Side Effects of CT+ Clear Therapy Cream

CT+ Clear Therapy cream with Carrot Extracts is a body lotion specially formulated with salicylic acid, Glycerin, and Petroleum Jelly for use on the whole body. While the cream is very effective for maintaining skin tone, here are the side effects of CT+ Clear Therapy Cream that you should know.

CT+ Clear Therapy Cream Review

CT+ cream is the most effective clarifying skin therapy cream that enhances the skin tone to give a luminous complexion and flawless skin texture. It contains fruit acids (AHA) and glycerin which help to fade dark spots, rejuvenate the complexion, and revive skin radiance. Want your skin to be fully clarified, uniformed, and revitalised? Go for CT+ Clear Therapy cream.

CT+ Clear Therapy with Carrot Extracts Lotion can be alternated for the CT+ Clear Therapy Extra lightening Cream with Carrot Oil and is best used with the CT+ Clear Therapy carrot serum

Customer Reviews Of CT+ Cream On Amazon

Side Effects of CT+ Clear Therapy Cream

I like this product in terms of how it helped clear up my dark knuckles to blend with the rest of my skin colour. It doesn’t really lighten the rest of my body per se but I think it maintains its existing colour. Didn’t use it on my face, too scared to try, but my sister swears that it lightens and gives her the great even skin tone complexion she has. For me, I am grateful it has cleared up my embarrassing dark knuckles after I’ve previously tried almost everything else. I will continue to purchase this product for as long as they sell it. However, for lightening and maintaining my face, I use something else.


The smell is good and after like a week the discolouration is fading. It will not bleach your skin but it will slowly remove sun damage discolouration and gives you your original colour. Better to use it at night before bedtime.

Fatima Adeyemi

Benefits Of CT+ Clear Therapy Cream

What is the work of CT plus cream?

  1. It has a light fresh scent which keeps you feeling and smelling good all day long.
  2. Very effective for clearing acne scars and spots on the face and body.
  3. Improves the skin elasticity, thus fading wrinkle lines and age spots
  4. CT+ Clear Therapy cream is best used on the body but not on the face. If you must, then make sure to get sunscreen for full sun protection and coverage from harmful rays.
  5. CT+ is a milk formula and when highly concentrated gives you a flawless complexion.
  6. The fruit acid complex targets pigmentation spots caused by sun damage, ageing signs and pregnancy in just 10 days!
  7. The unifying skin lightening therapy helps to make the skin fresher and smoother.
CT+ Clear Therapy Extra Lightening Cream

Side Effects of CT+ Clear Therapy Cream

Does CT Plus have side effects? Well, you’re a few steps from finding out yourself

  1. May cause skin irritations while fading dark spots
  2. May cause stretch marks and white blotches on the skin
  3. It may cause warmth or a burning sensation, redness and itchy skin
CT+ Clear Therapy Cream

Clear Therapy Lotion Ingredients:

Allantoin, Argan Oil, BHT, Carrot Oil, Fruit Acid, Glutathione, Glycerin, Honey, Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, Liquid Petroleum, Lorol C16, Lorol C18, Parfum, Petroleum Jelly, Purified Water, Silicon Oil, Stearic Acid, and Vitamin C.

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How to use CT+ Clear Therapy Extra Lightening Cream

How do you apply CT plus cream?

  1. Wash the face with a mild cleansing soap such as the CT+ Clear Therapy Carrot Lightening Purifying Soap
  2. Pat with a clean dry towel to remove excess water left on the face
  3. Take a small amount of the cream, massage between the palms, and then apply it to the body till it is fully absorbed.
  4. Make sure to use sunscreen with the lotion as it can cause sun spots and burns on the skin
Side Effects of CT+ Clear Therapy Cream

FAQs On CT+ Clear Therapy Cream

Do you use the CT+ lotion once or twice a day?

The body cream can be used every day after a shower to get back the skin colour. But it is advised that you don’t use it every day. Only apply on affected areas and use sunscreen in the summer months

Does CT+ cause stretch marks?

To some people with sensitive skin, it causes stretch marks, white spots & blotches on the face, and redness

How long does CT cream take to work?

It starts working from the first day of usage and the 10th day

Can I use CT+ on my face?

Yes, you can. The cream is non-sticky, non-greasy, and lightweight, and this allows it to serve as a refreshing face cream.

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