Beginners Guide to Sculpting Your Eyebrows [5 Easy Steps]

Sculpting your eyebrows isn’t a new trend but it has never gone out of vogue. The eyebrows have always been the defining part of your face.

 Some say, your face is nothing without your brows (lol). Your eyebrows define your facial structure. They show all the differences and similarities at the same time.

Sculpting your eyebrows might just be the only change your appearance needs. If you feel like something is always missing in your natural face. We can make a random guess and the issue might just be your brows. Properly groomed brows strike the balance between a sweet princess look and the boss kind of look.

Your pretty facial features can be the obvious ones if you have the perfect eyebrows. Sculpting your brows requires an extra degree of care and gentility to avoid injuries or damaging your brows for an unpleasant period.

Whether you plan to do the shape-up yourself or to meet up with a professional or rather, your makeup artist, they are certain tools you should keep within reach, namely;

  • Spoolie brush
  • Sharp and new blade
  • Brow fillers
  • Brow gel
  • Tweezers

If you have them ready, then you can proceed with the shaping. Below are the detailed steps you should follow.

Beginners Guide to Sculpting Your Eyebrows

Beginners Guide to Sculpting Your Eyebrows [5 Easy Steps]
Beginners Guide to Sculpting Your Eyebrows

Cleansing and Identification

Before you begin your facial artwork, you must wash and cleanse your skin of all dirt and oils (check out our list of best facial cleansers). It will help remove all makeup and skin care products remaining on your face that might cause little brow hairs from sticking too close.

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Once you have removed any marking or dotted spots on your face, you should identify your natural brow shape to know the kind of arch that best suits your face.

Your eyebrow shape has a head, an arch, and a tail. The head begins at the place above your nose, the arch is the apex of your brows and the tail is at the outer edge of the eyes.

Fill in and Shade

This is where the brow filler comes in. you could pick a brow filler a shade lighter if you have sparse brows, fill in your brows from the center to its corners in short, slant feathery, and hair-like strokes.

Please maintain the natural shape of the eyebrows with the normal thickening at the head and thinning at the end. Your brow fillers can be wax-based eye pencils that are sharp and pointed. Always try to go for the natural look by avoiding excessive shading.

To maintain the shape you have created, either the colored or lucid one, use your brow gel and hold even the tiniest bit in place.

Create a Precise Definition For Your Carving

This amount of precision is necessary for the brows under your arch. To take out those small hairs, use the spoolie brush at the end of your brow pencil and move them upward in the same motion as when you were shading.

Carve through the grains of hair under your brows and blend it in with your brow filler while taming the brow hair with the spoolie brush. Always use this brush to move the grains of hair upward while sculpting.

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It will help give your brows the neat definition you want them to have. The effect of the precision used in defining your arch will show up when you are done.

Shape and Sculpt

Shaping and sculpting are the parts where you will need your creative prowess to show up. It involves tweezing and trimming the brow hairs.

 Sculpting your brows doesn’t take into consideration how sparse or full your brows are in order to give you a perfect brow shape. Sculpting your brows means you would be doing the work of an artist using your brows as the art design. Imagining yourself in this way would help you do marvelous work with your brows.

The main sculpting is usually done with tweezers. You carefully and meticulously trim the hairs above and below the arch line of your brows.

While doing this, some people are always mindful of the length of their brows, you should too. Know the type and shape of brows that will suit your eyes and determine their length so you don’t shorten the length of the brow shape you want while tweezing.  

Shaping your brows to a specific size, design, and length can give it the capacity to change your appearance depending on your face shape. Your brows can also define the look you want to wear. It can be sweet, bossy, or just exuberant.

Sculpting Your Eyebrows
Beginners Guide to Sculpting Your Eyebrows

Make Your Finishing Touches

After you are done with this, use the spoolie brush to finish your illusive lines and shade the unfilled spaces with the brow pencils. Fix the inconsistencies and correct any missing slant line.  This might look too detailed but it is to give your brows the perfection you want them to show.

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Carefully, use the blade and show the outlines of your finished brows. Use the filler to sweep the brow hairs upward again

 You should reapply your brow gel to keep your work intact for as long as you want. There you have your finished brows.

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Wrap Up

Sculpting your eyebrows will totally change your perspective about makeup. You will begin to see it as just addition and not the real deal and that’s absolutely a good thing.

Your eyebrows define your everyday looks. When they are properly sculpted, you would see the perfection in them. People think they need a change in the makeup products they are using until their eyebrows are properly groomed.

Follow these steps carefully depending on how long you want your brows tamed. If it’s just for the party or all year, that totally depends on you.

If you are not sure about sculpting your brows at home by yourself, instead of damaging your brows, you can easily book an appointment with a professional to help you out.

Sculpting your eyebrows might just be the balance your face needs.

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