Queen Helene Egg Yolk Cream Review

Queen Helene Egg Yolk Cream Review – Looking for an egg yolk body cream that smoothens and whitens the skin without causing any adverse effects to your skin?

This review is a must-read for anyone who wants to use Egg Yolk to lighten their skin but doesn’t want to use raw egg to avoid irritations.

Queen Helene Egg Yolk Cream Review

Queen Helene Toning Lotion

For optimum results with the cream, combine its action with that of Queen Helene Skin Perfecting Serum and Queen Helene egg yolk lightening shower bath to see as they all solidify and perfect the skin tone.

Benefits Of Queen Helene Toning Lotion

Queen Helene Egg Yolk Cream Review
  1. Queen helene egg yolk cream is enriched with egg yolk extracts that enrich the skin with increased potency of collagen and elastin production. These proteins help to firm the skin and reduce ageing signs.
  2. The vitamins, minerals and proteins contained in the cream help to maintain the skin in a healthy firm, safe from blemishes and infections.
  3. It evens out the skin complexion to reveal a well-toned skin glow; fully nourished and healthy
  4. It smoothens the skin texture, leaving it silky, satin-smooth, and light.
  5. The skin perfecting serum by the brand also leaves the skin feeling nourished, smooth and light.
  6. Queen Helene Toning Lotion is made to the perfect consistency so it doesn’t feel too thick or too light. Hence, it is easily absorbed by the skin.
  7. Offers the same actions of natural egg yolk without the irritation and tingling sensations of raw egg.

Side Effects Of Queen Helene Egg Yolk Toning Lotion

Not much is known about the side effects of using this cream

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Queen Helene Egg Yolk Toning Lotion Ingredients

Queen Helene Egg Yolk Toning Lotion is specially formulated with egg yolk extract; Vitamins A, Vitamin D, E, B-12; and Folic Acid which nourishes, moisturises and lightens the complexion. to promote a radiant smooth skin glow.

How To Use Queen Helene Egg Yolk Cream

Queen Helene Egg Yolk Cream

Before applying the cream, you should first wash and cleanse the skin preferably with the Queen Helene Lightening Shower Bath Liquid Soap containing egg yolk.

Towel dry your skin and gently massage the cream on your skin till it is fully absorbed. This beauty cream is best used with queen helene egg yolk serum. To use the serum, first, apply it before going in with the lotion.

Why You Should Use Queen Helene Egg Yolk Shower Bath Soap

Queen Helene Egg Yolk Toning Lotion

While other Bath soaps can be used to cleanse the skin, the Queen helene egg yolk lightening shower bath is best used with the cream because they have increased potency when used together.

The vitamin contents of both products nourish the skin completely. They also clear free radicals on the skin which may try to cause blemishes and scarring skin thus gradually lightening the complexion to reveal fairer and more beautiful skin.

Also, the multivitamin formula offers moisturizing properties to the skin and reduces ageing signs on the skin. Properly moisturised and nourished skin is sure to remain youthful, smooth, supple, and without any signs of natural ageing including wrinkling and fine lines.

The soap formula also contains allantoin which protects the skin from irritation. The luxurious lather produced as you wash your skin with the soap has a lingering fragrance that sticks even when you’re out of the shower.

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FAQs On Queen Helene Cream

Does Queen Helene egg yolk contain hydroquinone?

No, it doesn’t contain hydroquinone.

Does Queen Helene Egg Yolk Cream Bleach The Skin?

No, it doesn’t. However, the egg yolk content intensively lightens the skin complexion, clears age spots, and removes acne and scars on the skin.

How Long Does Queen Helene Take To Work?

Between 2 to 7 days, you would likely begin seeing results from the cream.

How Much is 250ml Queen Helene Egg Yolk Toning Lotion?

Queen Helene cream is sold for ₦2500 in Nigeria

How Much Is 50ml Queen Helene Egg Yolk Skin Perfecting Serum?

It is sold for ₦1800 in Nigeria

How Much Is 1000ml Queen Helene Egg Yolk Shower Bath Soap?

It is sold for ₦1700 in Nigeria

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