The Ultimate Guide to Applying Eyeshadow (7 Simple Steps)

 Applying eyeshadows isn’t at difficult as it looks. Agreed, they are all the parts of complicated blending and shading. But, once you understand the below guide to applying eyeshadows, it will be an easy affair.

The eyeshadow you apply like all other eye makeup like eyebrow tinting and shaping can affect your appearance and define the looks you want the world to see. For instance, the ‘smoky eyes’ can change your look from innocent to strong and intimidating. Yes, it gives you all the reasons you need to take these orderly and meticulously.

How do you mix the colors from the crease down to the eye lines? Can you even use up all the colors available in the eyeshadow palette? These questions might sound tasking now, but will be fun if you can perfect these basic steps we’ve put together for you.

When applying eyeshadows, you must have to make a choice from the makeup brushes you are going to use down to the kind of eyeliner you would be using.

Eyeshadows have evolved, now you can get them in any form you want, the common type being the powder eyeshadow palette, it is the best for oily skin and very simple to apply because of its fine nature.

The second type is creamy eyeshadow. This one gives off the vibrant look that some of us enjoy. It is also easier to apply because of its optional free-handed application, that is, it can be applied with no makeup brushes, and your hand can do the job nicely.

The third basic type is the liquid type. This is to last longer because it dries up on the lids after application. These forms of eyeshadows are usually in tubes and not the normal palette.

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The Ultimate Guide to Applying Eyeshadow ( 7 simple steps)

Now that you have an idea about the Eyeshadow forms you would be meeting, we can proceed with this easy guide to applying eyeshadow.

Apply the Eye Primer

The eye primer ensures long-lasting eye makeup. It is applied after cleansing the face and preparing your face for the beating. It can be compared to the face primer that, while the face primer helps to hold your foundation, the eye primer ensures that your eyeshadow lasts and doesn’t slide off your eyelids.

The eye primer is the first step in this guide to applying eyeshadow as it’s always needed when you are applying heavy layers of eyeshadows. When you’re going for the mattes or natural colors, the eye primer isn’t a priority.

But it’s safe to assume that you searched for this because you wanted to do deep work with your eyeshadows. So, it’s very important you use the eye primer especially if your oily skin extends to your eyelids.

You can apply with your pinky or ring finger, smoothly on all of your eyelids down to your lash line. You can skip the primer if you are using liquid or creamy eyeshadows.

Apply the Base Eyeshadow to Your Eyelids

Depending on the look you want, you can pick palette colors for a neutral look, shimmery colors for your dramatic effects, and darker shades for the smoky thing.

 After deciding on the look you are going for, use the soft makeup blend brush and apply swiftly on the entire eyelids (that’s why it’s called the base, right?). That will form the foundation for the other touches and color matches.

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Crease Definition

Crease’s definition has a lot to do with applying the darker shade of your base eyeshadow in a sweeping motion to the line of your eyelids closest to the brow bone.

To apply, dip the thin angled brush into your chosen eyeshadow and sweep along the line of your brow bone (crease). Lightly make a V shape around the outer corner of your crease, that is, starting from the area of the tear duct to the outer crease with the same medium-dark eyeshadow. Apply a darker eyeshadow on the brinks of lash lines

Also, sweep along your lash lines with the medium dark shade of your base eyeshadow to form a uniform colored bow line around the eyelids.

Highlight Under The Brows

To highlight the area between your eye crease and the brow bone, use a slim precision brush and dip into a lighter shade of your base eyeshadow, then apply in a continuous sweeping motion towards the outer corner of the eyelid.

Note that it’s not just the lighter or natural colors that can be used under the brow bone, shimmery shades can also be used for the kind of dramatic effects that you desire.

Ultimate Guide to Applying Eyeshadow
Guide to Applying Eyeshadow


This is where you will need to employ all your order and gentility skills. Carefully use your blend brush and smoothen all the harsh lines. Your sole aim is to let all the shades of your eyeshadow flow into each other smoothly so you can’t separate them with your eyes.

Thoroughly blend in the shades of your eye crease to your base eyeshadow shade and blend the latter to your lash line. The result is the effortless look you have succeeded in wearing.

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Finishing Touches

The finishing touches include highlighting your arch line that is, the area directly under the arch of your brows, and also applying the eyeliner to bring out the hues on your eyes.

Check out for any darker hues that are not matching with ones already on your eyes and blend them out. Dip the precise angled slim brush into any of your used products and apply towards the right upper corner of your eyelids (around the tear duct). This is so that all the hues around your eyes will show only matching colors.


Applying eyeshadows is easy and fun. You just have to know the guide to applying eyeshadow which we talked about above and have fun picking your colors.

Where you might just need a bit of work is when blending, it requires all the precision you can muster.

Have fun testing and tasting the colors available, don’t restrict yourself to repetitive eye makeup.

Make sure all your eyeshadows are well blended and then you are done.

You can top your looks by shaping up your eyebrows too. It makes the look all the more alluring.

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