10 Bad Makeup Habits You Need to Stop

According to the popular quote by Bobbi Brown, “I believe all women are pretty without makeup – but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful.” Makeup brings out the power in women, however there are so many bad makeup habits that can undermine this in this article we will outline these bad make up habits you need to stop.

After applying makeup countless times, whether the heavy or light type, you can decide to stick to a particular facial routine which of course is a good thing.

But there are certain things we do unintentionally that can nullify the effects of your facial care routine.

There are also the dangerous habits, which are the ones you have been told are good but not the consequences of overdoing it.

In this article, you will see some of them.

Bad Makeup Habits You Need to Stop

Bad Makeup Habits You Need to Stop
Bad Makeup Habits You Need to Stop

Going to Bed Without Washing Off Your Makeup

Dont go to bed with your makeup on, this is like a traditional rule. Going to bed without out washing off your make up is the first bad makeup habits undermining skincare routines. After a stressful day out, it is easy to forget that you still have your makeup on your face either smudged or intact and you just feel like going to bed straight, that’s quite understandable.

While its effect is negligible at first, if it becomes your habit, you will be shocked at the outcome on your skin.

When you sleep, your body goes to work, that’s why in a room of average temperature, you begin to sweat due to the amount of repair and metabolism your body is undergoing, this implies that your skin pores are open, if you’re wearing makeup to bed, the sweat produced from your skin pores merges with the chemicals leading to a sort of face jam.

Chemicals that are not good for the skin. This can cause skin irritation, facial bumps, pimples, etc.

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How do you stop yourself from sleeping with your makeup?

Hangout with face wipes: Just like you don’t forget to put your lip gloss in your bag for extra touches while going out, don’t also forget to put in your face wipes. 

Plan ahead of the day: Prepare yourself for the exhaustion you would feel when you get home.

You can start wiping your face if you’re in an Uber or stuck in traffic: That way, you don’t have to choose between your bed and your skincare.

In the absence of face wipes, you can also make use of face scrubs. They work together as well.

Buying Less Quality or Fake Powders

Powders are great for the face, Yes. But how do you know the type of powder to use for your skin or do you always go the least expensive? It’s relatable that you’re just trying to fit into your budget, but at what cost?

You should be aware of the numerous health issues you might be exposing yourself to, while you’re getting the low-quality and cheap powders.

One of the ways you can detect a fake powder is the excess talc used in the production.

Apart from the fact that talc drains the natural oils from your skin gradually, excessive inhalation of talc can lead to lung infections and diseases.

Do proper research on the kind or brand of powder that suits your skin type and complexion, save up for it, and get good quality powder so you don’t save up for skin treatments.

Procuring Expired Makeup Products

It is appalling that people still go to the market and choose to get expired makeup products.

With the countless health and safety risks involved, you shouldn’t even think about it.

In case you procure it unintentionally, please demand a refund from your vendor. Some makeup brands have replacement policies. The products may have declined in their chemical balance and it might cause serious damage to your skin such as burnt patches on the face, the unequal coloring of the skin, rashes, etcetera.

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Always check the expiration date of the products (BB: best before)  before you make a purchase.

Use of Unclean Brushes

This also is one of the bad makeup habits you need stop. The remainders of yesterday’s glam are still on that brush. Do not use it without washing it off. This is because, having been exposed to chemicals, the brushes are already contaminated with bacterial infections that would disgust you if it was visible to you.

You don’t even need a special kind of soap to wash the dirt off. Just keep it clean and aired. 

The duration, a make-up brush should have is six months. Endeavor to get a new one after that.

Applying Testers on the Face

Testers are the sample makeup items a vendor allows the customers to examine freely before purchase.

In a supermarket, There’s a high chance that you are not the first person to bargain for a particular product, after bargaining, you would want to know if the makeup proud is want you to want or if it is what suits your hue, that’s good.

Where the problem lies is when you begin to apply these testers on your face. Countless persons have checked it out too thereby introducing germs to it, do not apply to sensitive parts like your face.

You can apply it on the back of your palm if you must check it out.

Leaving Your Make-up in the Bathroom

Well, it’s not a bad thing to leave your makeup kit in the bathroom. You might want to keep it there because of how convenient and accessible it is.

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So, if you think that’s your best option then the bathroom must be dry and neat.

Bacteria breed in a wet environment and the bathroom can dampen some of your exposed makeup items. This can introduce bacteria into your makeup bags and if you don’t take care, you might become infected.

Use of Dirty Makeup Sponges

Talk about bad makeup habits, using dirty things is generally a bad habit. You can soak these in warm water for 24-72 hours so that they can be disinfected and ready for use.

Make Sponges foamy so they absorb quicker. Take care to dry them after washing. Try to change it after the third month.

Sharing Sensitive Makeup Items

Makeup is a personal tier of beautification, so it requires some level of personal hygiene. If you have sensitive skin, try not to share any of your makeup items with anyone.

But if you have a normal skin type, then you can share some not all of your makeup products. Some of the sensitive items are, your sponges, face pads, makeup brushes, etcetera.

Touching or Poking Your Face while Wearing Makeup

Poking your makeup makes it uneven, noticeably or not.

Instead of using your hands to smear your makeup and introduce bacteria to your skin, you ought to get a small kerchief and dab your face. That’s safer and healthier.

No Sunscreen

Yes! this is alos a bad makeup habits that you need stop. Do not apply your makeup without first applying your SPF.

The Sun makes you sweaty and when it mixes with your makeup, it clogs your skin pores. This can lead to skin irritation and blemishes.

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If you’re able to avoid all of these practices, your make-up will indeed add to your skin glow and beauty.

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