White Secret Body Lotion Review: What You Should Know

White Secret Body Lotion is a skin-lightening cream made with super quality ingredients to make speedy effects on the skin. This cream helps clear dark spots, smoothening the skin surface and retaining moisture in the skin within days.

Since you’re on this page, we’re sure you want to get a review on the white secret body lotion before you can purchase the product. We have gathered some honest reviews from customers who have tried out the whitening cream for themselves.

Customer Reviews On White Secret Body Lotion

White secret body lotion

From the many reviews we got, we decided to select two of the top reviews that shared similar ideas and experiences with what the others were trying to relay. Read on to share their story.

  • Danielle:

I was casually walking through the cream section of a supermarket then I saw the White secret cream. No one had told me about it before and neither did I ho to ask the shop attendants anything about the cream.

The branding of the lotion caught my attention, I picked it up and went down to read the ingredients. I found out that the white secret body lotion didn’t contain hydroquinone or any of the regular bleaching agents that were very popular.

Since I didn’t have much to lose, I picked I up, my body cream was about finishing and I wanted something different. Four days into using the cream, I fell in love with my skin. I was getting lighter and lighter every new day to the extent that I had to stop for a while. This was 2 weeks from the first day I started using the product.

When I stopped, it seemed like everything backfired. I had these white spots on my hands and legs but the ones on my legs were worse. I’ve always had dark knuckles but this time, they were soo obvious.

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I looked up other people’s reviews on White Secret lightening lotion and I found out some had worse predicaments. I saw people posting that the cream gave them dark circles under their eyes, stretch marks and discolourations. I was so grateful to God that I didn’t experience any of that.

It was then I dropped my phone, went straight to my wardrobe, picked out the cream and thrashed it. I had to visit a dermatologist and she made some recommendations for me. Now my skin is better than it was before I used white secret body lotion.

Would have loved to share the recommendations but just so it doesn’t look like I’m defacing Rodis brand, which is the Togo-based company that manufactures white secret Skincare products, I wouldn’t be sharing it.

I think it’s best for everyone should meet a Skincare expert or dermatologist to find the products that would better suit their skin. Besides, that it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean that it won’t work for others. Ciao.

  • Adedoyin:

Not a big fan of the Skincare routine, so I opted for a product that claims to cover most of my Skincare needs. I wanted a body lotion that could serve as a moisturiser, toner, body serum, and sunscreen. I know I asked for much, but what do I know, I was considering my budget too.

Knowing what I wanted, I went to one of the ladies attending to customers at the Skincare section of Shoprite Mall, Lagos and related what I wanted to her. She went straight to the shelf, picked out white secret skin lightening body lotion and handed it to me. I didn’t hesitate because she had been hyping the product since.

Long story short, I bought the 300ml size of the white secret cream just in case you know… incasities. It didn’t react on my skin after the first week. More like I wasn’t seeing results. I continued using the lotion and in the third week, I noticed that the cream was gradually toning my skin. I didn’t notice speedy results, but I liked what I was seeing.

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When I first bought the cream was in 2020 after schools resumed from the Covid break and since then, I’m stuck on the product. Can’t give it up for any other cream… or rather just yet.

Final Verdict On The White Secret Lotion

White secret Skincare products

The cream works differently for each individual, so we can neither say it’s perfect nor entirely bad. A tip to note before buying the cream would be to check the ingredients contained in it to know if your skin reacts to any of them.

Also, you should stop using the cream once you spot discolourations, white spots, or stretch marks on your skin. Some other persons noted that using shea butter after observing the side effects is helpful to reduce the implications.

Some noted that using the full set of White Secret Skincare products, which includes soap, body oil, Body wash, face cream, serum, and body lotion; is better for optimal action than using just one of them.

White Secret Body Lotion Ingredients

  • AHA
  • Aqua
  • BHT
  • Carrot Oil
  • Fragrance
  • Isopropyl Myristate
  • Lorol c16
  • Lorol c18
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Silicone Oil
  • Stearic Acid
  • Vaseline Oil
  • Vitamin A and E

Benefits Of Using White Secret Cream

White secret lightening body lotion and dark spot remover

What does white secret do to the body? White Secret Cream works wonders when it comes to brightening up the skin, fading dark spots and whitening the skin tone. Below are some common benefits of using white secret body lotion:

  • It helps whiten the skin
  • It is useful for lightening and brightening the skin
  • White secret body lotion helps clear dark spots and dark underarms.
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Side Effects Of Using White Secret Lotion

Does White secret have side effect? Yes, it does. Here are some of the common ones:

  • It weakens your skin and may make your skin thinner.
  • It reddens the palm and fingernails in some people
  • It causes green veins, especially on the back side of the legs
  • It may cause stretch marks
  • White Secret Body Lotion can cause dark knuckles
  • It gives White patches or blotches on the skin of the face, hands, and legs.
  • It may cause dark circles under the eyes and around the mouth area.

Frequently Asked Question On White Secret Skincare Products

White secret cream 200ml

Does White Secret Body Lotion Contain hydroquinone?

White Secret does not contain hydroquinone. You should check the ingredient listing above to find out the actives contained in the cream

Is White Secret Lotion a Bleaching Cream?

No, White Secret is not a bleaching cream. However, there are speculations that it may contain bleaching agents not written on the ingredients list.

Can I Use White Secret Lotion On My Face?

Yes, you can. But preferably, stick with the face cream or try any other face cream you know.

Does White secret remove dark knuckles?

White Secret Dark Spots Remover may remove your dark knuckles. But peradventure it doesn’t, then get ready because you may face darker knuckles.

How Much Is White Skin Lotion In Nigeria

It is sold for N2000 in most supermarkets and retail cosmetic stores.

How Much Is White Skin Lotion In Ghana

In Ghana, the cream is sold for GH20

How Much Is White Skin Lotion In Tanzania

The cream costs Tsh18,000

How Much Is White Skin Lotion In Kenya

In Kenya, it costs Ksh 1,800

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