Best Toning Creams For Fair Skin In Nigeria

The best toning creams for fair skin in Nigeria are not the same as the best bleaching creams in the country. This is something we need to clear before going into the details of the title.

If you want to get an even skin tone without experiencing discolorations or hyperpigmentation, then you should continue reading through this article.

This post is also for you if you are looking for creams that make your fair skin glow and quality toners to add to your skincare routine.

Now we are clear on that, let’s highlight the difference between toning creams and bleaching creams

What is the difference between skin toning and skin bleaching?

Skin toning involves exfoliating, cleansing, hydrating, and re-moisturizing your skin using quality lotions, creams, or washers. In toning, you simply want to rid your skin surface of the dead skin cells so that your skin would look younger and more radiant.

By toning, you are focused on removing the dirt and bacteria on your skin which may be discoloring or fading your skin color. By doing this, you would get a uniform skin tone.

Skin bleaching or rather skin whitening means brightening or lightening your skin using specified creams and chemical bleaches. Skin bleaching goes beyond removing dead skin cells from your skin, and toning to blocking the melanin production of your skin.

When you bleach your skin, melanin, which is a body product that causes skin darkness is removed from the skin. Skin Bleaching is not very healthy because melanin has nutritive roles it plays on the skin.

Well, most cosmetics brands know that and you’d hardly find any skin product tagged “bleaching cream”. It’s not that they are not in the market, but because of the speculations surrounding them, they are easily labeled under other product types.

There are bleaching creams that are labeled as moisturizers or even toners. Of course, these lotions cannot have bleaching effects if there are not any bleaching ingredients in the cream. The reason why it is important to know some of the popular skin bleaching ingredients

Ingredients Contained In Bleaching Creams

These are some of the common ingredients in bleaching creams that serve as agents that bleach in creams.

  • Botanicals
  • Cysteamine
  • Hydroquinone
  • Mercury
  • Topical retinoids
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Most bleaching creams contain all of these ingredients but in minute quantities of 2% – 6%. For instance, can find major bleaching creams with 2% Hydroquinone content.

Unless your dermatologist or skincare experts recommend using bleaching components or skin bleaching products, it is advised that you avoid them at all stakes. There are lots of other skin products that can give you what you need without risking your skin health.

That said, there are also good lightening creams without hydroquinone for dark skin in Nigeria. This is because it’s mainly the dark-skinned people that go on bleaching their skin.

Hey dark skin boy or girl reading this, you’ve got a lovely color. Skin toners are what you need for the perfect skin glow. However, in this post, we would be detailing the top ten best toning creams for fair skin in Nigeria.

Now we’ve cleared that, let’s get back to discussing the best toning creams for fair skin in Nigeria.

Best Toning Cream For Fair Skin In Nigeria

  1. Nivea Natural Fairness

Most products by the Nivea brand lack bleaching agents and this one like the name implies would make sure you get a brilliant skin with 100% natural fairness.

Nivea natural fairness is perfect for fair-skinned people though it is also suitable for other skin types. I have chocolate skin and I’ve used this cream before. I had to change creams because I needed a deep moisturizing cream for my dry skin.

It contains active ingredients like Linalool, Cetearyl Alcohol, Licorice, and Octadecenedioic Acid for freshening and glowing your skin.

  1. Carrot Glow Intense Toning Beauty Cream

This is regarded as one of the best toning creams for fair skin in Nigeria because of its carotene contents which maintain skin color and effectively nourish the underlayers of the skin.

This serum is recommended for people with sensitive fair skin, though if your skin is very sensitive, it may result in bleaching and discolorations. If this happens, then you may consider using other suitable and effective toning creams for fair skin.

  1. Fair And White Gold Body Lotion

Fair and White Gold are arguably one of the most popular and best toning creams for fair skin in Nigeria. It doesn’t contain bleaching chemicals yet it works perfectly fine as a skin exfoliant.

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This lightening cream is one of the best exfoliating creams in Nigeria for fair-skinned persons. It lightens dark spots, dark circles, knuckles, knees, and stretch marks.

The Fair & White brand has lots of skin brightening creams on the market, so you should endeavor to specify the one you need before purchasing.

  1. Dove Pro-Age Body Lotion

The Dove brand is an empire of lots of quality cosmetics products. Asides from being mentioned on our list of the best toning creams for fair skin in Nigeria, the brand has featured among our other product listings; including the best bathing soaps for chocolate skin in Nigeria, among other reviews.

This particular product by the brand combines cremé with gel in nourishing the skin, lightening and evening out the skin tone, fading dark spots, knuckles, and lines, and ultimately moisturizing for fair-skinned people.

The best part of this product is that it comes in different fragrances for a signature scent, all containing the same oils and extracts for natural skin glow and toning.

  1. Fair & Brite Extreme Skin Radiance Brightening Lotion

Fifth on our list of the best toning creams for fair skin in Nigeria is Fair & Brite Skin Radiance Cream. This is a natural skin repair cream for skin flair and damage. It contains Hydroquinone, though lower than the 2% basepoint. It is mostly used as a sunblock because of its UV ray protection.

  1. Jergens Shea Butter Moisturizer

If you work long hours under the sun and your fair skin is slightly discoloring, then using Jergens body repair cream can get you back on track.

This is not just one of the best toning creams for fair skin in Nigeria, it is also one of the popular moisturizers for dark skin persons in the country. It is perfectly scented for optimum delight and action while in use.

  1. Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream

If you want a whitening cream that leaves you with a baby-soft feel without necessarily bleaching your skin, then go for the Meladerm soft cream.

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The Kojic acid content of this cream is perfect for removing dark knuckles, dealing with hyperpigmentation, fade lines, dark spots, and discolored skin tone. You can also accompany this cream with a Kojic acid soap for efficiency.

Other contents of Meladerm Skin Cream are Alpha Arbutin and Vitamin C which are perfect antioxidants.

  1. Caro Tone Brightening Cream

Caro Tone is another one of the best toning creams for fair skin in Nigeria. Caro Tone Brightening Cream is not the same as Caro White which contains bleaching agents.

Being among the best toning creams for fair skin, the brightening cream contains lots of fruity berries and extracts like pear berry, mulberry, and white berry, which are best for clearing acne spots, pimples, and skin discoloration.

  1. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion with SPF

This healthy cream for perfect fair skin. contains SPF 15 (Sun Protection Factor) effective as a moisturizer and sunscreen.

This sunblock action of Aveeno Lotion helps seal your skin from the damaging effects of sun rays. One of the numerous reasons it is recommended among the best toning creams for fair skin in Nigeria.

  1. Lotus Herbal Cream

Last but not least among the best toning creams for fair skin in Nigeria is the Lotus Herbal Cream. Organics are usually one of the best beauty products for lightening the skin and lotus herbals contain a ton of them.

Where Can I Buy The Best Toning Creams For Fair Skin In Nigeria?

You can find any of these skin toners at cosmetic retail stores and supermarkets in your locality. Also, you can get them in online stores in Nigeria straight to the convenience of your home.

Conclusion: Best Toning Cream For Fair Skin In Nigeria

For a radiant skin glow and overall health, toning creams should not effectively remove healthy diets. Adequate consumption of Vitamins and water naturally tones your skin even without using these toning creams.

They are usually recommended to serve as secondary sources of toning effects and not as all-rounders. Do well to eat more fruits and vegetables in your diet while using the best toning creams for fair skin in Nigeria.

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