5 Disadvantages of Nivea Natural Fairness

Nivea Natural Fairness now NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Lotion is one of the very common body lotions in Nigeria. While the product can be good for some people, there are various disadvantages of Nivea Natural Fairness that you need to know. These we have detailed under this post. Read on to learn more!

Disadvantages of Nivea Natural Fairness Cream

Nivea Natural Fairness Face and Body Lotion
  1. The cream ordinarily is expected to naturally lighten the skin, but instead, it causes you to sweat profusely and over time can make your skin appear darker.
  2. Nivea natural fairness is not potent against skin blemishes and can cause more eczema, dark spots, and acne to appear on the skin.
  3. It is a deep moisturiser but can go overboard with this function by making you sweat excessively. This sweating occurs mainly on the face.
  4. The NIVEA brand claims that their Natural Fairness cream is good for all skin types i.e. normal, dry or combination skin. Practically, it is only suitable for dry skin types. However, the NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Lotion being an improved formula is suited for all skin types and tones.
  5. Nivea Natural fairness should be used with sunscreen if you don’t want those nasty disgusting sunburns and spots. In contrast, use the Nivea Perfect and Radiant Mattifying Day Cream which contains SPF 15

Should I Still Use Nivea Natural Fairness?

Nivea Natural Fairness has a new improved formula and the product name was converted to NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Lotion. This formula is made from extracts of natural ingredients. While this product will not bleach your skin, it is not guaranteed to make your skin tone lighter or even fade dark spots.

Disadvantages of Nivea Natural Fairness

Nivea products have a thing for moisturising the skin which makes them suitable for dark skin tones and dry skin types. If you have very dry skin that Natural Fairness could not handle, the brand recommends you try NIVEA Rich Nourishing or NIVEA Nourishing Cocoa Body Lotions. They are both skin-nourishing and smoothening creams.

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Even as Perfect & Radiant body lotion is the newest formula, the brand mentioned that it contains Glycerin and other emollients, which “provide intensive moisturization for smooth skin.” This means you’re still headed for sweaty skin using this cream.

Regardless of its deep moisturising effect, NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Lotion contains liquorice and berry extract that even out the skin tone, reduce dark spots and pigmentation, and have UV filters that shield the skin from sun damage.

Nivea Perfect and Radiant Mattifying Day Cream which contains SPF 15

Please note, that the brand explicitly said “reduce” not that it will entirely fade those spots. Meanwhile, the product would have been made with SPF of a higher number if it wanted to protect your skin from sun damage.

Final Verdict

If you still see Nivea Natural Fairness in the market, don’t buy it! Go for Perfect & Radiant. It is a better cream compared to the former. Also, most stores that have Natural Fairness in stock may sell you expired ones since the brand ceased producing Natural Fairness for some time now.

NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Lotion

FAQs On Nivea Natural Fairness Body Lotion

Why is Nivea Natural Fairness making me dark?

This cream can make you darker if you just stopped using a product containing bleaching agents and started using Nivea immediately. This is because the bleaching effects of the previous cream have stopped and adverse effects are shown by darker skin which NIVEA is most likely not going to lighten. It would rather maintain that skin tone the way it is.

How Can I identify Fake & Original Nivea Products?

The NIVEA brand is tight-lipped about giving out these details. So if you want to confirm the authenticity of any NIVEA product you buy, then you should head on to the NIVEA Official website to confirm this.

Where Can I Buy Nivea Perfect & Radiant Body Lotion?

All Nivea products are available at top supermarkets such as Shoprite and Spar and also in online stores like Jumia.

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