Applevet Lightening Cream Review: Important Things to Know

What Is Applevet Lightening Cream?

Applevet lightening cream is a clobetasol-containing face cream that can stimulate local intensive reactions in the cutaneous system to actively fight eczema, acute dermatitis, psoriasis, local inflammatory, prurigo, and allergic reactions; thus returning the skin to its normal physiological condition.

In this post, we covered the Applevet lightening cream review that would guide you in deciding whether or not to buy the cream. Stay tuned!

Applevet Lightening Cream Review

Applevet lightening cream

The Applevet 30g tube cream contains lightening agents that can work effectively to brighten your skin tone and fade dark or uneven spots and lines on the skin.

Applevet Lightening Cream as a clobetasol cream is recommended by beauticians and dermatologists for use only for 7 days.

While most people are ignorant of this, they return with the complaints that the cream is either bleaching their skin or failed to give them the skin tone it promised.

All clobetasol-containing creams and most tube creams that are lightening creams should not be used in the daily skincare routine. Do not empty the contents of the tube into your body or face cream as that can cause irritations too. They should only be used for a minimum of 4 days and a maximum of 7 days before their optimal action can be felt.

Other clobetasol creams that most people abuse just like the Applevet tube cream include Funbact-A triple action cream, Neoskin, and Epiderm. Keep reading this Applevet cream review as there is more to be said about the cream.

How Good Is Applevet Cream?

Applevet cream

Applevet cream is a lightening face cream that helps to fade black spots and maintain the skin tone while promoting even radiance on the skin. The skin brightening gel contains effective ingredients that work against melasma, pimples, acne, Eczema, wrinkle lines, and sunburns.

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Applevet Tube Cream Ingredients

The major active ingredient in the Applevet 30g tube cream is Clobetasol propionate b.p 0.05% w/w. Other agents that form the cream base include: vitamin C and vitamin E

Is Applevet Lightening Cream a Bleaching Cream?

No, applevet tube cream is not a bleaching cream. It doesn’t contain any bleaching agents nor does the brand promote colourism.

Does Applevet Contain Hydroquinone?

Applevet doesn’t contain hydroquinone or kojic acids like most bleaching creams

How To Use Applevet Tube Cream

Applevet tube cream

Applevet cream is great for short-term application on the skin. It should be applied on the skin twice daily after taking the morning and night baths for 4 – 7 days.

Is Applevet Good For Pimples?

While Applevet cream can effectively lighten dark spots on the skin, it would not get rid of pimples as you wish. We would advise trying out a good face cream for pimples instead.

Is Applevet Good For Sunburn?

Both sunburns and sunspots can be remedied with the application of applevet.

Does Applevet Fade Dark Spots And Discolorations?

Whether it’s bleaching spots or spots from skin infections and disorders like acne, eczema, and rashes, Applevet would fade those spots and return your skin to its usual radiant shine. Most customers use the tube cream because of its effectiveness in clearing all kinds of spots and discolouration on the skin.

How Much Is Applevet Tube Cream?

Applevet Lightening Cream

The 30g applevet tube cream is sold for N350 – N400 in local retail stores depending on the location. The price may reach up to N450 in big supermarkets.

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Closing Notes

Where there are such good reviews on a product, you are sure to find fake samples of the same product. When purchasing your applevet cream, do well to verify if it’s original or fake.

If you don’t have any trusted cosmetics retail outlets in your locality, you can shop online from Jumia or Konga.

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