PHARMADERM Acid Mantle Cream Review

Acid mantle cream is one of the commonly recommended creams for dry and chapped skin. Your dermatologist can be trusted, but this Acid Mantle Cream Review will guide you on what you must know before using the product

Benefits Of Acid Mantle Cream

  1. Acid mantle cream can be used by everyone in the family including infants, nursing home residents, and even industrial workers to relieve the body of ailing skin conditions.
  2. It soothes damaged skin and helps relieve it of effects gotten from the daily use of chemical irritants such as soaps and detergents
  3. Acid mantle cream forms a protective layer on the skin which serves as a barrier against bacteria. This shielding reduces the skin’s exposure to such harsh alkaline industrial chemicals and alkalis.
  4. It restores and rejuvenates the skin pH, protecting it from natural acidity, roughness, and itchy dry patches on the skin.
  5. It also neutralizes the discomfort stemming from daily exposure to urine and faecal matter. While doing that, it also soothes the diaper rash and dry, and scaly skin that comes with it.
  6. It relieves eczema and all cases of severely dry skin

Cons Of Acid Mantle Cream

  1. The product size is small
  2. It is very expensive
  3. Acid mantle cream is only available in the 1oz tube and 16oz container so there are not many varieties of product sizes to select from
  4. It is more like an ointment than a cream

Ingredients in PHARMADERM Acid Mantle Cream

Aluminum sulfate, calcium acetate, ceteryl alcohol, glycerin, methylparaben, mineral oil, petrolatum, sodium cetearyl sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic beeswax, water, white potato dextrin.

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PHARMADERM Acid Mantle Cream Review By Amazon Customers

Nurses wash their hands/ or use sanitiser on average 50 times a shift or more

Old-fashioned goodness! My hands were suffering from constant exposure to washing…the base of soap threw my PH out of whack..this is the only product that quenches the thirst of my poor parched hands! Immediately stops the tight, itchy feeling; have not had cracks & bleeding since using Acid Mantle..been about 12 years of use now…16 oz. the jar lasts about 2 years. Can’t live without it!

Acid Mantle Cream

works but expensive

worked for a while, but seems expensive for the amount of time it lasts when used daily.

it did help my hands with eczema and psoriasis a lot for a few weeks.

P Mill

Best product EVVEERR!!

Amazing product, have used it before in small tubes. Rehydrates your skin when other hand lotions don’t. Forget vasoline or johnson & johnson. The reason AcidMantle is expensive is before it actually works. But it is well worth it. I work in an automotive shop where I constantly have to wash my hands with abrasive detergents, that leave my skin dry and scaley. Put a little bit of AcidMantle on it when I get home and my skin feels new again.

Markus Kraft
Acid Mantle Cream Review

Great for eczema

This has been a lifesaver for me. I have suffered from eczema all of my life with many triggers from allergens in different lotions, soaps, creams, etc. (even ones that say they are ‘hypoallergenic’ or ‘for eczema’).

After a long search of trial and error and research, I came upon this product. I have been using it for the last 2 years now and my skin has never looked better. I put it on daily and it keeps my skin soft. If I get a little flare-up, a little hydrocortisone and increasing the frequency of the Acidmantle cream clears it right up.

The cream is thick but absorbs in nicely. I don’t know what I would do without this product. It is worth every penny.

Acid Mantle Cream Review

Best Skin Cream

I have somewhat extreme eczema. When I have a breakout it is hard to control without the use of prescription creams and ointments. When I use Acid Mantle Cream, I use less of the prescriptions. I also find this cream less irritating. For instance, after applying the cream, if I rub my eye without thinking, my eye does not burn because of the cream. It is scent-free.

The 16 oz jar is costly, but ounce for ounce is the least expensive way to purchase it. I use it in conjunction with other creams because of the cost; so, I use it mainly just on the affected areas. I also have used it on my face with no problems. I am in my ’60s and this is the best cream I have found. I highly recommend this if you have eczema or extremely dry skin.

L. Norris
Acid Mantle Cream

Miracle In A Tube

I used to look forward to fall, but in recent years I’ve begun to dread the cool seasons because it means that my hands become dry, chapped, and begin cracking. We were just a few weeks into fall when it started this year. I’ve tried Aquaphor, expensive hand creams, drinking loads of water, and covering my hands, but nothing seemed to help. I bought a tube of AMantle to try after reading about it on another site.

I’m through with searching. This is it – it’s all I need for my hands! My hands were cracked (and eep, bleeding) on Sunday – I went out to the post and found that this tube had come. I immediately washed my hands of the cream I had put on earlier. Within an hour or two, my hands felt better. It helped hydrate my hands and the cracks weren’t opening every time I flexed or moved my fingers.

It’s now been three days and I couldn’t be happier. While I still have a few rough spots to clear up, my hands are crack free and for the most part, soft. I would recommend this to anyone having issues keeping their hands moisturized. I’d also recommend buying a larger amount. The tube will be great to have in my purse, but I plan on buying the jar to keep on hand at my home.

A. Trevino

FAQs On Acid Mantle Cream

What Are Products I Should Avoid While Using Acid Mantle?

Astringents such as alcohol, witch hazel, and Glycolic Acid have very high pH and should be avoided. This is because they further dry out the skin by breaking down keratin and stripping off the skin’s natural acid mantle.

How Long Does It Take For Acid Mantle Cream To Work?

The duration it takes depends on how severely your skin has been damaged. Repeated use of the product can help balance the pH resulting from chronic skin conditions, such as inflammation, eczema, dehydration, irritation, dry, flaky patches, pustules, papules, pimples, and premature ageing.

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