

Possible Side Effects

BB creams are very beneficial, so much so that their side effects can be neglected.

But it is good to consider the following in case it is intolerable or reactive to your skin.

It may lead to skin lightening 

This is an important factor to consider before buying BB cream because not everyone wants to tamper with their skin shade.

Recently, some companies are producing creams that do not lighten the skin and this is good news. 

To be certain of the type of product you want, be sure to research the brand of BB cream you are buying and read the information available on the package.

It may not be sufficient for dry skin 

BB creams contain moisturizers but not in heavy amounts. So, if you have normal or dry skin, you should consider getting an extra moisturizer.

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Application is easy, you can use your hands, a foundation brush, or a sponge to apply.

Using these soft and smooth tools helps you to apply evenly and smoothly without having blotted areas.

In situations where you are using extra products like moisturizers and sunscreen (SPF), apply them before using your BB cream.

Using your hands to apply helps you to do a very precise job when concealing some delicate areas. It also ensures proper blending to avoid unmatched makeup.

It is important to note that you should use Sunscreen with BB cream if you are going to be out in the sun for a long time.

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You should know that BB creams are generally very valuable and beneficial for all skin types. It has saved us the stress of going to purchase different skincare products due to its multi-purpose abilities.

It is available in online stores and shops at affordable prices.

BB creams are known to give the skin a popping and creamy finish after use. 

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