Asantee Papaya and Honey Soap Review

Asantee papaya & honey soap contains softening papaya extract, honey, and Vitamin C which provides it with the vitamins A & E and AHA that work deep within the skin. We have covered the Asantee Papaya and Honey Soap Review under this post.

Asantee Soap Features And Details

Asantee Papaya Kojic & Honey Plus Whitening Herbal Soap

Asantee soap is a quality herbal soap loaded with vitamins A & E and AHA. This natural herbal soap is specially formulated to secure the health of the user. The AHA and vitamin blend of the soap penetrates deep into the skin through the smooth and rich bubbles to promote skin cell repair, help fight acne and ageing signs from their root causes, increase skin turnover and ultimately reveal fresh and bright skin every day.

All Asantee Soaps are produced with the use of herbs and natural products. This deep moisturising soap gets into the deepest skin layers to nourish and hydrate the cells giving you that fresh and youthful glow you’ve always wished for.

Types Of Asantee Soap

Asantee papaya Herbal soap

While you may be looking for a detailed review of Asantee soap, mind you that there are different types of Asantee soap. These are:

  • Asantee Tamarind Soap
  • Asantee Carrot Soap
  • Asantee Goat Milk Soap
  • Asantee Rice Milk Soap
  • Asantee Papaya and Honey Soap
  • Asantee Extra White Soap
  • Asantee Liquid Soap

Asantee Papaya and Honey Soap Review

asantee papaya and honey soap

What Does Asantee Soap Do to the Body?

  • The bar soap is best for Acne Prone skin types.
  • Asantee Papaya is all natural and does not contain alcohol
  • The soap can be used to gently exfoliate and cleanse the face and body to make the skin softer
  • It leaves your body scented and feeling fresh after a bath
  • Can be used on sensitive skin
  • You get the value for your money using Asantee Papaya soap
  • Very effective for bumps and scars on the face and body
  • It clears the affected areas fast
  • Smells good and it lathers up well.
  • Good for spots and scars
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Asantee Soap Side Effects

  • For some people, Asantee Papaya and Honey Soap may cause rashes especially on the skin parts exposed to the sun; such as on the face, upper chest, and arm regions
  • If you’re allergic to one or more of the ingredients, it may cause skin burning and pokes
  • Because it lathers so well and melts easily, it finishes quickly

Asantee Soap Ingredients

Asantee soap
  • Papaya Extract
  • Honey
  • Vitamin C
  • AHA
  • Q10,
  • Coconut Oil
  • Sodium Hydroxide Solution
  • Collagen
  • Fragrance

FAQs On Asantee Products

Asantee Papaya and Honey Soap Review

Can I use Asantee soap on my face

You can use Asantee papaya herbal soap on your face to promote skin glow. Asantee helps to reduce skin blemishes and minor scars on the face to give you toned skin within just 7 days. Other papaya soaps you can use on the face are K brothers soap, Extract soap and Idole Papaya soap.

Which Asantee soap is the best

Asantee papaya and honey soap are best for skin lightening. After it follows Asantee Tamarind and goat milk soap before Asantee Carrot Soap

Is Asantee a bleaching soap?

Asantee Papaya Soap lightens the skin complexion because Papain extract which is contained in it is a natural skin bleaching agent

How long does it take asantee soap to lighten skin?

7 days. Also, asantee soaps are doubly sealed to retain the freshness and long shelf life of the product

Can asantee scrub be used on the face?

Though Asantee Papaya can be used for exfoliation, the Asantee body scrub does this even better. All you have to do is apply the scrub all over your body after bathing. Rub the scrub gently on the face and body to gently remove the dead skin cells.

Do this for about 3-5 mins, then leave on for another 5-10 mins, after which you rinse off. Dab the skin gently with a dry towel then apply moisturiser immediately to prevent your skin from flaking. Most customers relate that the scrub is gentler on my face compared to the body.

Does Asantee Papaya Soap contain hydroquinone?

No, it doesn’t contain hydroquinone.

How much are asantee papaya and honey soap?

Asantee papaya Herbal soap is sold for N2,200 in most Nigerian cosmetics stores

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