Clinic Clear Cream Review: What You Should Know

Clinic clear cream produced by Dodo company is a well-known product in Nigeria for a lot of reasons. Can Clinic Clear remove dark spots? Does Clinic Clear have side effects? Can Clinic Clear remove pimples? How long does it take the lotion to clear acne? We’d get to answer all of that as we advance in this post.

Clinic Clear Cream Review – Confirmed Trial And Errors

From most reviews of customers, we can attest to the potency of the Clinic clear lotion as a very effective skin brightening lotion. It is intensive for lightening the skin, fading dark spots and discolourations on the skin, and improving the skin tone (only if you use the original one).

Customers Review Clinic Clear Whitening Lotion

Clinic clear cream review

Having interviewed two customers that tried out this product, these were our findings:

Tolu: “I came across Clinic clear lotion from a friend of mine back in my first year at Uni. I was 21 then but I lacked confidence because of the acne on my skin. A lot of people would look at me in awkward ways and ask me if I was having a skin reaction. But actually, it was just acne. I’ve tried lots of organic products which utterly irritated my skin, so I gave up on that route.

“So this friend – Hannah, randomly asked me one day if I was using anything for my face and chest area. I told her no, and then she began a gospel on the wonders of Clinic clear cream. Because she already said so much about that, I decided to give in. Two weeks into using the cream, my acne was gone. My face and chest weren’t rough again, though I still had dark spots. After the third week, I was looking dapper.”

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Yusirat: “I’ve never really been a fan of experimenting with body lotions because I’m so scared of getting bleached. I would conveniently stick to using vaseline or the lotion than try a new cream. I popped into Clinic clear lotion at a store from an attendant. She had told me that the vaseline intensive lotion I was using was not available, but I could alternate with clinic clear.

Though she nudged me a bit before I finally bought it, I’m really grateful that my cream wasn’t there at that time. My skin was just normal, but now, it’s glowing and I’m soo sticking with it.

Side Efffects Of Clinic Clear Body Cream

Clinic clear lotion

For some people, the Clinic clear body cream may lighten their skin but afterwards backfire with white spots, pimples, rashes, stretch marks, discolourations and dark knuckles later on. This lotion may also give you sunburns if you do use the cream with sunscreen and/or work under the sun for long hours. From many reviewers, we obtained that the most common side effect of clinic clear cream is white spots.

Why Your Clinic Clear Whitening Cream May Not Work For You

Clinic clear body lotion

Having analysed some of the common complaints we got from most people, we found out that the clinic clear lotion would not work if it is a fake brand of product. We also found out that the cream is best used with the set. And this clinic clear beauty set includes the Clinic clear body lotion, oil, tube cream and soap. You are sure to experience lesser side effects and better results if you buy the complete set of clinic clear body lotion

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Another thing to note is that everyone’s skin type is not the same and as such, the cream works differently for each person. That your friend got results from using the clinic clear whitening cream in just three days is not a guarantee that you would see results even after three weeks.

While Buying the cream, make sure to read the ingredients properly to find out if it contained products that your skin is allergic to. Also if your skin reacts to the body lotion, you may have to stop using it for some time and continue again later. This is to allow your skin to accept the new product that you’re introducing to it.

Last but not least, Stay away from sunlight. Or better still, get sunscreen. Unless you’re ready for sunburns, you can do otherwise.

What Are The Ingredients Contained In Clinic Clear Cream?

Clinic clear whitening lotion
  • BHT
  • C16-C18
  • Carrot Oil
  • Cetiol
  • Citric Acid
  • Coconut Oil
  • Demineralized Water
  • Ethyl Diglycol
  • Fragrance
  • HN white
  • Kojic Acid
  • Mineral Oil
  • Parabens
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Sodium Sulfite
  • Sorbitol
  • Stearic Acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E

Frequently Asked Questions On Clinic Clear Cream Review

Can Clinic Clear remove dark spots?

Daily application of Clinic Clear Anti Dark Spot Cream after washing your skin thoroughly would help unclog pores and control excess oil build-up in the skin. The cream is more effective at night. So make sure to use it before you sign off for the night

Can I use Clinic Clear Cream on my face?

Yes, you can. For pale yellow glowing facial skin, dab a generous amount of the cream on your face before you go to bed at night.

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