12 Women’s Body Shapes – What Type Is Yours?

Women’s body shapes are categorized into five body shapes; however, the 12 types of female body shapes that we listed in this post are a broad categorization of the five body shapes. A type of body shape refers to a person’s body outline. The different body shapes and types and understand which one you have.

There are lots of body shapes of women if these categories are further broken down. Because of the different women’s body shapes, there is no shape that is best for females. Women’s body shapes are determined by their bony framework, muscle mass, fat distribution, heredity, age, and lifestyle. We have detailed the 12 different body shapes of women and how you can enhance your body parts based on your body shape.

12 Women’s Body Shapes – What Type Is Yours?

The following are the body shapes of women

Women's Body Shapes

1. Hourglass Body Shape

The Hourglass body shape of women has balanced buttocks and bust line sections with a well-defined waistline. The legs are also proportionate with the upper body. Female models usually have this form of women’s body shape. Wearing belts over your dresses helps to show off your perfect curves. Loose clothes are not the best for women with hourglass body shapes, as they tend to cover up the body type.

2. Top Hourglass Body Shape

The top hourglass body shape of women is an even better form of the hourglass shape, seen in the most beautiful women in Africa. The buttocks are bigger than the hips, but the body is entirely proportionate. Well-tailored clothes are best for these body types. Like the hourglass body shape, you should avoid loose-fitting clothes.

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3. Straight Body Shape

As a lady, if you have a straight body type, it means that all sections of your body have approximately the same measurements, without a well-defined waistline. The straight body shape of women is also known as the rectangular body type, supermodel body, or ruler body.

For a sexy hourglass and slim outlook, the straight body shape is recommended to wear polka dresses or tube tops as it would best highlight their outline. They should avoid wearing clothes that are tight or reveal much of the waistline.

4. Pear Body Shape

The pear body shape of a woman is identified as a lady with large hips and a small bust. The pear body shape is popularly known as the triangle-shaped body. Because of your small bust, it is advised you wear boat-neck or scoop-neck tops over padded or push-up bras; for your broad hips, avoid too-tight pants and skirts. You can wear bright colors with different textures and cuts. You can also add accessories to your dress to give us a beautiful silhouette.

5. Spoon Body Shape

The Spoon body shape of women was categorized from the pear body shape. The hips of the spoon-body-shaped woman are larger than other body sections. This is one of the women’s body shapes that are most desirable because of the resemblance it shares with the figure 8 woman. Strapless dresses over padded bras are best for this body shape. You should not wear clothes below the bust line or round-neck tops.

6. Apple’s Body Shape

The Apple body women’s body shape pictures a woman with a larger bust when compared to the hip area. This shape of women can also be identified with round shoulders, undefined waist sections, slim legs, and arms. The apple body shape is popularly known as the lion shape. The body weight is mostly transmitted to the upper sections of the body.

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The apple female body shape can wear tops and shirts below the bust line; scoop tops, V-neck tops, long tops, and cuff sleeve tops among others. Jean clothes will also fit this body type, however, they should avoid tight clothes or outfits that draw attention to the waistline. Off-shoulder or round-neck tops should not be worn by these female body types.

7. Oval Body Shape

The oval body shape of women is marked with a bust that is larger than the other sections of the body. The hips are narrow and the waist is not well-defined. The waist is sometimes the widest section of the body and the buttocks are flat. You can wear square-neck, V-neck, or U-neck tops but not loose-fitting tops or pleated skirts.

8. Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The inverted triangle body shape or cornet body shape of women is marked with small hips on slender legs over broad shoulders. More attention should be drawn to the waist as the waist is well-defined.

Peplum and V-neck tops with ruffles around the neck are advised for the inverted triangular women’s body shapes. Pencil skirts and strapless dresses are not the best for these female body types.

9. Diamond-Shaped Body

The diamond-shaped body of women is a female body type with broad hips and a narrow bust. The best cloth you should wear would be one that creates a balance around your bust. Pencil skirts or big prints should not be worn by females with diamond-shaped body types.

10. Lollipop Body Shape

The lollipop body shape of women is characterized by a full bosom, slim waistline, and hips. They are advised to wear broad-neck tops but not loose skirts.

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11. Skinny Body Type

The skinny body shape of women is marked by a similarly structured shoulder and pelvis alignment. The bony structure is very light with slender arms and legs. Baggy jeans and harem pants are best for this female body type, but not skinny tops or tight-fitting dresses.

12. Athletic Body Type

The Athletic body shape of women is one of the women’s body shapes that is similar to a muscular body. Well-fitted dresses and belts over wrap dresses usually fit this female body type. baggy jackets are not usually the best for them.

Can Women’s Body Shapes Change?

Yes, you can work on your body shape to change it. Hormonal changes like age and pregnancy can change one’s body shape. Other factors like lifestyle and eating habits; there are some foods to eliminate body fat, also affect the body shape. The bony framework would remain the same but the muscle mass and fat distribution can still change.


No matter your body shape, it is just gorgeous. If you still intend to change your body shape, then your doctor should be the best person for the job.

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