Make Me White Lotion Review

This Make Me White Lotion Review includes a review on the Make Me White Body Cream and Make Me White Face Cream. Stay tuned to learn more!

Make Me White Lotion Review

Make Me White Lotion Review (Body & Face Creams)

Make Me White Body Cream Review

Make Me White Body Cream

Make Me White Body cream is a luxurious fade spot milk cream that lightens and evens out the complexion to give radiant glowing skin.

Brows are raised when a cream is said to be a “good skin lightening cream” because they are most times linked to skin bleaching creams. In this case, however, the body lotion in lightening spots and discolourations on the skin brightens the skin colour to blend with that of the treated areas.

If this does not occur, the treated parts of the skin would appear as white spots and blotches on the skin. And trust me, you wouldn’t want that.

This cream is to be used with caution as excessive usage can go from toning your skin to bleaching effects. Once the cream has done its work in lightening blemishes on your skin; then its time to get you another skin maintenance cream like Jergens Cream that will keep up with the toned skin complexion

You don’t want to move from melanin-popping African queen to a snow-white fairytale princess. As interesting as it may sound to some people, it comes with effects that are too high to maintain.

Make Me White Lotion

Don’t have sunscreen? No worries! Make me white fade cream will protect you against harmful damaging rays of sunlight.

Make Me White Lotion Ingredients

AHA, Arbutin, Argan Oil, Carrot Oil, Kojic Acid, Mulberry Seed, Snail Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil.

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Side Effects of Make Me White Cream

It doesn’t have any side effects.

Make Me White Face Cream Review

Make Me White Face Cream

Make Me White Face Cream is an emollient and moisturiser produced by Amos brand. It is specially formulated with marine plant extracts which retain the skin glow while reducing ageing signs and effects on the body

This moisturizing cream can be used as a day and night cream to even out the skin tone by clearing out stubborn dark spots from your face. This ultimately results in radiant, flawless, youthful-looking, luminous, and blemish-free skin.

Make Me White Face Cream is a toning formula that fades dark spots and hyperpigmentation on the skin using the potency of the ginseng extract; one of its constituent ingredients. It corrects previous skin reactions and whitens the face in a short time.

This amos white cream lightens the skin tone and strategically works at dark areas of the body such as the knuckles, underarms, feet, elbows, knees, and inner thighs to give a clearer skin complexion.

While it is good for lightening blemishes and discolouration, it also rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin. This is done by boosting the collagen, elastin, and other helpful proteins in the skin while reducing the skin’s production of melanin.

Make Me White Face Cream Ingredients

Aloe Vera, Arbutin, Ginseng, Fruit Acid, Pearl Powder, Plant Extracts, and Saffron.

Side Effects of Make Me White Facial Cream

It can lead to excessive sweating on the face.

FAQs On Make Me White Lotion

Make Me White Face Cream

Does Make Me White Lotion Bleach?

No, it doesn’t bleach the skin complexion.

Can I Use Make Me White Cream On My Face?

Yes, you can use make me white body cream on the face, but it is best to use face cream by the brand for that.

How Long Does It Take For Make Me White To Work?

It works very fast and the result is visible in just one week of using it.

How Much Is Make Me White Facial Cream

This product is sold for N1000 in most Nigerian markets and cosmetics shops.

Make Me White Body Lotion Price In Nigeria

It is sold for N3500 in Nigerian top stores, online markets and cosmetics shops.

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