Palmers Cocoa Butter Cream Review

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Cream for Dry Skin Original Solid Jar is quite beneficial in many ways. Why we covered the Palmers Cocoa Butter Cream Review in this post, you’re about to find out

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula is America’s #1 Cocoa Butter brand that uses the highest quality natural ingredients for optimal body moisturization. Palmer’s® has been in existence for over 180 years, providing high-quality natural products. The company is managed by E.T. Browne Drug Co., Inc., U.S.A.

The Cocoa Butter Solid works best with other items on the Cocoa Butter Body Care Set. These are Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil and Body Lotion.

What Does Palmers Cocoa Butter Cream Do?

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula
  1. It helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  2. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Original Solid heals and softens very rough and dry skin
  3. The unique concentrated solid melts into the skin to lock in moisture, thereby intensively moisturizing it with Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E.
  4. Palmer’s Original Solid Jar is free from phthalate, paraben, mineral oils and dyes. It is also vegan friendly (doesn’t contain animal ingredients or tested with animals)
  5. It is suitable for eczema-prone skin and is recommended by 4 out of 10 doctors for this
  6. The non-greasy formula can be used in shower, bath or on dry skin to ensure 48-hour moisture
  7. Palmer’s Original Solid Jar’s cocoa butter is not only beneficial for the skin. It can also be used as a natural lip balm.
  8. In addition to that, a DIY lip scrub can be formed with just the Original Solid Jar and sugar. The sugar forms the exfoliant while the cocoa butter and vitamin e formulation leave the skin soft and smooth.
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Original Solid Jar

Cocoa Butter for Scars

Stretch marks are common during pregnancy and most commonly, women use cocoa butter to reduce the appearance of those marks. Natural Cocoa and specifically cocoa butter is also a popular treatment for lightening post-surgical marks, blemishes and scars.

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You might be wondering, how does cocoa butter work for these skin problems? And How do you use cocoa butter for stretch marks, scars, lines, and other related skin issues?

So here is how it works – Cocoa butter permeates the skin layers to heal and smoothen the scars and marks from their deepest layers. Rub cocoa butter on the skin daily and allow it to sink in. Consistent usage will help reduce these skin problems and create radiant and softer skin.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Cream Reviews From Customers on Amazon

Palmer's cocoa butter

Have used Palmer’s products for years. I used them on all my pregnancy bellies and didn’t have one single stretch mark. This stuff is awesome for anywhere on your body. It’s awesome to lighten scars from scratches or bite marks on your legs and arms and I’ve also found that it has a sort of calming effect for red irritated skin.

If you pick a bug bite or if you have shaved too close then slather it on generously and in the morning your skin is calm and smooth and beautiful sans the redness. I just love Palmer’s you cannot go wrong with this stuff.

Oh by the way I have a 13-year-old son with elbows you could strike matches on and I have gotten him to start using this daily on each of his elbows just a little dab will do you on the elbows rub it in real good and you would never know the difference.

Jaci Davis
Palmers Cocoa Butter Cream Review


It smells and feels SO good! I made the mistake of ordering Palmer’s Raw Shea Balm and although the texture was wonderful it smelled like old lady musk perfume! It’s awful!!! Thankfully, I struck gold with this Palmer’s product! I use a tsp. full on my hands rubbing into my nails and cuticles. Aw…it’s a beautiful experience!


I have used this product for post surgical scars. It has been recommended to me by medical professionals. You will love it!

Palmer's cocoa butter cream

The Best Cocoa Butter Ever!

I love using Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. I put it on my surgical knee and dry skin. It helps sooth my incision. The scent smells wonderful. I use the cocoa butter daily. You’ll love it too.

C Tabor

Cures my pityriasis alba!

I have tried every cream I can think of to keep my pityriasis alba under control with moderate results. Occasionally it flares up and it’s super itchy and blotchy. This cream in a mater of a few days had completely healed my arms. I put it in religiously every night (just as do with any cream I try to manage this with) and for the last 6 months not a single flare up. Palmer’s cocoa butter is a tried and true classic that I now am afraid to ever run out of!

Alice D.
Palmers cocoa butter

I was Allergic and Gave It To My Grandma and She Likes It

I ordered this to help with scars but when I read the label, I found out I was allergic to some of the fragrance ingredients. I gave it to my grandma and she loves it though. It works well to prevent trans epidermal water loss on her body.

Brooke Sapp

FAQs On Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Original Solid Jar

Palmer's Original Solid Jar

Does Palmers Cocoa Butter Work?

Yes, it does, Palmer’s cocoa butter helps to soothe and hydrate the skin. It is used clinically to improve skin elasticity, skin texture, and overall skin tone.

How Long Does It Take Palmer’s Cocoa Butter To Work?

It takes about 8 weeks to show improvement in the reduction of stretch marks and scars on the body.

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